ARNRBKM – Chapter 7

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 7 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

When speaking about Rudolph Loren D’Austriche, he was the famous Prime Minister and the sharpest man in the Elmeier Kingdom. But, at first glance, he didn’t look like someone who fits the criteria.

When people met him the first time, everyone, I repeat everyone, will unmistakably describe him as a calm and trustworthy person.   

「Ah, Irene. You’re here. I apologize for calling you here this early in the morning, but I only have this time to spare」

When I entered the study, my father beckoned me with a grin on his face. Irene sat down on the reception sofa in front of her father’s ebony work desk while waiting for her father to sit at the opposite of her.   

「What happened with Cedric-sama was unfortunate」

「I am very sorry, Father」

The engagement with Cedric was under the premise of political marriage―― it was influenced by a political bargain. It was supposed to be an important move made to secure a more solid foundation for the D’Austriche Ducal House. Moreover, I’m sure the scandal concerning the engagement annulment would have an influence over my father surrounding as the Prime Minister.  

――I wonder if there was an impact to this father of mine.

「There’s nothing we can do about it. Since you’re obviously not Cedric-sama’s type」

Irene made a serious face when she was being told those words with her father’s seemingly sad face. And then, she once again apologized to her father.

「……I am truly sorry」

「Still, I had thought that we might have able to secure the D’Austriche name properly. Well, well… I see that youngsters love are strong. You as well, wasn’t your favorite phrase was 『it’s okay as long as Cedric-sama understand me』?」

「I am truly, truly, sorry」

「I thought that you would’ve been quite depressed over this matter. I even heard that you shut yourself in your room, after all」

Fuuu, at that, my father let out a sigh.    

「Yet, you’re looking better than I expected. Father is disappointed……」

When she was told in a regrettable manner that seemingly came from the bottom of her father’s heart, Irene’s cheek muscle stiffened.

(It’s the usual sadism! Just when his daughter had her engagement annuled!)

Her kind father was the owner of an extraordinary troublesome personality; he was the kind of person who loves to see the misery of others. The family is not an exception when it comes to this troublesome personality of his. In fact, his personality is way terrible when it comes to us because he doesn’t hold back his love for his family members.

If there were some problems she’s having trouble with, he will gladly observe from the side. If she felt frustrated when losing over something, he will happily analyze why she had lost. Thanks to that, Irene had grown up to be a character that got the strength not to fall down on the average slander and setback; rather than crying, she’ll try to find some solutions to her problem instead; rather than feeling depressed, she’ll choose to fight instead.   

Now that I think about it, it was not unreasonable to say that it was this father of mine fault I was dumped by Cedric.

「Father had every day looking forward to the day you are going to be dumped」

「……I see. So, every day you are confident that I’ll be dumped soon」

「Even though you can’t be dumped in a way that could not be more worse than this but……Ah, my poor, Irene……if you have grieved over it, you would have been the cutest girl in the world……!」

「You’re extremely happy with that kind of wild delusions?」

「Yet, just when the moment I’ve been waiting for came to be, you seemed to be completely fine. I gave up because the servants stopped me but……as I thought, maybe I should have just charged into your room」

While feeling grateful to the excellent servants, Irene replied back as calmly as she could.

「Because I have decided to forget everything about Cedric-sama」

「I see. Well, that way is fine. I didn’t think that he would be so stupid to that extent」

With a thin smile, Rudolph easily cut her off.

He took his daughter off guard at the absence of respect towards the Prince in his tone.

「But Irene. Even if your position is justified, that doesn’t mean that it can restore our house’s honor」

「……I understand. I’ve properly reflected on the fact that I’ve brought disgrace to the D’Austriche Ducal Family.  

「Now, onto the main subject」

Her father grinned while weaving his fingers together. He looks like he’s having fun.

In other words, it would not be an amusing talk for Irene from now onwards. She sat straighter.  

「You, were trying to launch a business, weren’t you? Developing medicine and selling it, the transportation industry for the after sales channels, and the civil engineering industry for the road maintenance.   

「? Yes. The D’Austriche Ducal Family control the raw materials for production, thus it would be better if we could increase profits by devising distributions, that’s what Onii-sama’s had taught me……」

D’Austriche Ducal House properties were wide and abundant. But that richness was just an average value as there was a disparity in the rural area where the land is vast. For that reason, to enrich the land that wasn’t abundant――in short, there was only land in the vast region of countryside――, my brothers were thinking of a way to make use of the plants inhibiting that region to raise the standard of living of the struggling local people there, by making special products from those plants. I was allowed to get involved in that kind of project.

It was a business for a duke’s daughter as well as the Crown Prince fiancee. Naturally, there were some criticisms. But, I made them shut up by making the theory of the drug development highly public. Prior to the medicine that was difficult to handle, we also saw benefits by promoting the use of cheap, easy-to-use antiseptic solutions such as soap and ointment to the public.

The truth was, the Elmeier Royal Family’s was not as rich as they had appeared to be. That’s why, at least, for Cedric’s sake I want to bring a huge amount of dowry when I get married――I stopped thinking when I reached those memories and quickly switched my thoughts to something else.

「You should have understood it as well Father, but is there any problem?」

「It has been decided that Cedric-sama will continue all of those projects. We can say it has become the public business」


Rudolph showed a cynical smile at Irene who was struck silly and told her about what had happened.

「You signed a joint signature with Cedric-sama for the business. Medicine could also be a poison. If it said that it was appropriate to be placed in the country’s jurisdiction, I can’t object to it, right?」

Securing the distribution, from sales channels to the prescription of medicine preparation, that would certainly lift up the reagent’s reputation. In other words…  

「He’s going to take the revenue!?」

Rudolph laughed happily at the sound of Irene’s dumbfounded voice.

「It seems like there was a story that Lilia-sama had suggested that he shouldn’t leave them to you. And, Cedric-sama’s seems motivated to do it as well. By doing business, maybe Cedric-sama can learn such as the common people common sense and their sense of money, well, I think it was a good thing」

「nononono, that’s just a usurpation right!? Isn’t that just a story of them taking the good parts for their own, right!?」

「This is all your fault, Irene」

Taken aback by the words that were said ever so softly, Irene immediately shut her mouth.

Her father’s eyes were not laughing.

「Even if the other side is the royal family, they also can become an excuse for criticism as it was basically a one-sided engagement, right? However, because they manage to make the atmosphere of making the engagement annulment a natural thing, far from an apology, they even manage to take away our business before we manage to recover our investment」

「I, I’m sorry that it has come to that result……!」

「You and your Mother are so similar when it comes to your terrible taste in men. Just because someone is cute, it doesn’t mean you should be easily swayed by one or two flatteries by him」

Irene did not let a sound because what he said was not a criticism by any means; he was simply pointing out the facts.   

Rudolph’s eyes narrowed in a happy manner at Irene’s suffering. She understood that it was his way of showing love, but she wished for him to restrain himself a little.


「There’s more?」

「There is」

Irene looked back at her father giving him somewhat a half glare. Rudolph then took out a letter that had been opened underneath the paperweight amongst the stack of a bundle of sealed letters and gave it to her.

「I got this invitation yesterday. There’s an evening party in two months」  

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        1. IMO, if she doesn’t have her past life memories, she will def going straight to her demise due to her personality that was somewhat shaped by her father, but with her personality due to her father’s love AND her past life memories… she managed to do all of these things that she’s currently doing.

          I guess, imo, her father somewhat affect her good and bad ending??


      1. That’s not what he was doing though? It was clearly explained that he took a hands-off approach when it came to raising hos children and that he just simply enjoyed when they were suffering because that made them look cute.


    1. Well, now it’s realy easy to understand why she have this “ending” with a “father” like that. more disgusting and wretched, i don’t know. Other than be a rappist death-set on is own daughter, he as almost all the red flag up. I realy hope the father will be one of her target of reveange and suffer miserably !
      (and thank for the chapter)


      1. He didn’t set anything up though. He just noticed that she acted like an idiot and allowed her to do so since it was her life. Sure he enjoys it when she is crying, but did you miss the whole part where he was losing a ton of money because his daughter was stupid enough to make a co-signed contract with the crown prince? If anything, her actions brought HIM trouble.


  1. Oof with such a scary dad who’d easily tell her “It’s all your fault”, I’d be a little hesitant about getting involved with a demon king and potentially ruining the whole family. Irene is a tough girl indeed.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Ok, first of all Prince-sama, you betch HOW DARE YOU! *inappropriate fingers raised*

    Second, the dad is kinda cute. *escapes from lynch mob*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He said he was cute so you’re not wrong…
      “「You and your Mother are so similar when it comes to your terrible taste in men. Just because someone is cute, it doesn’t mean you should be easily swayed by one or two flatteries by him」”
      Although I’m not sure if that makes him vain or not. xD


  3. The whole deal seems a bit far-fetched. The prince annulled the engagement over anonymous accusations, which ultimately he can since of he is dead set against it is unlikely the king would force the issue, but going from that to stealing a joint business is kind of crazy. They’re two wholly different issues, and it amounts to stealing from the Duke. “I don’t like your daughter so I’m stealing your money” is not an argument that the Duke should allow. Plus, it doesn’t seem to have any beating on the story other than to incense the readers because of how outrageous it is.

    I suppose it might impact her actions since she had said how she was going to look after the demon king and this might have been how she intended to, but it would have been more natural for the author to first introduce the plan, and then add the additional conflict, and lead from that to the resolution. Here her is introducing conflict without having established how it meshes with the story.


  4. Boring language bits from me again. In the line “plants inhibiting that region to raise the standard of living”, inhibiting should *probably* be “inhabiting”. Unless the plants themselves are the cause of the land being less abundant. Since I sadly lack the skills to read the raw, can’t be sure. Thanks for the translation.


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