ARNRBKM – Chapter 3

Someone commented the novel was slower than the manga or something like that. To that someone, I HELLA AGREE!

And please, if you guys spot some mistakes or something, feel free to leave a comment or two down below. Any suggestions to improve this translation is very much appreciated.

Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 3 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

Claude sat on a luxurious chair, drinking tea while conversing with his followers

(…… This place is really, the world of that game……)

It seems like it was getting easier to get over my astonishment.

However, since my life and death was at a stake I couldn’t completely be at ease.

「Anyway, my point is, I don’t have such intention, and I don’t feel like treating her as my enemy either. Look, she even brought a sword with her. Either she was moving under an order or someone sends her here as a trap. Either way, it’ll be problematic if she hurts herself」

「That’s a misunderstanding. I came here out of my own will」

When I raised my voice, the CGs moved. It seems as though the reality has started to move as well.

The three people’s gazes were all focused on Irene who was lying on the sofa. Keith looked cautious while Beelzebuth understandably had raised his vigilance and animosity.

And Claude completely turned off all of his emotions while looking straight at her.

「I brought the sword for my own protection. I am not an enemy」

「You think you can win against the monsters by using a toy? girl」

Beelzebuth snorted. Irene, who had properly sat on the sofa with a perfect mannerism let out a smile upon his response. From the corner of her eyes, she secretly confirmed that the sword she brought with her was quietly standing at the end of the sofa she sat on.  

「Well, I refuse to die without at least having some resistance」

「Resistance? Resistance is good. It is really enjoyable」

My back straightened up uncomfortably hearing his devil-like response. But I didn’t want to let them know that I was agitated, so I kept sitting straight as if I was not affected by that response just now. Then, the person named Keith interfered.  

「Please stop that. Even I don’t want to imagine a human lady being eaten alive by the monsters. Well then, daughter of D’austriche Duke 」

「Please call me Irene, Keith-sama」

「Heh, do you know me?」

「I made sure to know as much as possible about Claude-sama」

It’s more like I remembered about him, but I won’t tell him that.

Claude probably was not as interested as he didn’t move a muscle since she woke up.

(As a demon in the dragon form it’ll be easy for him take control of the whole world, but his human vassal can’t control that huge amount of magic power; therefore, even the slightest ripple of emotion could cause an abnormal phenomenon. I knew the setting but I was still surprised)

His anger would cause volcanic eruptions. His sadness would cause endless rain. The changes in the Demon King’s heart would wreck the laws of nature.

His emotions would affect the monsters and demons as well. Right now, the monsters did not attack the humans because he had no intention to do so. If he lets his hate and anger towards human beings be known to the world, his large army of monsters will surely attack human beings without an ounce of hesitation.

When he finally awakened as a demon, he would no longer be in his human form but a dragon instead.

And then he became the Last Boss and killed Irene.

In other words, if Irene wants to stay alive, she needs to prevent Claude from becoming the Last Boss.

It was easy to draw the conclusion up until to that point, but there was a slight problem.

(Why can’t I remember the details of the Last Boss awakening event……!Like that gap when we were missing a tooth, there’s a gap in my memories that I can’t remember!I only know the details just before the ending of the Demon King awakening, what’s the meaning of this; This is a matter of my life and death for God’s sake!)

Thanks to that, I didn’t know what good steps should I take to avoid the vital point in preventing Claude’s awakening event as a Demon King. It would be nice if I could remember the points today, but it was not the time to cling onto indetermined factors like that when my life was at stake――then, I could only take the next step.

「Well then, Irene-sama. What makes you come here? It seems like your engagement had been annulled by Prince Cedric, so did you come here to ask for the demons to help you with your revenge? If it is so, then your effort was in vain. Since Claude-sama’s basic policy is 『to spend every day safely』」

「Wow, it seems like we have a matching interest. I like safety as well」

「No, those who prefer safety usually don’t come here to meet the Demon King nor propose marriage to such being as well, you know?」

「If Claude-sama loves me, then I can continue to live my life safely」

Multiple eyes looked back at me in amazement, but I can’t back down now.

The only reason why Claude did not become a Demon King and remain as a human was――Lilia’s love.

But Lilia could not capture Claude. *He is the so-called secret character whose route you’ll only unlock after the end of the game『a character that can only be captured on the second playthrough』. Compared to the game, in this reality, I don’t have the access to complete the first playthrough; so, he was a character that was impossible to be captured, and someone who’s definitely will end up becoming the Last Boss.

Then in the place of Lilia, Irene will become the being that would hold him back――In other words, I must become the one who he loves.

That was Irene’s best and safest course of action.

Irene grinned and smiled at Claude.  

「So, let’s us both marry. I’ll make you happy」

「――This human woman, is something wrong with her head?」

「I kinda agree with you, right now……」

「Beelzebuth, see our guest off」

In respond to Claude brief instruction, Beelzebuth moved without hesitation.

The moment she realized she was about to be kicked out of the place, Irene grabbed at the sword standing against the end of the sofa and pointed it towards her own neck.

*This make more sense after Sakuya-hime from the comment section corrected this part. To Sakuya-hime, thank you!

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  2. “But Lilia could not capture Claude. He was the so-called character that “you’ll definitely see the ending after completing the route” 『a character that can only be captured on the second playthrough』.”

    ^Claude is the so-called secret character whose route you’ll only unlock after the end of the game.

    (This usually means that you have to finish every other route before you unlock the hidden content such as a hidden character or bonus content.)
    I thought the first part of that sentence was a little confusing, though the part after that is good.

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  4. Oh I like this font colour, it’s much easier to read than the green one was.
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  5. I know it’s months since the original post, but I have a proof-reader-esque comment for you. In the line “but his human vassal can’t control”, instead of “vassal” it should be “vessel”. Vessel has the meaning of container, while vassal would be regarding a feudal relationship. Thanks for the translation!


  6. Olá primeiramente gosto muito da tradução ou seja seu trabalho mas gostaria de comentar que poderia está a identificar que fala pois para ficou um pouco confuso quem estaria a falar


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