ARNRBKM – Chapter 15

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 15 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

There can’t be any maiden who wouldn’t fall in love with a carriage that flew underneath the night sky.

With the night sky that flows seemingly, the Imperial capital’s view outside the window of the carriage seemed to sparkle.

The stars begun twinkling once again. Varieties of light coming from a source like gas lamp shone through people’s houses around the fan-shaped area of the Imperial capital. Even the commercial district on the third layer was surrounded by dazzling colors and brilliance coming from the lights.

「So beautiful……」

「――And what we have here is not the usual Lady that we’ve always seen」
Irene who was blushing while clinging to the window of the carriage came back to her own senses after hearing his voice. Claude was sitting cross-legged on the seat across Irene’s. He was gazing at her as if he was observing her, so Irene cleared her throat.

「Can you please not say something rude? I am obviously a normal Lady」

「But I think that a normal lady, for example, won’t serve the Demon King an aphrodisiac though」

「……But、why did you help me?」

「That was because you didn’t retort against them, girl!」
Irene was startled when she heard an unexpected voice. She looked around inside the carriage in puzzlement.

Beelzebub was clinging outside the window.

「The view from the window was ruined……!」

「You’re noisy!why did you not retort back against anything, girl!I was expecting you to retaliate a million times back there」

「You、did you purposely fly in the sky to hear my answer?」

「We’ve endured it up until this point because the King had forbidden us from coming out 」

「That’s right!Girl!Explain!」 

The opposite window was covered by crows. Irene’s face turned serious.

「……Claude-sama。By any chance 、currently, the surrounding of this carriage」

「Is surrounded by the monsters?」

「……Many things, were truly being ruined……my precious journey underneath the dreamy night sky was」

「Just answer my question、girl!The King is waiting for your answer」

No matter how you look at it, the one who was really waiting for my answer was not the King himself but rather the monsters surrounding this carriage.
After letting out a deep sigh, Irene sat back in a proper manner and stated simply.

「Because it was convenient」

Claude as usual calmly fixed his eyes on Irene. Thanks to that, Irene was able to explain her reasoning indifferently.

「My aim was simply to control the situation 。A little misunderstanding is nothing, isn’t it?。What’s important was that the pup was safe and the problem ended right before the humans could establish false accusation against the pup」

「……You are probably right, but……」

「Besides, I also couldn’t think of a way to skillfully talk it over」

 Fuu~、Irene let out a forced sigh.

「Since I have the lowest reputation in the academy, no one would believe me if I were to say that it was the male students who made a move against that pup first, right? Rather, my position will only get increasingly worse――」

「Wrong! Wrong!」

「My, did you accuse me of lying?」

「It’s not like that. Why did you not ask us to testify for you?!」

Irene incessantly blinked her long eyelashes at Beelzebub’s unexpected indignation. And then after that, she murmured softly.

「If I were to do that, I had a feeling that it would’ve become more troublesome……」

「W, what does that mean?」

「By the way, if all of you were to testify for me, I would be deemed as someone who might have been seduced by the monsters, and thus, the situation would only get worse excessively. So basically, it was an unnecessary consideration from your part」

「What did you say!?」

Beelzebub brought his face closer to the windowpane, looking as though he had swallowed a bitter bug or something. Irene laughed femininely at his irritated face.

「What I meant was, I haven’t fallen low enough for all of you to help me」

「You, that’s why you are hated! Not cute at all!」

「My, what an insight. I hate owing a debt to someone. But, I love having someone owe me a debt」

「……Beelzebub. Everyone, withdraw」

The moment they heard Claude’s calm command, Beelzebub who was initially scowling by the windowpane suddenly turned serious. It seemed as if his snarling expressions up until now was a lie. He then returned an elegant bow, and with a puff, his figure vanished from sight.

The crows at the opposite window also disappeared per Claude’s command, and just like that, the place turned quiet once again; then, Claude spoke.

「The monsters had started to think that you are likable」

Her eyes widened.


「Between good and bad, their evaluation about you are mostly bad, but you did help the Fenrir’s pup」

「I only saved that one child, though. Aren’t they just too simple?」

「The monsters are like humans, they do not regard appearances as important. It doesn’t matter on what basis you risk your life to save our friends because for them that’s everything. Your good or bad intention for taking such action means nothing to them.」

He sounds like he doesn’t feel satisfied with it as if he can see through anything and everything. But, I understood.

「Claude-sama, you have a dreadful experience of immediately being deceived by others, so you can’t take your eyes off it」

「You also experienced something similar」

「Pardon? I have never been deceived by others, you know」
Instead of responding to Irene, Claude averted his line of sight. His gaze seemingly wanted to say something, but he didn’t dare to say it. Irene’s eyebrow lifted with a twitch.

「……If you want to talk about my ex-fiance, isn’t it none of your concern……?」

「I understand that you are the kind of person that will not cry, will not make some excuses, and will not seek help from other humans」
As if unraveling a mystery, his pair of red eyes did not reflect any sympathy or the likes of such emotion; so Claude continued.

「You did not want to tell your reasons for proposing marriage to me, whose not someone you love and not a human either. Do you still feel like not telling me even now?」

「But I think that even if I tell you, you will not believe me 」

「It is not up to you whether or not I will believe in your reasons.」

He’s right. Irene nodded her head while smiling.

「Then I’ll tell you. The truth is, I have memories of my past life」


「The truth is, this world is an otome game in my past life. Lilia-sama is the heroine――the main character. My character, on the other hand, is the villainess: the so-called cannon fodder character. For some reason, the engagement annulment turns out to be a flag that will lead me to my eventual death in the future. When you finally awaken as the Demon King, I will die in your hand 」


Claude’s eyes were cold. It was extremely cold. Grinning, Irene continued her explanation while ignoring the cold gaze sent by Claude.

「But, there’s this thing called the power of love, right? That’s why if I were to quickly make Claude-sama mine, I will not be killed and will be able to continue living. Using that line of thought, I had come to propose. Ufufu~, do you understand now?」

「……Yes. I perfectly understand」

After listening to that unamused response by Claude, Irene was suddenly surrounded by the starry sky. The carriage had vanished.

Night breeze gently blowing over her cheeks and beneath her was the wide Imperial City.

Without a doubt, she’s falling.

「I completely understand that you don’t think I could understand your reasons, so you decided to make fun of me by making up a ridiculous story」


Her scream was swallowed by her fall. She was skydiving through the gaps in the clouds.

(No way! I’ll die!)

Her shriek was also frozen by her terror. Panicked, Irene quickly grasped Claude’s stretched arm, and then, she circled her arms around Claude’s neck to clung onto him. But they were still falling at a quick speed.

While she was enduring the strong wind coming from below, she heard Claude’s chuckling. Irene was still falling, but, she got to see a full view of the starry night sky from Claude’s back.

(Ah, there’s a shooting star)

It was at that time their fall started to slow down.

The tip of Claude’s shoe finally stepped on the grass. Irene who was still clinging onto Claude’s neck felt her feet slowly touching the ground.

She weakly sank down on the grass――At the same time, she shouted at him in anger.

「What have you done! Are you trying to kill me?!You monster!」

「Yes. I am a Demon King after all」

「Are you being defiant now!? Was your intention to make me die from falling!」

「Let’s attend the evening party」


Her anger subsided because of his sudden compliance. She looked up at Claude who was standing on the grass while she was still on her knees.

「That is not a loan」

「W, What’s wrong? Suddenly」

「What do you mean?」

「……Why are you laughing?」

「Ah. Am I laughing?」

It seems like the owner of that outrageously bewitching smile didn’t have self-awareness.

「I don’t think I’m feeling an emotion typical of a Demon King」

「Explain――No, it’s fine, somehow, I have a bad premonition」

「I wanted to make you cry」

(1)Huh, the peculiarity of the word was like the air passing by them.

With a particularly gentle sound, Claude kicked the ground and rose to the night sky. Once again, she could see stars falling down from the night sky that was currently serving as Claude’s background. Today seems to be the day for countless shooting stars.

No, that’s not it. It was Claude’s feelings causing those shooting stars to happen. That’s why stars were shining excessively.

(W, what kind of emotion is that!?)

Leaving the dazed Irene at the D’Austriche Ducal House’s courtyard, the figure of the beautiful Demon King with a pair of red eyes vanished underneath the night sky of the crescent moon.

Translator corner:

  1. は、と言葉が空気が抜けるような音に変わった。<— can’t seem to find the correct translation for this. If anyone had a better suggestion/idea, let me know.

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  2. thank you for you’r hard work ^^sorry to add more (◞‸◟)but here u go ʕ•ᴥ•ʔو ̑̑༉ :-
    -There( would be no )maiden who wouldn’t fall in love>>>can’t be any
    -With the night sky that ( seemingly flows) >>>that flows seemingly
    -(the view of the Imperial capital) outside the window>>> the Imperial capital’s view
    -The stars (have begun to twinkle) once again>>>begun twinkling
    -That was because (you did not retort anything to )them>>>you didn’t retort against them
    -clinging outside (of the window)>>>the window
    -why did you not ( retort anything back)>>> retort back against anything
    -until this point because (King) >>>the king
    -had forbidden us (not to come) out>>>from coming out
    -she softly murmured>>>murmured softly
    -that it( would) become>>> would’ve become
    -would only( excessively get worse)>>>get worse excessively
    -Irene laughed (girlishly)>>> femininely (this sounds more ladylike but if you want you don’t have to use it they ARE kinda the same go with what you like more ^^)
    -(it’s) none of your concern>>>isn’t it(with this it sounds more like a question since there’s a”?”at the end of this sentence )
    -your reasons (to propose) marriage to me>>>for proposing
    -whose (someone you don’t love) and >>>not someone you love
    -When you (are finally awaken as) the Demon King>>>finally awaken as
    – quickly make Claude-sama (as mine)>>>mine
    -bewitching smile (did not have) self-awareness>>>didn’t have
    -は、と言葉が空気が抜けるような音に変わった。>(about this one i tried to use google translate but that made no sense but i could understand something from both google and your translation and that is irene was so surprised that she went silent for a minute ? i tried to find a more fitting description and this is what i came up with)>>>” the peculiarity of the word was like the air passing them “ (or)” the peculiarity of the word made her doubt her ears “(personally i like the first one as it’s closer to your translation but choose what you’re comfortable with sorry im not of much help )
    -Leaving (dazed) Irene >>>the dazed

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    1. this chapter felt like Irene suddenly dropped a bombshell (゜ロ゜) and I LIKE IT (♡ >ω< ♡) now let's hope Claude gives her the benefit of the doubt at least (๑•́ω•̀) ….still….CLAUDE SMILED…………KYAAFJBUDCGUAIWFGUIGV (*faints*) and
      awww Beelzebub and the monsters started to care a pit about Irene (人・㉨・)♡
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    2. For the ‘1’ mark with “は、と言葉が空気が抜けるような音に変わった。” It is not understandable unless you take the previous sentences into account.
      She is basically saying ” Actually no, don’t explain I have a bad..fee-”
      “I felt like making you cry.”
      So she is explaining that her cut off words turned into a ‘Ha’ that seemed as if air was escaping/leaking.
      (basically she was so shocked that she cut her sentence off and didn’t’ finish, and instead was just leaking air, sort of speaking).

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      1. oh i see (゚ω゚;) i did feel that the way i wrote it was a pit off but i didn’t know why though but i never thought the reason would be this simple( ̄□ ̄;)i learned something from dis(*^^*) thanks for the remainder im still a super beginner when it comes to Japanese it’s like i can kinda understand when i hear it but not when it’s written ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ but instead im very good at English and it’s rules whether it’s written or heard (ノ≧ڡ≦)……….i wanna be good at both langues (ノ;;)ノ~┻━┻

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  3. Just noticed this novel was being translated, good luck! it is one of my favorites 🙂

    Bit late since this seems to have been posted like 2+weeks ago xD, but when reading I noticed off the top of my head something was a bit different from what I remembered.「――そうしていると、普通の令嬢に見えるな」 the な is used as a sentence ending particle to confirm something, not part of 見える. So I think if I were to put it in English, it would be something like “….you look like a normal young lady, huh?”

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  4. は、と言葉が空気が抜けるような音に変わった

    Sorry for late comment… When I google translate.. I feel like it should be somehow like, [wa, hearing that word somehow brought a subtle change to the current mood they had]

    Mostly because the word 空気 [kuki] which people usually used to describe mood.. Like kuki no yona [please understand the current mood]

    You know like how MC got angry because ML was dropping her from the sky, and then agree to accompany her to the part but then ML suddenly said he wish to make her cry which was kind off WTF with the sudden change of topic-kind of feeling that I got from previous sentence.

    My two cent anyway… 😂


  5. So she even attract the same type of men as her mother? Seriously, now I really want the author to introduce Irene’s mother to us.


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