ARNRBKM – Chapter 2

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 2 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

 I ended up recovering my past life’s memories due to the shock received from when my engagement was annulled by my fiancee.   

If I were to say that, either my overprotective older brothers would call a doctor to check up on me, or my mother would think that my training was insufficient and that, would prompt my mom to train me harder.  

That’s why last night when I came home even while feeling miserable after being abandoned by my fiance, I decided to analyze the overall situation on my own. I was lucky last night; when I said to my family I have no appetite and is in no mood to eat, they probably thought I was still in the state of shock from my annulled engagement, thus, refraining themselves from speaking further about my future plan.

Thanks to that, I was able to avoid prying eyes and sneak out easily. Usually, it was hard to go out of the mansion even at midnight thanks to the excellent employees of the D’Austriche Ducal House. But this time, when I said I wanted to go outside, no one said anything.

In the first place, it’ll be bad if they were to find out I’m actually heading out to meet the Demon King.

(Although my brothers doted on me, I doubt they’ll let this go. There’s also that father)

I am――Irene Loren D’Austhrice.

That’s my present name. The only daughter of the D’Austriche Ducal Family, one of the greatest noble family in the Elmeier Kingdom and related to the royalty by blood. My father is the Prime Minister, my mother is the Empress Dowager’s niece, a renowned Duchess in the military and the aristocratic circles. Besides my parents and me, I also have three older brothers.

Irene who was the only and youngest daughter, grew up being doted by her family. Especially, by her infamous brothers. But, Irene knew better. They doted on her not because she’s the only daughter, but because she could never be their opponent.  

She felt like an outcast. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t be as brilliant as her brothers who excelled in any fields they learned. Her mother always admonished Irene who seemed to be confused by her roles. She said us women are fighting a different fight than the men.

Irene started to understand what her mother had meant when she was 8 years old. It was when the grandson of Empress Dowager, a prince by the name Cedric Jeanne Elmeier, knelt down before her, asking for her hand in marriage.

She felt like she was on cloud nine. Cedric was such a wonderful man and she thought if she were to be needed by such man, she felt like it was necessary for her to become someone exceptional.

If she gets married to him, she’ll eventually become the Queen. Her father told her that she needed to become someone extraordinarily special to become someone worthy of the title Queen. That was the first time Irene was given some expectation from her family.

I burned myself to the ground by studying hard on dancing etiquette, cultural studies from economy to imperial politics, just to become someone helpful for him. Assuming that we’ll be in dire position if we were to be attacked, in order not to become the burden, I also made an effort to learn sword techniques.  

If I can do a lot of things, Cedric will rely on me more. Everyone will also compliment me. That made me feel happy and pleasant, that’s why I work harder to be better.   

As the cycle repeated, I didn’t realize since when I had turned from「the royal fiancee who can protect everyone to an arrogant lady who arrogantly instructs everyone」.

In the first place, I already have a strong desire to win due to me trying to compete with my older brothers. I couldn’t give up on what I thought was right, so I always said what was on my mind, and my personalities were often misunderstood.

Without realizing it, I became the most hated person in the academy and I never thought the Cedric whom I thought to understand me the most, would end up annulling our engagement.

Maybe, if I were to play the role of a cuter and weaker girl, I guess, things would have been different. The present Irene, just a little bit, was able to make that kind of objective judgment.

Because she knew what kind of thinking she should have adopted from the game she had played.

(Honestly, I don’t really care what other people think of me……though I said that, it’s not like I want to fix them now. Even when I have my past life memories with me)

In the first place, even when the memories of my past life had come back to me, I could only think of them as fragments of my dream.  

The science and civilization were a lot more advanced at the place called Japan compared to this Kingdom. But because I was bedridden all year long, and I wasn’t able to enjoy my youth due to my short life, I barely have memories of that place. But, certainly, I am an avid otome game player as the strongest feeling that I could remember from that place was 「I want to enjoy my youth, and if possible, experience love and hope like in the otome games」 .

Amongst all of the game I’ve played, there was a game called『Regalia of the Holy and Devil Maidens』. The game had integrated a Maiden of the Holy Sword legend, that was staged at a Western-style fictional country called the Elmeier Kingdom――the present world where Irene lives.

Inside the game, “Irene” was the fiancee of the Hero Cedric, a capture character that required a high parameter to be captured. She was also the typical antagonist who used her high position as the Duke’s Daughter to obstruct the heroine love path. When Lilia, who was known as the commoner child who just rose into nobility, entered the academy, she was inevitably harassed by the students. And, as Cedric’s capture route progressed, he will gradually lose his favor towards Irene, thus leading to the engagement annulment.  

I could laugh at the “Irene” who’s in the game, but I can’t laugh at the real Irene who’s currently facing this reality.

Even worse, as things progress as it is, Irene would die no matter what.   

In the so-called regular route of Cedric, the heroine Lilia, would turn out to be the reincarnation of the Maiden of the Holy Sword and eventually be known as the Saintess of Salvation; but before that came to be, the Maiden of the Holy Sword needs to defeat the Demon King who’s going to be awakened as the Last Boss.  

The very same Demon King whom Irene just proposed to.

Claude Jeanne Elmeier. If the knowledge she obtained from the game was right, he is currently 24 years old making him 7 years older than Irene. He was Cedric’s older brother from a different mother and the former Crown Prince of the Elmeier Kingdom.

But according to the legend left by the former Maiden of the Holy Sword, he was the reincarnation of the demon king as he was born with red eyes and has an immense power that no normal human being could handle. It is said that, if someone dared to touch his inverse scale, an army of demons would come out of nowhere to annihilate his enemy for him. Above all, he was loved by the demons more than anything and the demons would even readily sacrifice their lives for the sake of accomplishing his order. If that was not a demon king I wonder what it was.

The young Claude had faced numerous assassination attempt but every time, the attempt would fail because the demons would be protecting him. The humans spared no effort to prevent him from succeeding the throne, and finally compromised to ignore his existence if he were to live in an abandoned castle.

Generally, most of his routes would awaken him as the Demon King and would stand before the heroine and her capture target characters. There’s an ending in which he’s going to destroy the country, and there’s also an ending in which he’ll be killed by the Holy Sword emerging from Lilia’s body. And in the midst all of that chaos, Irene would be dead.

There’s a part where Claude, who became the Demon King, would be torn apart by some sort of ray of light, and there’s also that part where he became the sacrifice in the Demon King resurrection ceremony. There’s a lot more cruel narration of his death. Irene on the other hand, since her biggest event was the engagement annulment event, *the staff don’t even bother about her character development afterward.

(I mean, even if you kill her, the users won’t even bother complaining about her death!)

It’s not like everyone that was killed was just simple cannon fodder. Take Irene as an example, she was a pitiful child――although, she certainly had problems with her attitudes/behaviors.

But in actuality, there was only one person who was the root of all problem in the game.

While thinking about the situation, my consciousness gradually came to be. It was because I heard a voice.

「……so why, are you taking care of this human girl?」

「I have no ill will」

「I’m relieved, for a member of a Royal Family should treat women kindly」

There were three voices, and all of them were men’s voices.

(If I’m not mistaken, he has a follower from the demon side and a follower from the human side……in the CGs, they were both so handsome……)

While still in her half-conscious state, Irene was comparing her knowledge from the game and her reality.

「What Prince? This man is a Demon King. A being that shouldn’t be compared to mere humans」

「This man is the First Prince of the Elmeier Kingdom. I won’t give up on him y’know. One day, I’ll make sure he gets a girl worthy of him and make him build a warm family!」

「――Keith. How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t have such desire」

That’s right, the human follower’s name was Keith. He was the childhood friend of the Demon King, an impressive and a gentle young man with chestnut colored curly hair. When he was little, there was an episode where he was saved by the Demon King, and even after Claude was persecuted by the humans, he decided to follow him as well.

「But this person proposed a marriage to Claude-sama, right? Although according to rumors, she’s not a good lady, we should give her taste in men some credits because she chose Claude-sama」

「Just from that, right? But if the King himself said that he wishes to keep this human woman, I’ll make some preparation」

「You don’t have to make that preparation, Beelzebuth」

Beelzebuth was his follower of the demon side. He was a long-haired, cold beauty, and *a demon who was convinced that a devil is more vile than an ugly monster. He was a loyal servant of the Demon King Claude, who will obey his every word.

「It’s okay, Claude-sama. After all, even with that kind of reputation, in the end, she’s going to live in this castle; I’ll make sure to properly educate her, so she can be a proper bride for Claude-sama」

「I told you, you don’t have to do that, Keith」

「So the one who has to make a preparation to keep this human woman is our king?」

「Why are you both trying to push her onto me……?」

「Because, you’re not actually angry aren’t you, King? That strikes of lightning happened because you were surprised」

I heard a sound of agreement from Beelzebuth words. Then, Keith quickly added.

「That’s right. When Claude-sama gets angry,there’ll be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and thus, the effect will be far more severe. And if you get so mad, you’ll turn into a dragon……But please don’t leave me by becoming a demon, okay?」

I see, so that was a lightning of shock, not anger. I really thought with the way it was aimed at me, it was meant to kill me or something.

Feeling a little relieved, Irene tried to open up her eyes slightly.

To say that it was as I thought, I believe the view over there was definitely better than the one I saw in the CGs.

*we tried our best to translate this part. Hope it turns out okay.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
    So if she gets together with the demon king, will she have a chance to (kill) get even with the mc •̀.̫•́✧

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    1. I… don’t know? I was actually reading it as I translating it. I didn’t read ahead tbh. So to answer your question. MAYBE? idk, but I sure hope she can get even with the heroine ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺

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  2. “There’s a part where Claude, who became the Demon King, would be torn apart by some sort of ray of light, and there’s also that part where he became the sacrifice in the Demon King resurrection ceremony. There’s a lot more cruel narration of his death. Irene on the other hand, since her biggest event was the engagement annulment event, *the staff don’t even bother about her character development afterward.”


  3. So unlucky, sigh~

    Well I was gonna say that that part is about Irene’s “bad ends” not Claude’s, I remember from the manga and previous translation that in one ending Irene dies because of the chaos Claude causes in his dragon form, while in other ending she gets kidnapped by a cult who sacrifices her to revive/awaken the Demon King.

    Basically she is saying that her only role was at the engagement annulment event and after that the staff didn’t care about her and killed her off in a sloppy way.

    Hope that helps.


  4. well its look like this demon king is talented in every way of attracting heaven destroying tribulations


  5. I like this story and I’m grateful for your translations, but could you please keep the point of view consistent instead of repeatedly switching between first person and third person? Repeatedly switching the point of view seems to be something the Japanese do (according to what other translators have said since I don’t know Japanese) but in English you’re supposed to keep the point of view consistent instead of flip-flopping between the two. Other than that, these translations seem pretty good.

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