ARNRBKM – Chapter 11

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 11 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「You are weird」

Irene tilted her head at Claude’s dejected form.

「Am I really? That was an expected measure towards someone like Claude-sama who has a strong sense of responsibility」

「What kind of responsibility?」

「My, to make me become the one who said it」


Keith who distributed the tea couldn’t stand it anymore and finally, let out a burst of loud laughter while keeping an eye on Claude.

「What’s so funny, Keith?」

「I, I mean, it’s a lady who took a monster as a hostage to threaten the Demon King and then gave him an aphrodisiac. Good gracious, what an outstanding talent she has」

「I’m honored by your compliment, Keith-sama」

Irene took a sip from the prepared tea and put it back on its saucer.

Irene is currently sitting inside the same reception room that she had been laid after she fainted yesterday. After Claude persistently told her to go home but finally managed to force her way in, she was finally able to take a breather.  

It was a problem if the only acceptable place to guide the guest was this place, but it wasn’t that bad considering the served tea and the level of comfort provided by the sofa. It seems that Keith who was convulsing with laughter had straightened up himself.  

「But it was such a disappointment. To think that Claude-sama is immune to the aphrodisiac……」

「There’s no way our King would be affected by such insolent drug」

Beelzebuth let out a strangely proud respond. Keith added with a wry smile.

「There were so many people who had formed plans to completely kill Claude-sama by poisoning him. His body has unintentionally developed resistance to the point medicine rarely worked on him. I mean, in the first place, he’s a Demon King after all」

「My, I wonder if it will be more effective if it were stronger?」

「I have decided, from now onwards, I won’t take even a bite from the food you’ve prepared」

「Then I shall think of another way」

「It’s okay if you don’t think about anything」

「But I don’t have time after all」

Irene put a hand on her cheek while letting out an anxious sigh.

「Are you not going to ask for my reason?」

「But I don’t want to listen to it」

「I see. The truth is, I have an evening party to attend in two months」

「Now, does the question you posed earlier even matter when I already don’t have the option to whether or not I want to listen to it?」

「So by all means, I want to request Claude-sama to be my escort」

「I only have to listen to you, right? I understand.…… But how did you ended up planning on giving me the aphrodisiac? ……」

「?Would you be understanding if I had been honest?」

Her gaze when she inquired him caused Claude to be expressionless. Keith held his belly and started laughing.

「S, so you intended to establish a fact in advance, I see」

「What do you mean by “I see”, huh? Girl! If you want to attract our King’s attention, first of all, take off all of your clothes and show your intention to obey. Our King is a kind being. He will show you some mercy」

Hearing that, Claude who was sitting on a one-person chair, stiffened. But, Beelzebub eyes were serious.

Only for a moment, Irene had a serious look on her face, but immediately her smile came back to adorn her face; and then she put her hand on top of her chest.

「if that’s what Claude-sama wish for」

「It’s not! Be quiet Bel, and you stop trying to take off your clothes!」

「Then will you attend the evening party with me?」

Claude was greatly perplexed by her. Keith who was laughing too much, said while taking a deep breath in between.  

「I, isn’t it fine? Going to the evening party, I mean. I’ll eagerly make some preparations!」

「My! Thank you very much, Keith-sama」

「Hold on a second, don’t just selfishly decide to proceed with everything. I never said I’m going」

「I won’t forgive the human who imposed our King with something that he does not want」

Beelzebub took one step forward as if to protect Claude.  

「You said a human evening party? If something as ridiculous as that bothered our King, I will tear that place apart」

「Beelzebub-sama. You don’t understand anything, do you? 」

「What did you say?」

「Stop it, Bel. I had a hunch that she’s going to cajole you into something」

「Don’t you want to show the world of Claude-sama’s splendor?!」

Beelzebub was awestruck.

Claude covered his face in resignation with one hand while casting a look from the corner of his eyes at Irene who was calmly persuading Beelzebub.

「Claude-sama is a magnificent person, isn’t he?」

「……Of course, our King is a magnificent person」

「Then he must participate in the evening party. Only by showing himself in front of humans will their fear take form into something substantial that is Claude-sama. This is how your beloved Demon King will shine」

「……Our King……will shine……」

Claude had a complicated look on his face with the way Beelzebub eyes sparkled when he gazed at him. He had decided that he would be happy if their beloved King was revered by the humans.

And Claude couldn’t get himself away from the expectations of the monsters.

「Claude-sama, would you be my escort?」

「……But, I don’t think I could attend it normally in the first place」

「My, why do you think so?」

Claude put his hand on the arm-chair and rest his chin on the said hand, continuing his words as if it was a trivial matter.  

「 I am the Demon King. Without a doubt, I will be obstructed before I can even arrive at the venue. It’s a hassle」

「……Claude-sama……did you not listen to what I’ve said yesterday? It was a matter about me keeping you」

Once again, Keith burst out laughing, Claude briefly frowned and then, he immediately put on his expressionless face back.

「But, I don’t want to hear about it」

「Then, please listen to me one more time. I will keep you. In other words, you are going to be the fiance of the D’Austriche Ducal Family’s daughter」

「……First of all, allow me to point out that your hypothesis about me becoming your fiance is wrong」

「You’re following the daughter of the D’Austriche Ducal House. You will proudly enter through the main gate. If I have to say, it’s because you’re a Demon King as well」

Claude’s face made an indescribable expression at  Irene who was brimming with self-confidence at the thought of taking a full responsibility of him.

「Do you have any other concerns?」

When she selfishly proceeded with the conversation, Claude recrossed his legs and slightly averted his face away.

「……Your position will become bad. If people were to think that you’re siding with Monsters」

「Oh my……mymymymy! Are you worried about me, Claude-sama?!」

With both of her hands were clasping together in front of her chest, Irene drew near before Claude’s eyes.

Startled, Claude tried to pull away to make some distance but unfortunately, because he’s currently sitting on a chair, it didn’t change.

「That’s fine. Currently, I have the worst reputation. It can’t become anymore worst than this, so set your heart at ease!」

「Is it okay for you to say that to me?」

「After all, it’s the truth. In the first place, this evening party was meant to make a fool of me, you know? I was informed that I have to sign the engagement annulment document in public and I am to hand over the company that I created while bowing my head to him. And then, I have to celebrate the engagement between Cedric-sama and Lilia-sama」

When Irene let out a burst of empty laughter, Claude responded to her statement with silence. Beelzebub snorted at that.

「The creature called human is so absurd」

「That’s where Claude-sama come together into this picture, Beelzebub-sama!」

Beelzebub whose named suddenly being mentioned by Irene shuddered and take a step back.

「The man who can stand beside the current me is the man who can make everyone do nothing but to shut up. His face, his title, and everything about him is so perfect, is there even anyone in existence that can hold a candle to him?」

「I……I see……!」

「――Can you please cut it out? I told you I will not attend the evening party」

Irene shut her mouth due to the unexpected firm tone from Claude.

Both Beelzebub who was ooh and aah-ing in admiration, and Keith ​who was in the middle of convulsing in laughter had become silent.   

Claude silently stood up from the chair and fixed his gaze on Irene.

「Daughter of D’Austriche Ducal House. Please leave. I will not see you off. Go home with your own feet.

「……。If I refuse?」

「Do as you please. I will no longer get myself involved with you who brings nothing but trouble」

As Claude turned his back on his heel, Irene was engaging with the most important part of her mind.  

(the profit or as such gain by involving himself with D’Austriche Ducal House will bring him nothing but trouble. That’s what he means, right?)

Certainly, Claude did not need D’Austriche Ducal House’s assets and political power. He’s a Demon King after all. If he wished for something, he could easily obtain everything. The only reason he did not do anything was that he did not want it.  

(In that case, what is it that this man want?……In the game, he was supposedly charmed by to Lilia because she treated him as a human when she first met him. But, Lilia was the Maiden of the Holy Sword, so she had an incompatible relationship with monsters……)

In the game, how did they get together? Come to think of it, I couldn’t remember.

It was at that time.

「Demon King-sama! Demon King-sama! A lost child!」

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  1. lol Beelz is really simpleminded when it comes to claude ( ・ὢ・ ) it’s super funny as well only second to irene and claude’s interactions (ಡ艸ಡ) (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑) by the way you used “Beelzebuth” at the beginning …….both “Beelzebub & beelsebuth ” sound nice it’s a hard choice ( ̄s ̄;i go with Beelzebuuto ( ̄^ ̄) jk it’s beelzebuth ( ̄ω ̄) a fresh change from the usual beelzebub that’s used in some manga and anime i saw (・w・)

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  2. 1.-

    “Beelzebuth let out a strangely proud respond. Keith added with a wry smile.”

    You wrote “Beelzebuth” instead of “Beelzebub”.


    “「Stop it, Bel. I had a hunch that she’s going to cajole you into something」

    「Don’t you want to show the world of Claude-sama’s splendor?!」”

    It should be “I have a hunch…” and “…to show the world Claude-sama’s Splendor?!”


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