ARNRBKM – Chapter 12

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 12 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

The moment Claude turned around, the door of the terrace was opened and a crow wearing a red bow tie flew in.   

But, (1) he became frightened as soon as he saw Irene.

「Ugh! You, still here……!」

「My. That’s quite rude, Almond」

「What on earth is that! (2) Ore-sama, Almond, not!」

「It’s your name. To be precise, it’s the Crow-san that fainted after eating an almond cookie」

Because he was a crow, he did not have facial expressions, but he turned his gaze away; it was an expression resembling a fit of anger.   

But, Claude quickly made his way besides Irene and reached out his hand.

「Don’t worry about her; so, what happened?」

「It doesn’t come back! Outside of the forest, it went! Fenrir, pup!」

「Did it goes outside of the barrier?」

Irene asked Keith the moment she heard Claude’s murmured.

「When he spoke about the forest, was he talking about the forest that surrounds this castle?」

「That’s right. See, there’s a gate before you enter the forest, isn’t there? Along with that, Claude-sama had put up a barrier to help him monitor the ins and outs of the humans in this forest. It’s to protect the monsters from the humans」

「To thoroughly protect the peace treaty……is it?」

「As expected from the daughter of the D’Austriche Prime Minister. You heard of it?」

It was a pact Claude made with the Emperor when he was imprisoned in the abandoned castle.

The monsters shall not be attacked. In exchange, he would keep the monsters from attacking humans. In exchange for the pact, Claude was to abandon his right for the throne, and he managed to acquire a peaceful land with an abandoned castle surrounded by a forest.

He was only a 10 years old child when he decided to negotiate with the Emperor. He was originally a wise person.

(……But, what a pitiful person)

To Irene, something that can be gained only through sacrifice was not wonderful at all.  

Life was wonderful because we could get just about everything.  

「The Fenrir’s pup……it’s direction, did it goes to second layers to the east」

「Second layers to the east was――isn’t that where the training ground of the Holy Knights and the academy is located?」

The imperial capital of Alucart was divided into five layers that spread out in the shape of a fan from the royal’s castle. The first layer was a residential area mainly for the nobles and the wealthy; the second layer was for public facilities such as the government offices and banks. The third layer was for the so-called commercial district, and the fourth layer was the residential area for the general populace. At the fifth layer, other than those that had been mentioned, was the so-called city for the poor. There’s an entertainment district and so forth; it was a place with a bad public order――as such was the classification order of the capital.

And this abandoned castle and the forest was behind the royal castle and existed as the pivot of the fan.

 Because it was not obstructed by walls and gates that separated the existing layers, it was possible for people to come and go from the farthest end of each layer. There were barriers such as fence and wall depending on the places, and there were warning signboards placed to warn off people not to enter the forest; but, because there were some topographical problems such as the existence of small streams and such, the entrance could not completely be sealed.

Irene as well, took a roundabout way from the end of the east to come here from the mansion at the first layer of the imperial capital.   

「AhーIt depends on something more than that……If it was the people from the fifth layer, they will overlook it as it is just a child of a monster because it’s harmless, but it just had to get lost at the most annoying place……」

「That’s right, can’t Claude-sama use your magic to immediately bring him back?」

「Forced teleportation can’t work unless it is within my sight」

Beelzebub who was standing beside the convinced Irene unleashed his wings. (3) It was a pair of black wings that resembled a bat’s wings.

「I’ll find it」

「Please wait a moment; it will cause more and more disturbance if other humans see Beelzebub-san. I’ll go. You can’t go as well, Claude-sama! Because you’ll definitely stand out with your black hair and red eyes, and above all else, with that uselessly beautiful appearance! And because you’re unexpectedly the infamous Demon King!」

「But you wouldn’t get enough hands. You don’t even know where it went」

While listening to their conversation from the side, Irene suddenly remembered.

(……Now that I think about it, I wonder if there was an event in which a monster appeared at the academy……That’s right, it was in Max’s route!If I remember correctly, to protect herself, Lilia will manifest the power of the Maiden of the Holy Sword, then by merging her power with Max’s, together they would defeat the monsters――which means if we don’t hurry!)

I have a feeling that it might not have been an event that involves a Monster’s『pup』, but if it was defeated then it would be killed. Wasn’t that just too much just because it got lost on its way?

Claude who had motionlessly closed his eyes casually lifted his eyebrows. It seems like he has just used his magic.

「――It seems like both the academy and the Holy Knights haven’t raised any commotion yet, but……」

「Then we must immediately find it now. I will help to look for it inside of the academy」

Everyone else’s eyes fell on Irene whose hand was raised.

「It would not seem unusual if it is me who is wandering inside the academy ground. And I also have a grasp of the academy layout. Keith-san can go to the Holy Knights ground」

「Eh? Huh, well……it would be helpful if you can do that, but」

「Are you stupid, girl. For the likes of you, it will bite you to death. Even if it’s just a pup, it’s a Fenrir, you know?」

Irene tilted her head at the sneering Beelzebub.

「Then, wouldn’t something similar happen to Keith-san as well?」

「Keith is a familiar face. There’s trust between them」

「Then, I will borrow something that Claude-sama is wearing. I can convince the monster by using Claude-sama’s scent that Claude-sama had asked me to come and find it, can’t I?」

Of course there was no objection as it was certainly a good idea. While sweetly smiling, Irene stretched out her fingers to the tie tied around Claude’s collar. The silk made a sound when it became untied.  

「I will borrow this, okay?」

As she said that, she wrapped and tied the ribbon around her own wrist.

「Claude-sama, can you keep track of my movement? Because if I find it, I will bring it to a secluded place, and then it will be helpful if you can quickly come and fetch us

「I can, but……no, hold on a second. In the first place, it is not necessary for you to help me」

「Please rest assured. Even if I find it, I will not be threatening you to attend the evening party with me」

「――Then, why? There’s no reason for you to help me, isn’t there?」

Irene was astounded with his ridiculous question.

「What are you talking about? I just feel sorry for the lost child」


「Of course, I’m aiming for Claude-sama to owe me a debt of gratitude enough for him to attend the evening party with me」

「So that’s your aim」

「Of course it is. But first, I simply want to fulfill my natural obligation」

「Natural obligation?」

Irene looked straight at Claude in the eyes.

「Isn’t it natural for the Demon King’s wife to go and save the monsters?」

「――。No, wait a minute, did you just smoothly call yourself my『wife』?」

「Now, don’t worry about the details, Claude-sama. Please teleport me to the academy」

「It isn’t completely a trivial matter, but」

「Humans are beings that like to find faults. If they find it, they will probably kill it, you know? Hurry up」

Upon hearing that small thinly veiled threat, Beelzebub’s complexion changed. Claude also had a serious look on his face.  

Claude closed his eyes as if to determine his feelings and took Irene’s outstretched hand.

「……I’m counting on you」

The moment Irene raised her eyes in surprise after hearing the husky plead, she was already in the backyard of the academy that she was familiar with.   

Looking around her surrounding that was filled with the unpopulated landscape with green scenery, Irene let out a laugh.

(”I’m counting on you”, he said)

As expected, it was not bad to be relied on. Because I had failed, I no longer have any expectations, but I really did want to save the lost pup.

Just because it lost its way a little, it was surrounded by humans, suffered disparagement and ended up being killed; (4) that scene is similar to my own predicament.

Translator corner:

  1. The crow-san is now a “he”
  2. In case anyone forget about “Ore-sama” definition. It’s overly self-confident and narcissistic way of saying “me” in Japanese.
  3. The raw didn’t say it was same as bat wings but something resemble of a pasted cloth wings or something. 布を貼り付けたような黒の翼だ。 <– if anyone can think of something better, let me know.
  4. その光景が、自分と重なりそうだから。<– my editor and I were having trouble with this sentence. So, help?

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    1. here’s what i could find ,if theres a part that’s hard to read ask cuz i used notbook to list them (_ _|||) sorry im not very helpful (lll-ω-)…..1….2…..3….start…a tip.look for this () …………..:-
      : the ins and outs of the (human) in this forest>>>humanes
      Beelzebub who was beside the convinced Irene (let out )his wings>>>>unleashed (i think this sounds more fitting consdering they are on his back but hidden plus it’s more badass^^) oh and i don’t think theres a need for this part “the convinced ” unless it was in the raws and you don’t want to change it
      you (will not) get enough hands>>>>wouldnt
      the Maiden (of Holy) Sword>>>> of the holy
      then with (the combined power with Max)>>>> merging her power with max’s
      the monsters appeared at the academy.>>>..wasn’t it just one monster though im not too sure ?? pls mack sure of it (^人^) sorry (_ _|||)
      I have a feeling that it (might not be an event that involved)>>>>>might not have been an event that involves
      (it lost its) way>>> it got lost in its way
      It seems like (he just) used his magic>>>> he has just
      haven’t raised any (disturbance) yet>>>> commotion(this is more fitting^^)
      (who wander around inside) the academy ground>>> who is wandering inside
      And I also have (the grasp) of the academy layout>>> a grasp
      (Isn’t something similar will happen) to Keith-san>>>then wouldn’t somthing similar happen
      (there’s a trust) between<<>> it was
      smoothly (called)>>>call
      (transfer) me to the academy>>>transport(first reaction: wait isn’t she already a student there(⊙_☉)…oh not that one (^^ゞ sorry no mean intention just what came to mind first))
      (It is completely not) a trivial>>>itsn’t comletely a trivial
      Humans are (being) that like>>> beings
      raised her eyes in (surprised)>>>surprise
      I no longer have any (expectation)>>>expectation’s
      #4(scene seemed to overlap with mine)>>>>(it’s correct but it would probably sound better like this)>>>that scene is similar to my own predicament
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  3. Muito obrigada por traduzir essa novel incrível! Sou brasileira e tô amando o seu trabalho, só estou com dificuldades para entender os diálogos, pois difícil saber quem está falando.


  4. Hi, I have some suggestions.
    It doesn’t come back- didn’t/hasn’t
    Did it goes outside of the barrier?- go
    she heard Claude’s murmured.- murmuring
    did it goes to – go towards
    more and more disturbance- an even greater disturbance
    But you wouldn’t get enough hands. – needs change i think unless it’s an idiom
    event that involves- involved
    immediately find it now.- immediately find it/ find it immediately
    Are you stupid, girl.- question mark
    I know it’s a pain to change old chapters, so it’s fine if you keep the chapter as it is.
    Thanks for the translation!


  5. It doesn’t come back- didn’t/hasn’t
    Did it goes outside of the barrier?- go
    she heard Claude’s murmured.- murmuring
    did it goes to – go towards
    more and more disturbance- an even greater disturbance
    But you wouldn’t get enough hands. – needs change i think unless it’s an idiom
    event that involves- involved
    immediately find it now.- immediately find it find it immediately
    Are you stupid, girl.- question mark


  6. More little changes, thanks again for the translation –

    Original – Did it goes outside of the barrier?
    ** Should be “Did it go outside of the barrier.”

    Original – 「The Fenrir’s pup……it’s direction, did it goes to second layers to the east」
    ** Would work better as “it’s direction, did it go to the second layer to the east”. Again have no information on the literal translation, but I think “section” might flow better in English rather than layer. Which would work as “it’s direction, did it go to the second section to the east” And in the next line, you would want layer or whatever option you use to be singular, so 「Second layers to the east was… should be ** second layer to the east

    Original – I have a feeling that it might not have been an event that involves
    ** word tenses again, want to be consistent with the past tense, so replace “involves” with ‘involved’

    Original – The moment Irene raised her eyes in surprise after hearing the husky plead,
    ** should replace “plead” with ‘plea’. Noun form rather than verb form.


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