Akuyaku Reijo No Tsuiho Go! Kyokai Kaikaku Gohan De Yuyu Sister Kurashi

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My editor was going crazy when she was editing this chapter. She even had to help me translating a sentences or two. Truly, she’s the best editor that a translator could ever ask for. ٩(๑・ิᴗ・ิ)۶٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶

Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Manga cover for The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food


Raw: 001_Prologue || Manga: The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢の追放後! 教会改革ごはんで悠々シスター暮らし

Today, the unwelcome villainess in the story would be punished――――。

「Elizabeth, daughter of Duke Fontini, will hereby be banished from the kingdom due to her crime of lese-majesty!」

The most important figure of the Kingdom of Moirez, the king, shouted loudly.  

It seems like punishing a woman alive is a sort of popular entertainment for this crowd.

The moment the king announced his edict, the surrounding nobles and knights around Elizabeth, all roared in joy.

「Oh, finally……!」

「The duke’s daughter has finally got what she deserves!」

I mean, I can only think that these group of people had been brainwashed by something.   

Everyone was wearing a uniform, but I don’t even care who’s who anymore; not even those mob characters! To make me be in this such despair……!

――――you must be thinking, what on earth have I done, right?

The things I want to say were too many.

I can’t exactly point out the things I want to “tsukkomi”(1) over as well

However, this was the fate of a duke’s daughter named “Elizabeth Fontini” that couldn’t be denied and could only be accepted.

Because by the time she turned 18 years old in this world, a certain accident would surely happen.

The so-called compelling force of the story.

「……I accept my punishment」

Elizabeth let out an emotionless, that sounded like she was giving up, voice,

If I were to show just a little bit of excitement, all of the joy of the ending……。

――――Ah……Finally, this is the end of the villainess.

At this moment, it wasn’t just my imagination to feel precarious in front of the king.   

In this current situation, the fate of this person who’s currently standing can no longer be changed.   

「Do you have any last words」

「No, I have nothing to say」

Elizabeth dignifiedly declared to the king

The Villainess exit must be done promptly.

 ――――That’s right……yes. I knew that things would turn out this way.

The murmured words such as「what an arrogance」 and 「as I thought, she isn’t repenting at all」from the nearby guards reached Elizabeth’s ears.

 ……Yes, I can hear you.

――――I can hear everything you said, you know!

The red dress I’m currently wearing had large flowers spread out in a flashy manner, so it couldn’t be helped if someone said behind my back that I was challenging the king.

The roses on my dress were embroidered with golden thread while the waistline was decorated with crimson roses.

And then, the hem was adorned with plenty of laces.

Straight back with a pair of scarlet-colored eyes shone with seemingly vicious temperament.

Possessing a high pride and abilities……with gently curled golden hair that was properly maintained by the excellent maidservants that had been serving the duke’s family for generations.

Wonderfully gorgeous……。

Wearing intimidating red dress with lips forming into a crescent moon-like smile, she was the person called as the villainess.

 ――――I don’t think that this face is a face of a bad person but……。

Elizabeth’s eyes that were filled with a sense of purpose snapped shut. (2)

Because I’ve spent 18 years receiving life in this body, I somehow grew attached to it.  

Although I have somewhat foxy eyes (3), it has reasonable size and charm, I thought……in a somewhat positive manner.

This fancy form with my status as the duke’s daughter was just being misunderstood……。

「Just plain Elizabeth. How long do you want to stay here? Leave immediately!」

「……Yes, as you wish」

The King Moirez stood up angrily from his throne while pointing out his hand towards the exit.

As I no longer had the status of the duke’s daughter, I’ve been prohibited from entering the place of the audience.

Elizabeth made a bow and tried to leave that place immediately.


At that time――――。

A “thing” that she didn’t want to see enter her field of vision.

There was a woman hiding behind a prince that I have no interest in and with a name I don’t even care to remember……。

Rosetta, the only daughter of King Moirez, was looking at Elizabeth while trembling.  

She was putting on the appearance of a scared maiden; but, there’s no point getting mad over it because this was what fate had decided for me.

Elizabeth’s lese-majesty established crime content was due to bullying this Rosetta.

Of course, this was all a misunderstanding from the King’s beloved daughter part.

And, there was also the way Rosette spoke when it came to her favorite phrase……。

『Elizabeth, at the ball, pushed me into a lake……sobsob (。╯︵╰。)』

Rosette tripped on her own feet and fell into the lake on her own, actually.

『Elizabeth pushed me off the stairs……Uwaaaa 。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。!』

Yeah, that’s because the heel of your shoes was wonderfully caught by the carpet!  

『Elizabeth is――――』

『Elizabeth is……!』

……it’s that thing. Yeah.

Like what the children would do when they were afraid to get scolded by their parents if they did something wrong, was to grab their siblings first or a person close to them and said 「Onii-chan did this to meー」kind of thing.

Rosetta had no evil intent; although it makes me mad to deal with that kind of child, I was unable to run away from the troubles she had caused me even when I was fully capable of doing so. .

It was the end of the positional relationship in which I’ve been viewed as the rival.  

After all the Princess is the orthodox main character――――!  

「Farewell everyone, may you stay in good health」

There’s no way out of the punishment――――。

Elizabeth put on a smile befitting of that of a villainess……and this time for sure, she really left the place of the audience behind her.

Moirez Kingdom was located in the middle of the Dacreston Continent.

Elizabeth said goodbye to the country where trades are profitable and thriving and also to the life of nobility.

For Fontini Duke’s House, cutting off family ties with Elizabeth could save their family territory from being confiscated……。

Elizabeth ended up being banished out of the country alone.

She left by using the duke’s carriage――――。

To embark on a journey to the land on the border of the neighboring country, Remaiza, the Cloreras territory.

Just plain Elizabeth never see the view outside of the carriage’s window.

Vibration caused the wheels to make a rattling noise along the rough road.

The place of her exile was a  church called the Nortia Church.

There, she was told to clean her heart by living as a sister; that was the last fate “shown” to Elizabeth.  

In other words, the story ends if she goes to the Nortia Church.

The ending of the villainess in the truest sense.

「Yesー, it was finally over!」

Elizabeth made full use of being alone inside the carriage by lifting up her hands and stretching out as much as she can.

I’m relieved.

I will never return to that place ever again.

Goodbye to the life as a duke’s daughter.

Hello to the life as a sister.

Elizabeth was supposed to live humbly while drowning in sorrow, but……。

Considering her future life, it will be definitely going to be free and easy going life!


A month later――――。

Just plain Elizabeth was busy.  

Living her fun, moderately busy, fulfilling life.

「Hey, you’ll be stepped on if you stay on that kind of placeー」

Quackquackquack, there were ducks leisurely roaming in front of Elizabeth.

She was struggling while trying to take care of the chickens, chicks, geese, and ducks within the premise of the church.

Near Elizabeth’s feet who was holding the laundry basket, a goose with her wings spread looked like it was going to fall as it wonderfully closed shut its wings.

「For god sake……!」

Elizabeth gave up trying to make the birds walked properly on the garden and look up at the clear sky.

Because this was the countryside, the sky was so tall and vast.

There was a yellowish-green grassland located over there.

The green trees were lush, and the air in its surrounding was pleasant.  

Right now, I am drying the laundry; today’s second laundry must be dried properly as well.

Nortia Church was also a famous place in Remaiza Kingdom which was the Moirez Kingdom’s neighboring country.

There was an acting Lord in the famous Cloreras territory, at a corner of Nortia’s village……。

Medium-sized church with many steep spires made from massive gray stones; This was where Elizabeth lives now.

There, Elizabeth was to live her life by becoming a live-in Apprentice Sister.  

Her golden-colored hair gently swayed along with the breeze when it softly blew past the short veil on her head.

Sister’s attire was colored like the “blue moment”(4); it was a calm dark blue color that doesn’t make me feel like I was living in a poverty.

It was probably because the Nortia Church was rooted in the area of a moderate authority.

In addition, it was also built on a fertile land; because the humidity shows up orderly, life was able to thrive.

「It was an easy victory than I thought, thank god……!」

 ――――Truly……banishment “banzai”(5)!

When Elizabeth was exiled, she had imagined living in a poor church and was even prepared to die from starvation; however, this was a stroke of unexpected luck!

Rich in nature, stable in climate, blessed with grains and fruit trees: this land where it was so easy to live was the best environment she could have ever asked for.

Nortia Church was a building with a monastery and an orphanage centering around the chapel for Sunday’s Mass.  

The people who lived there were four sisters including Elizabeth, 10 children, and a total of 15 priests in a separate building.   

It has quite a large area.

Inside the large chapel, there was a confession room, a large room for children, a workroom, and a private room for each sister.

There were also the kitchen, the dining room, the library room, the playroom, and the storage room; even though we have enough hands to clean, there was always an area that was hard to clean.

Around the garden, there were storage, smoking room, field, aviary, stables.

Other than keeping the free-range birds, we also keep sheep, goats, and donkeys as well as their by-products so we won’t have to worry about food supplies.

Translator corner:

  1. “tsukkomi” definition can be found here
  2. we’re not sure about this sentence, but we translate it as best as we can, sorry (。•́︿•̀。)
  3. Just in case someone wants to know what her eyes looked like
  4. Blue moment
  5. There are lots of meaning to banzai but this is what she meant.

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