I’m sorry

Dear readers,

I have nothing to say other than I AM SORRY for being an unreliable translator. Especially to Ms. YEN VU NGUYET. I took her money and the day after until now, I do the disappearing act on her and all of you all for – I hope – good reasons.

I was depressed for a while, I think. And my depression kinda peaked around last week, if my memories served me correctly, to a level I didn’t have the strength to wake up in the morning and pretend everything was alright to my family as I usually did. My denial game was off that day. And my mom took notice of my unusual behavior and had to force me to get up my bed, take a shower, and do something other than lying on the bed all day. But, I’m okay now… I think.

Also, since my sis and I are sharing a laptop nowadays, it was hard to interfere with her time to use the laptop since she has to use it to prepare for her work interview and stuff.

Talk is cheap, I know, and since the worst is somewhat over now, please expect for new updates sometime before the new year. I’ll do my best to translate YEN VU NGUYET’s request immediately and plenty more in the future.

To my Christians reader, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to those who aren’t.

あらためてすみませんでした,そして, わたしもっとがんばります! やくそくです。



  1. Hi Empress
    It was a long time for waiting a respond from you
    I don’t upset so you don’t worry, it just a small coffee cup which I sent you such as a thank you for everything you did it for me (okikagu’s fan)
    Anyway, first I hope you healthy , after that you can complete your promise ^^
    Thank you


  2. Thanks for all your hard work! I love reading your translations and appreciate your efforts. It’s okay to take your time!


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