Gintama Doujinshi (Gintoki x Tsukuyo)

This doujinshi has been on the internet for years now if I’m not mistaken. My plan at first was to edit the video and directly translated it, but I’ve no skill in video editing whatsoever… and it seems like I have to ask for permission from the video owner to tweak around the video, in which I have no time to do so…

This is just out of curiosity question for people who know how to edit a video so beautifully out there, how on earth you do that? Black magic?

Credit to video owner and all the images used in this post. 

Title: No idea what it is… wish I know tho 

Pairing: Gintoki x Tsukuyo

The whole DJ was narrated from Gintoki’s POV

The first time we kissed…

aa.. her eyelashes were trembling 

so cute

Gintoki: Tsukuyo *kiss*

Tsukuyo: hmmm… Gintoki 

This is bad

Tsukuyo: That tickles

I want to stop

as I thought

this is bad, isn’t it? more than this is… 

Gintoki: My bad

Gintoki: naaa… is it okay if I do it one more time?


Gintoki: Cold… It suddenly gets cold. 

Tsukuyo: I already told you that you don’t have to send me off.

Gintoki: You stupid, don’t say that…  

Gintoki: I’m sorry for today/ Today, it’s my bad…

Tsukuyo: eh…

Gintoki: Ah… wow, look at the time… by the time we stopped it’s already this dark

Tsukuyo: ……………….

Tsukuyo: That… you don’t have to worry about that… It’s fine.

Tsukuyo: Never mind that, weird events such as you feel like studying is actually exist

Gintoki: Huh? What are you talking about? when it times for me to do something, I’ll do it… cause I’m a man you know, really. 

Tsukuyo: when you say things like that, makes me wish you take your classes seriously too…  

Gintoki: It’s not like I can tell her the real reason why I invited her…  Having no reason to invite her, really makes me a loser… 

Tsukuyo: Ummm… well… it’s not like I’m not happy to be with you though…

Gintoki: Did you say something? Your voice is too small I can’t hear you. 


Tsukuyo: I didn’t say anything!

Gintoki: Uwaaa

Gintoki: What’s wrong with you, suddenly… It’s dangerous, you know?

Tsukuyo: Shut up! Stupid!

Gintoki: Why “stupid”? I didn’t even do anything…

Gintoki: Is it a secret?

Tsukuyo: It has nothing to do with that!

Tsukuyo: Thanks for sending me off…

Tsukuyo: Well then, good night

Gintoki: Um… Be careful on your way home

Gintoki: Just like that…

aaah… it’s hard to be separated

This kind of thought, must be me the only one who thought like that, right? 

 Gintoki: Maybe because she’s “cool”  after all… 

Is it possible for her to turn back just one more time?

Turn back…

Turn back!

Tsukuyo: See you tomorrow

Today is a surprise attack 

Gintoki: It’s rare for her to make that laughing face

See you tomorrow, is it?

Gintoki: It looks like tomorrow will be a good day too


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