ARNRBKM – Chapter 6

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Novel Raw: 6 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

That was not a word but a spell instead.

I felt my forehead was poked with his index finger, and the moment I felt surprised by his action, I felt my body floating――as I thought that it was so, the next moment, my body fell down on something soft.

It was the top of my bed.

I blinked many times as I looked around my own room that I suddenly appeared in.

I was forcibly deported by magic.

「……He got me. I wonder if it was another push……or maybe I was removed instead?」

Right now, he is a person that I couldn’t grasp his reaction. Just when I thought he was an indifferent person, he turned out to be someone who can easily gets upset over something, then turned calm immediately. This time, it was not the first time that I wasn’t able to laugh.

Irene narrowed her eyes at the morning sunlight shining through the gap of the white colored curtain and let out a sigh.  

(I wonder if coercion was a bad move. Well, the heroine won’t say something like that though……but certainly, there was a pattern in his action: he’s going to forcefully teleport someone when he gets agitated)

Claude was afraid to be attracted to the heroine, so when he purposely tried to distance himself, he’ll physically distance himself by using instant teleportation.

So if we make an inference based on that action, I think I’ve made some pretty good moves on my first day.

「Let’s go with that. Since I don’t have much time, I’ll be more aggressive tomorrow. But I will have to change my method of approaching him……」

「Excuse me, Irene-sama. Irene-sama……have you awaken yet?」

Irene replied back to the maidservant who was knocking on her bedroom door.

「I’m awake. What is it?」

「It seems like Master has something to say to Irene-sama. It’s about time you pull yourself together, he said」

Now that I think about it, I was supposed to be in a situation in which I should be locking myself in a room because of the aftershock from the annulled engagement.  

(But telling me to pull myself together the day after such humiliating event… as expected of that father……)

When the time she was still “Irene”, she would have thought that it was normal; but, I felt like it was quite harsh. Usually, normal people won’t be able to switch roles quite easily when there were shocking events like suddenly remembering their past life memories and an annulled engagement.

But, that was that. Irene let out a sigh and woke up from her bed to open up her bedroom door.

「I understand. I hope I will not bother father too much」

「The Master will always welcome you. But, it seems like the engagement annulment with Cedric-sama has brought in many troubles……so, I think it was for that kind of matter that he wanted to talk to you about」

「I see」

Irene responded promptly. It was something that could not be helped.

Right now, because of the engagement annulment with Cedric, Irene reputation had hit the rock bottom. In addition to that, I imagine there will be a lot of other things as well.

「Let’s conclude unpleasant things as soon as possible. I’m going to prepare myself――no」

When she looked at the magical dress, Irene shook her head while making a mysterious face at the maidservant.

「I’m going as I am. After that, please bring in my breakfast」


The remains of the magic power flow around his feet in a form of gentle breeze.  

Claude flopped back on his chair, closing his eyes while pressing his fingers down on his temple.

「What is wrong with that woman?」

「Eh, did you just do forced teleportation? Don’t tell me you’ve sent her to some unthinkable place」

「I don’t. I properly sent her back to her own room」

He had confirmed that the girl that had disappeared in front of his eyes, properly fell back to her own bed in her own bedroom by using clairvoyance.

In front of the Claude who just opened up his eyes, once again Keith brew some tea.

「If that is so then it’s fine. Noーit was quite lively even though it’s still early in the morning」

「King, even if you don’t bother yourself by properly sending her home, I could simply throw her out of the window of this castle」

「She’ll die」

「She’s the kind of woman that will not die even if you kill her」

Keith let out a bitter laugh at Beelzebuth who made that declaration with a straight face. Claude as well could not deny what he said.

「But, she will definitely come back again, right? What should we do, King?」

「Just leave her alone until she get bored」

「Rather than waiting for the Ojou-san to get bored, I think it’s quicker if Claude-sama become someone she wanted him to be……」

「Demon King-sama, Demon King-sama! Messenger! The Emperor’s envoy, come!」

A black crow flapped its wings while cawing at the terrace. Keith was laughing amusedly.

「We have so many guests today」

「Tell all the demons to get inside the gate. Set up a barrier」

Upon listening to Claude’s words, with a flapped of it wings, the crow immediately flew away. Beelzebuth strode forward when he saw that.

「King. If you want to send him away, I’ll do it」

「You can’t. There’s a peace treaty. If all of you use violence and said what you did was for His Highness the Demon King, it’ll cause a disturbance, in more ways than one」

Beelzebuth clicked his tongue at Keith’s mocking tone.  

「Truly, human beings are foolish beings. We won’t attack humans unless King commands it so」

「Now that I think about it, Claude-sama, why did you allow Irene-sama to get into this castle?」

「Because she came here to meet me with her own feet」

That’s why I thought I could at least listen to her story. Just because of that.

(Although the reason she came here was quite stupid. Ah, but……)

 ――I respect your strength.

Once again, he closed his eyes. The scope of his consciousness was extended to the gate surrounding the castle and its surrounding forest.

No one can reach the castle. He won’t let them reach the castle.

Because this is, the Demon King’s castle after all.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I just started to read it, but I truly like the development and the protagonist character. many thanks for your work translating this series ❤


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  3. So cute!!!
    By the way, her name is Irene and I can’t stop imagining her face as Bae Joohyun (stage name: Irene) of Red Velvet! And she looks very noble and stunning too, so it’s quite a pleasant character imagination for me!

    Google up Irene and you’ll know what I mean!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Hello again, just another proof-reader moment. In the line “The remains of the magic power flow around his feet” it would scan better if you used ‘flowed’ instead of flow. The rest of the following language uses past tense, so doing the same in this line would make it more consistent. Thanks for the translation.


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