ARNRBKM – Chapter 10

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Novel Raw: 10 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

 The crow that appeared was exceptionally large. Its eyes were the same red as the Demon King, with unnaturally big and sharp talon; and, as I had thought, it brought a skull with it. I wonder if it was specified not to release it?

The crow landed on the ground, and Irene knelt on the ground to match its eye level.  

「Are you the strongest of them all?」

「That’s right! Demon King-sama’s gatekeeper! Girl, proof, give me!」

「I’ll fasten it up for you, can you turn around for me? You, your eyes have the same color as the Demon king-sama, isn’t it?」

「Demon King-sama, same!」

The crow looks completely delighted and quickly turned around.

Irene left the basket open as it is and left it in front of its eyes.

「If you like, do you want to taste your favorite cookie?」

「Girl, you have a good heart. Ore-sama (1), almond!」

It took one piece of almond cookie and eat it dexterously by using the tip of its beak.

Meanwhile, Irene properly fastened the bow tie to its neck.  

Its feathers were softer and pleasant than she had originally thought.

「Delicious! Delicious! Girl, tribute, because you brought it, I forgive!」

「My, I’m glad, you have such beautiful feathers」

「Ore-sama, the strongest of all crows! Girl, you have good eyes――ugh!」

With a jump, the crow’s whole body started to tremble. Later, with a thud, it collapsed sideways.

In just a moment, her field of vision was opened.

In an instant, the bright trail of the forest had turned into the gloomy Demon King forest.

Same as yesterday, there was the same flock of crows on top of the dead tree. There were also monsters resembling rats and moles within the crowds. Irene was surrounded by every single one of them.

「Everyone, please don’t move if you don’t want this crow’s life to be in danger. What a foolish monster……to easily trust a human」

「Is that something a human should say!?」

Irene firmly held the crows’ feathers that had been quivering since earlier and thrust out the prepared hidden knife concealed at the tip of her parasol to the crow while laughing gracefully.  

The crow let out a groan inside of Irene’s arms.

「Ugh……what, have you done, girl……!」

「I’ve mixed in anesthetic inside of the cookies」

「I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you, girl!」

「My, do you want to cause trouble for the Demon King-sama? I am the daughter of the D’Austriche Ducal Family. If I were to be killed by the monsters, the Demon King-sama position will become worse, you know?」

Irene blatant reproach with a small smile on her face caused the crows to caw even louder. Other monsters were seething with anger as well. But, they were worried about doing anything because there in Irene’s arm, was their comrade being held as a hostage. They couldn’t launch an attack.

Without being bothered by the situation, Irene raised up her voice.

「Now, Claude-sama, if you wish to save this monster, then come out here in front of me! If you don’t, I will start plucking this monster’s feathers one by one until it becomes bald」

Her speech was interrupted by a shock wave.

His black hair was as dark as the darkness itself. His pair of eyes were hiding profound brilliance brighter than the jewels itself, but he was glaring at Irene from mid-air.


「Demon King-sama! The daughter of human had betrayed us!」

「How do you do, Claude-sama」

Only silence greeted me. But, that’s more than enough as I had already managed to pull out the man I was aiming to see.

「Do you want me to give him to you for you to heal him? It should be okay even after the time passes」

Claude knelt in front of her. And then, he gently touched the numb crow in Irene’s arm.

In an instant, the crow opened up its eyes and started to flap its wings. It appeared that the effect of the anesthetic had been removed.

「As expected from a Demon King」

The crow which had been released from the arms of impressed Irene was screaming at her from Claude’s shoulder.  

「Girl! I will kill you! I will definitely kill you!」

「My. With this, we owe nothing to each other」

「For what?」

Standing up, Claude made a short inquiry. Irene broadly smiled.

「I haven’t forgotten that yet, you know? The situation in which I was being insulted by the crows」

Claude’s facial expression turned completely cold, and he looks slightly upset. Irene dusted away some dust that clung to her dress, then stood directly in front of Claude.

「If you feel indebted to me because of that, I should have educated the crows in the first place. Isn’t that right, the crow-san who had been deceiving me some time ago?」

「I’ll kill you!」

「Let’s make up. As an apology, I’ll give you the chocolate cookie」

「I won’t be deceived! I won’t be deceived!」

「It’s okay. Only almond type cookie has the anesthetic. As proof, I’ll eat half of it」

Just as she said, the chocolate cookie that Irene took out from the basket made a crunchy sound when being eaten. The crow who was wearing the bow neck-tie stared at Irene until she properly swallowed it.

「See? It’s okay, right? Here, help yourself. Let’s make up with this, okay?」

Irene offered the half-eaten cookie. Red eyes kept on switching look from Irene to Claude.

With a sigh, Claude took the half-eaten chocolate cookie offered by Irene and took a bite.

Irene blinked her eyes towards the unexpected development. Claude swallowed half of the half-eaten cookie with a straight face and offered the rest to the monster on his shoulder.  

「It’s safe」

Immediately, the crow ate the cookie with gusto.

「Delicious! Chocolate, delicious!」

「De, Demon King-sama……」

The demons in their surrounding begin to fidget restlessly. Claude shifted his gaze at Irene.

「Other than the almond type, everything else is alright?」

「Y, yes……But what should I do? I’m troubled with this kind of place」

「……What do you mean? Don’t tell me you mixed in something else inside the chocolate cookies as well?

「Yes. When I thought that Claude-sama might be interested in that cookie as well, I mixed an aphrodisiac that is effective only for men inside those cookies」

A bolt of lightning struck down behind of Irene who had responded cheerfully to his question.  

Translator corner:

  1. Oresama is an overly self-confident and narcissistic way of saying “me” in Japanese.

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  1. Kek!
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    That would be a rapid (half done) HE…
    Thx 4 the chapter n hard work.
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  2. Irene’s methods on how to seduce a demon king 101: Bring a chocolate cookie with an aphrodisiac while smiling cheerfully (You know what they say, you can’t hit a smiling person! >_<)

    XDDDD thanks for the chapter!

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  3. I like that Irene is proactive and not afraid to take risks. A little tured of the damsel in distress stereotypes though she might fall into that later on.

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  4. OK, now that. THAT is hilarious. The real demon king has appeared, and it’s actually a demon queen. Lacing the cookies with all sorts of poisons, how devious. How audacious. How… amazing. What a plan! Beautifully executed, as well. 😀

    Those monsters are surprisingly cute. I want one as a pet. Though, openly admitting you just “poisoned” their most beloved leader right in the midst of them is dangerous, even if she’s fibbing.

    Also: She’s harvesting those lightning bolts at an unprecedented rate. And I bet it’s only going to get worse. Or better… depending on perspective. (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

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