ARNRBKM – Chapter 8

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For today, this reminder is a top priority. If you spotted any mistakes and have some suggestions to improve this translation, feel free to leave a comment or two.


Novel Raw: 8 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「Evening party? For the current me?」

The evening party was a group marriage meeting and was meant to be a place to find a marriage partner. Normally, someone like Irene, whose engagement has just been annulled, would restrain herself from going to such party for the time being; and, the inviting party wouldn’t want to invite a lady with a bad reputation and having a chat with her as well.

「Who in the world is this oblivious fool that sends me the invitation?」

「It’s from Cedric-sama and Lilia-sama」

I felt dizzy.

「Ah, there’s a letter as well. It was handwritten by Lilia-sama. In short, she wrote, it’s supposed to be a secret; but, because there’s going to be an important engagement announcement, please come to the evening party by all means. The truth is, I was being invited as well. She’s a big-shot, isn’t she? That Lilia-sama」

「……I guess you’re right……I, too, want to learn from her……」

While showing an empty smile on her face, Irene was barely able to nod.

Seeing Irene’s reaction, Rudolph decided to further pursue the matter.

「During this evening party, it seems like Cedric-sama is going to introduce a new policy based on the company that he’s going to take over from you. At the same time, there’s also an order for you to sign the engagement annulment document in front of everyone」

―― In other words, it means I’m about to be dumped in front of the public once again.  

It is possible to sign the engagement annulment document in private, after all. To think that they deliberately made this a public event.

(……I see they want to corner me no matter what)

They loathed me to that extent? I didn’t know. I truly did not know.

But, this was certainly, I guess this was only a basic explanation for a hated person.

「Also, it seems like they want you to sign the document of an agreement for business transfer. It seems like he means to show you mercy by allowing you to bow your head to them in public to restore even just a little bit of your bad reputation」

Irene forcefully killed all of her emotions to prevent them from showing on her face, stiffened up her shoulders and let out a breath.

「……in other words, if I don’t attend that evening party, my action will be taken as rejecting Cedric-sama’s mercy, but if I do attend the evening party, I’m going to lose my business; and finally, for the second time, he’s going to break off our engagement in front of the general public. Either way, I’m going to be an excellent laughing stock」

「So, what are you going to do?」

If you think about it normally, the only possible choice was to decline the invitation. Because either way, I’m going to be called a selfish woman no matter what my decision is. If I were to send the signed document without attending the party, I’ll be able to keep my dignity; and, I won’t be wasting my time either. If I were to show some grievance over the annulment, I might be able to gain some sympathy from my surroundings.

――But, however.

「I will attend. It is in my principle to accept challenges and fight back」

I’ve been known for my sharp tongue, so there’s no reason for me to act meek now. I’ll kick some ass while evoking others sympathy, Irene let out a smile at that thought. Rudolph nodded while looking seemingly satisfied.

「Very good. That’s the daughter of the D’Austriche Duke’s Family. If you were to become a foolish daughter who’s going to run away with your tail between your legs after coming this far, I had thought of expelling your name from this house registry and to simply abandon you at the low-lying area of the city」

For this father of mine, he is capable of feigning crocodile tears while looking delightful. Irene stiffened her cheeks while nodding calmly.

「To think Father who is knowledgable with common sense might able to say something bad」

「That’s alright. I’ve sufficiently heard a lot of Irene’s malicious gossips, yes, yes, you just have to bow your head to apologize; I’ll write a list of names later」

「I won’t ask what kind of list it is, but if that’s all you have to say Father, I’ll excuse myself now」

「Then, make sure to make up for the D’Austriche Ducal House losses before the evening party」

When I was told something like that in a way as if it was nothing serious, I frowned.

「Please don’t just throw out that kind of outrageous demand without hesitation. Making up for the losses and starting up a new company? I am not as excellent as my brothers. Moreover, in two months?」

「You have to figure that out on your own. Father don’t remember having an unvirtuous daughter who had wasted her time and in the end, failed to become the Empress」

My father’s eyes showed that he was serious even when he was currently laughing.

Suddenly, my back felt cold. If I choose not to attend the evening party, if I don’t try to recover the honor of my house and mine, my father will seriously, probably going to cut off and throw away the duke’s daughter “Irene”.    

Cedric was a crown prince. Irene, sooner or later, would become someone who was ostracized by someone who would become the future Emperor.

If I could not regain my strength somewhere along the line, this unvirtuous young lady sooner or later would become a burden to the D’Austriche Duke’s House.

(If I’m not mistaken, I feel like there’s a development somewhere in the game, where I’m going to be demoted to a commoner status……I could only vaguely remember the details though)

What’s wonderful right now, was I felt relieved when I think about the possibility that I’ve avoided some unfortunate flag.

Moreover, it’s not like it was impossible to complete Father’s demand. I can still do it now, Father――I could sure be able to use D’Austriche Duke’s House’s power to a certain degree.

(All that’s left is Claude-sama……it doesn’t feel like we are starting off at the wrong foot as well. Heh, see, if I have the mind to do something, I can do it)

I have to restrain my nerve. At this point, I felt like I’ll be able to sleep well tonight.

――But, that night. In the middle of the night, Irene woke up screaming.

「Wasn’t “attending the evening party” was the flag of me ended up being thrown into the street?! What on earth is this sense of delay in recovering back my memories!! God’s harassment!?」

Naturally, there’s no kind God who responded back to Irene’s cry while she was facing the pitch black ceiling.  

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    1. I have experienced needing to use my indonesian but forget about it completely
      But somehow my javan and english is more perfect than ever
      Even though indonesian is my native


  1. Dear Gods of otome game transmigration *multiple indecent fingers raised*
    (also as a multilingual corn, I feel ya inability to language some days)


  2. “That’s alright. I’ve sufficiently heard a lot of Irene’s malicious gossips, yes, yes, you just have to bow your head to apologize; I’ll write a list of names later”
    yes, yes??? is her father secretly a skaven? well that explains a lot, doesn’t it.


  3. The manga didn’t do this scene justice.
    I don’t know if it’s the mistake of the mangaka or the translator.. but from the english translated manga that I read, it showed as if the father doesn’t care for his daughter and only cares for the Duke house reputation.

    Though from this chapter, u can see the father does care but strict to her and shows his love in another form which Irene knows and understood.


    1. Well, i have understand it like her father is a huge trash, and don’t care for her at all. Even goind to the extent to do everything he can to destroy her and laught of it after and said “see, that was you’r fault”. But yea, the part of “this is his way of love” is realy strangegely done. Because i realy don’t think there are “love” here, like you.


      1. Well, then you don’t really understand the story at all. The father is a sadist and while you can indeed consider him a garbage human of sorts, he does indeed love his children. He believes in them and allow them to be responsible for their own lives. However if a child of his could not live up to the family name, then he would be forced to cut then free since they would reflect badly on the rest of the family. Sure you might feel bad about the child that was abandoned, but the family isn’t just the father but rather the other children also as well as all the loyal subjects in the Dukedom. Should all those people really have to suffer because of Irene?


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