ARNRBKM – Chapter 9

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Novel Raw: 9 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

There were two important events related to Irene’s advancement or regression which happened in between the engagement annulment event up until the ending.

The first one was related to the awakening of the Demon King event which was directly connected to the cause of my death.

And then the second one was during the evening party event in which Cedric and Irene’s engagement annulment was made public and Cedric’s engagement with Lilia was announced.

The villainess Irene who couldn’t accept the engagement annulment tried to stop Lilia and Cedric’s engagement announcement by hiring ruffians to abduct Lilia to prevent her from coming to the evening party. However, the other potential candidate for the main character――Max, perfectly foresaw Irene’s plan――and was able to prevent it from happening.

Without knowing her plans had failed, Irene came to the evening party to get back together with Cedric, but she was instead accused by Lilia who appeared in the hall. Later, Irene ended up being expelled from the D’Austriche Ducal Family and was thrown out as a commoner at the low-lying area of the town. If possible, Irene wanted to prevent that development from happening at all cost.

Because I don’t have the ability to live as a commoner.

Unfortunately, not even in my previous world.

Having said that, not attending the evening party was also no longer an option.  

Just in case I tried to find out from Father this morning「As I thought maybe I should not attend the evening party after all」, and with a surprised face, he replied「 do you want to be a commoner?」. He was serious when he said those words. This father of mine will definitely do it. Being absent will produce the same result.

Having said that, there was a paper-thin difference in the meaning of getting close to Lilia to act on kidnapping her and to create a strategy to prevent an abduction that I don’t know whether or not could happen. It was also dangerous to be a suspect.

In this current situation, there was still no specific way to avoid the game flag.

(But at least, I need to make Claude-sama as my partner to take me to the evening party, and if I could at least show my surrounding that I am happy about the engagement annulment from the bottom of my heart……!)  

If I do that, even if some other person had kidnapped Lilia, Irene would become someone without a motive to do that. Before something uncertain happens, I should strike while the iron is hot.

Next, I have to complete Father order to『recover losses of the D’Austriche Family 』.

(I don’t have much time.――I can only move forward with the concurrent situation)

Such being the case, regardless of what happened yesterday, today Irene walked through the trail of the forest as well.  

She was wearing a neat one-piece white dress with high laced boots. Bringing a large basket, turning the parasol around while walking, for me I think I’m a perfect lady.

The problem was I seemed to be walking around the same place for nearly an hour.

「I wonder if this is the thing they called the barrier」

Irene untied the handkerchief she tied around a branch of a tree she made as her mark and closed her parasol.

Looking up, she didn’t see any shadow at all in the sky; but, she saw something unique somewhere underneath the dense trees.

「Even though I came through the fence as usual……is there anyone here?」

She looked around only to be greeted by unnatural silence.

She tried to cast out her voice one more time.

「Don’t tell me you’re so scared of me because of that time, so you are afraid to show yourself to me. The Demon King-sama is pretty cowardly」

The scenery did not change. But, there’s a presence. They must have been angry since she just insulted the Demon King.  

(Or am I the only one who can’t see anyone? It was like that even in the game, but he was truly loved by the monsters)

And probably, Claude was weak for the monsters as well.

Irene let out a gentle sigh.

「I understood. I will give up trying to meet him today. But, there must be someone here, isn’t there? Can you come out? I brought some goods as an apology」

There’s no answer. But, at least, confusion was somehow transmitted around the air.

Irene opened up the lid of the basket she brought and showed something of its inside that no one has ever seen before. There was a lot of assortment of almond and chocolate cookies inside.  

Surprisingly, the fact that I know that monsters like to eat human food was thanks to the game.

「I made it myself. I don’t know whether or not it fits your taste, but I’d be glad if you were to receive it.  And also this, I thought I want to give this to the crows」

As she said that, she took out one small bow neck-tie from the inner pocket of the basket. The crimson silk was smooth and by no means cheap at all.

Irene held that on her hand while grinning broadly.

「I think I said this yesterday, but greetings done by all of you crows are related to Demon King-sama’s reputation. That’s why I want even the monsters to have some grace」

There was no change in my surrounding. There’s no change, but I can feel the air of confusion on my skin.

「This accessory was because of that. Even the strongest and the most authoritative amongst the crows may not put this on. This is the proof of a gatekeeper trusted by the Demon King-sama」

I didn’t hear a single sound. But, I felt like I heard the word “proof of a gatekeeper”.

It was almost the same as the delighted tone of voice muttered by Beelzebub yesterday when I called him as the “right-hand man”    

「Can someone come out as the representative? Or does the Demon King-sama said no to this as well?」

「Daughter of human, give me that!」

Suddenly, a crow flew out from an empty space.

It didn’t know that Irene was letting out a small smile.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter~~~
    Whoa, the novel’s pace is sure far slower than I thought (or is it the manga the one who is too fast??) But I enjoy it either way since I can have a firm grasp of the situation from the novel~ XD

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Hm… I seriously don’t think I can like her father. Even if it’s in the manga (where the words were worded much more harshly than the novel) I find his character oozing with more danger than anything as of the current. Maybe it’s because I’ve read too many isekai genres where the father is such a daughter-con that I’m not used to it… *sigh*

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter! (and that beelzebruh part tho, XD)

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  3. “「…. Even the strongest and the most authoritative amongst the crows may not put this on. …..」”
    I don’t understand, why is she trying to give them a gift but saying they can’t wear it? Is that a mistranslation, or am I just completely missing the point?


    1. She is saying that the ribbon is proof of the wearer being the gatekeeper. So even if one of the other crows was far stronger, the crow that wore the ribbon would be able to claim that they were superior.


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