ARNRBKM – Chapter 17

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 17 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「Hey, by any chance, did Cedric-sama fire all of the people that I’ve chosen?」

Jasper took a step back and nodded when he saw Irene’s smile.  

「Ah? Yes. He said people who have been chosen by Irene Loren D’Austriche are untrustworthy, and moreover, those are people from the fifth layer……I wonder if it’s okay for the Crown Prince-sama to say something like that」

「……。It seems like he stopped trying to keep up with appearances」

Surely, while deep down he was looking down on them, he showed an outward appearance of indifference.  

His real thoughts were at that side as one would expect.

Even though in this society, there are times when people need to keep up with appearances.

「Well, I think maybe he was just being jealous of me」

「What do you mean?」

「See, for some reason, a lot of those top officials who had been chosen by Ojou-sama, are young men with good looks, right? I had a thought that maybe, he doesn’t want them to get closer to Lilia-sama. He’s a slave to loveーthat man」

Did he really let go of the human resources for a ridiculous reason like that? Astonished, Irene’s eyes widened in shock.

But she couldn’t help but be grateful this time. Because the human resources that Irene needed for what she’s about to do, were exactly those people who were fired.

「But, it saved me some time from asking you for a favor. Because I’m having trouble with human resources, so I was wondering what I could do about it」

「Hmm? Do you have something you want to do again?」

「I’ve been commanded by Father to make up for the losses」

After widening his eyes in shock, Jasper whistled.

「As expected from D’Austriche Prime Minister. There’s no mercy even for his own daughterーor maybe because you’re his daughter?」

「Tell everyone that had been fired, if it is okay with them, I have a job to introduce to them. I want to ask them to repair a castle. And then, I want them to make a carriage. Because it’s a job that needs to be done quickly, they will be paid handsomely」  

「Is it true? For sure they’re going to jump in joy; you’ve saved me. While clinging to me in tears, they said they could only depend on Lady Irene, for there are no other people they can rely on 」

「But, it’s a tough job. Just tell them to gather only those who are willing to do any type of work」

Are you ok? Those fellows, they’re counted upon by Young Lady, so they’d certainly be skilled as expected. The people from the fifth layer have many prejudices and bad habits, so only when their livelihood is taken away, they would be willing to follow someone from those layers.

「Then, that’s wonderful. All that’s left is people in charge of medicine, but……this is also the thing that I need to keep in mind. Time, date, and place to gather are as usual; is it okay if I ask you to mediate this?」

「Okay, understood」

「Also, I have one more thing to ask of you. Hero of Justice-san」

When I called him as such, Jasper made a happy face in an instant.

「What is it? Is it something special?」

「Do you know a senior officer by the name of Keith? He’s supposedly a well-known attendant of the Demon King」

「Ah, of course I……eh, Ojou-sama. Again, why did you suddenly mention about the Demon King?」

「His salary hasn’t been paid. This is just a probability, but I think someone had embezzled the budget meant for the Demon King」

After widening his eyes, Jasper’s voice fell to a whisper.

「Is it true? Even if he’s the Demon King, he’s a prince; and in order not to spur the monsters on because of his life struggles, there should be a reasonable budget issued at a fixed cost, right?」

「My thought exactly」

The image of the shabby castle floated at the back of her mind. She, by no means, can think of that as a result of sparing a budget.

「For now, please look into it. Who knows you might just catch yourself a big scoop for your newspapers. After all, it’s about the budget for the Demon King」

Normally, no one would dare to embezzle that kind of thing.

If they dared to do so, it was those kinds of people that already knew beforehand that Claude won’t make a complaint about it. Certainly, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Jasper nodded with an obedient look on his face.

「Understood. I’ll look into it. I’ll contact you as per usual?」

「Yeah, I’ll make a contribution to the newspaper company. Please call me back in an advertisement」

「Understood. But I see, the Demon King, is it? That’s good,

The Forbidden Prince who had been Deprived of His Succession Right!」

「Isn’t a hero of justice, the enemy of the Demon King? Don’t you have mixed feelings about this?」

To draw out his true motive, she probed him, but Jasper (1) shook his hand back and forth.

「Nah, there are no such things as that. Even though his life has been severely targeted ever since he was a child, he did not let the demons attack the humans. Instead, he shut himself in an abandoned castle; Isn’t he the kind of prince that can do that? A countermeasure against demons is pretty much useless, and those Holy Knights in the fourth and fifth layer, act more like demons instead of Knights. I also heard that it was thanks to the Demon King that monsters do not end up doing something bad」   

「……My, is that so?」

「His attendants are popular, you know? That Demon King-sama. The monsters will appear while saying things like『weak human beings, realize the power of the monsters』and 『Prostrate thyself before the King!』. I heard that they will come and do things like clearing up the path that was blocked by the torrential rain and tidying up collapsed buildings before the Holy Knights can do anything about them」

That’s Beelzebub. She wondered if she can do something about the way that guy speak; she ended up pressing her fingers on her temple.

(……But, Claude-sama……That’s right. He’s a good-natured person……rather than that, this already)

I wonder if he’s a device? The ruler’s device that is.

Irene got goosebumps.

She supposed it was the remains of education of the named Emperor that subjected it to him. (2) Irene couldn’t shake that question off of her mind no matter what she ended up thinking. My current self can’t afford to have such thought.

「If that’s the case, it seems like the common people who are close to those noblemen who allegedly embezzled the Demon King’s assets for their own profits are going to receive a good amount of fortunes themselves」

「Yes. That’s only because Demon King-sama had left the center stage of politics. There’s also a story that after one takes a glance at him, his beauty won’t allow people to forget him. Based on the pictures taken of him, he’ll be especially popular among the women folks」

「Put that in as the most important mystery. Then, I’ll leave the rest to you」

「Okay. Which reminds me, Ojou-sama, what are your plans?」

「I have somewhere to go」

「Although I am certainly curious about your destination, what I really want to know is about your plan in the future. Have you given up on Prince Cedric? To be honest, I‘ve been looking forward to Ojou-sama becoming the Empress」

I knew there was no sarcasm or such in his words, so I wasn’t angry at all after being asked such question. But I also knew if I were to become the Empress, I should always be careful of this man. This man, after all, was my source of information for all sorts of things happening in this country. The day when he will be of use can no longer come――However.

(As long as one lives long enough, that kind of day might come)

For that reason, I’ve decided to do it now.

「I have other things to do as well. I’ve managed to find a better man than Cedric-sama」

「――Huh? Nono, it’s only been three days since your engagement was annulled though!?」

「Love knows no time, you know?」

Irene giggled, and she went ahead with an elegant stride.

Women are scary! I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that comment from Jasper.

Translator corner:

  1. He made this gesture. Probably.
  2. 皇妃という名前の臣下になるはずだった教育の名残だ <– I forgot to put this as one of the sentences that I am not sure of. So, if anyone can contribute a better translation feel free to do so.

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  1. それが役立つ日は、もうこない――けれど
    Your translation seems right. If she had become an Empress, she could have used him as an informer, yet she won’t become an Empress… The days when he becomes useful can no longer come (be careful, you need to add the “no”)
    Thanks for translating this novel! Have plenty of rest, I know how taxing translating can be!

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  2. Enjoy ur rest and sleep a good amount of time(at least 8-10 h) that way should ur brain recover. Eat good food and- ack! Sry!
    Accidently turned on the “nagging granny” mode….
    Deeply sorry for that *bows* ミ(ノ_ _)ノ
    Hope u stay healthy. U dont have to force out another chapter tomorrow as well- u already blessed us with enough this week.
    Enjoy some soothing green tea

    The plot gets better n better- thx 4 the hard work ༼ つ◕ ‿◕ ༽つ

    (Yeah… tried using emojis… might have overdone it a bit… ups…)

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  3. New chapter of manga is out , there additional line from heroine “it’s smelt like flower but it still winter” from this line the obsivious interpertation is “The spring has come” because change of world can related to demon king emotion , isn’t that mean demon king spring has come.
    Thanks for chapter

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    1. I think it was a way to note the fact that whenever he gets happy flowers start to bloom, even if they are already dead or not in season.

      Era her remark is a way to show that he was happy in that moment.

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  4. yeee I can’t wait for Claude’s face when she barges in with an army or repair workers to renovate his castle it’s gonna be GOLD

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  5. 「I’ve managed to find a better man than Cedric-sama」

    YES. Much MUCH better that it’s actually rude (to Claude) when you compare them both. 😆😆

    Thank you for the updates!! 💖💖 And do take care of yourself!! You need to rest! 💕

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  6. Many thanks
    the ending of this chapter was funny. XD anyway, i hope the people who lost their jobs won’t be too scared of going into the woods of the demon king’s castle and all that. and jasper dropped a flag lol Irene will become the empress… of the demons lol

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    1. heres some notes now go and rest (^ω^)
      -fire all of the people that (I’ve chose)>>> I’ve chosen
      -nodded when he saw (Irene smiled) >>>Irene’s smile
      -It seems like(he had stopped) trying>>>he stopped
      – outward appearance of(indifferent)>>>indifference
      -he did not let the demons (to attack) the humans>>> attack
      – (the) monsters do not end up doing something bad>>>that
      -She supposed it was (remains) of education >>> the remains
      -(of named) Emperor that subjected it to him>>>of the named
      -それが役立つ日は、もうこない――けれど。(about this part your translation is correct actually but you forgot to add “no” to this part “ useful can() longer come”or if you want here’s a simpler sentence )>>The day when he will be of use can no longer come
      thank you for your hard work (o^^o)
      (シ ^v^)シ 🍪 🍮🍫☕

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      1. 皇妃という名前の臣下になるはずだった教育の名残だ about this sentence it’s a pit tricky but i have some suggestions that may sound right im not too sure but i think it’s something like this:
        #1″ She supposed it was the remains of education of one who should have received the title of the emperor ” or like this:
        #2″ of one who was supposed to receive the title of the emperor ” honestly im a pit undecided which is the best choice (・∧‐)ゞ but story-wise i think the second one is better cuz considering that Claude is older than his pro so he AND the former Crown Prince (take that j*rk prince pro(`A´)) he must have received the necessary education from a young age “well before they found out who he is” (dy are big idiots(#`皿´) )……….exus moa ┐(゚⊿゚)┌ also “should have ” would make it sound he was supposed to rule before his father (´-ι_-`)


        1. 皇妃という名前の臣下になるはずだった教育の名残だ

          Close but not quite.

          皇妃 = Empress.
          She is referring to her immediate thoughts criticizing and judging what should and shouldn’t be done with Belzebub, the Demon King, Jasper, and etc’. Those thoughts were the remains of her ‘Empress to be’ training, so that is why in the next sentences she is desperately trying to remove those thoughts from her head, as she doesn’t have time to think about unnecessary stuff.

          If you recall she was seriously studying and training really hard as the Soon-to-be Empress, since barely no time has passed since then, she still has lingering habits.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. i see so it was empress not emperor ˁ˙˟˙ˀ then does this one fit better instead?:
            “She supposed it was the remains of education she received in preparation to be an empress” sorry for nagging u about dis but u seem pretty good at Japanese i respect that a lot (*^_^*) since i can’t really understand it unless i heard it (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ(ーー;)


            1. Yeah your new sentence is better. I actually was a bit confused of the sentence when I read it, but later If you recall next chapters? or maybe not translated yet. She says to Claude ” After all, the Empress is/can be considered one of the retainers.”

              Nitpicking the sentence 皇妃という名前の臣下 “The retainer named Empress.

              The literal translation is something like ‘It must be the remains of the education for someone who should have become the retainer called Empress.” Though it needs to be fixed in order to sound decent in English (calling the Empress a retainer sounds weird too)

              As for why the confusion happened, I put the sentence into google and it translates it into Emperor unless you reduce the sentence size ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (same for the ‘見えるな’ in chapter 15, google will translate it even though grammatically it makes little sense just because it is a real word.)

              If it makes you feel better, aside from stuff here and there that requires you to know nuances or figures of speech, both you and Empress are doing a good job 😉

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              1. aww thanks @^▽^@ your pretty good too ….but in the end i see google translate did’t just confuse me alone (ーー;) but the sad thing is though not reliable at all it still gives another view on the sentence’s though EXTREMELY confusing us with everything else scrap that “google translate ” is no good yep, but sometimes it’s thinly helpful …such a puzzle (;一ω一||)


  7. This heir prince is so dumb, that more and more I doubt that he is the brain behind the plan to destroy Irene. Although the true brain is not the best, as it leaves its idiot puppet alone making so many dumbbells…
    Thanks for the chapter

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    Thank you so much for translating this I love it and you do a really great job.

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    Loving how super competent our female MC is and I’m liking the progression on the story into the “mystery of embezzled money” as well as how she casually strolls into Monster territory to deliver a pie xD
    She’s so fearless it’s fascinating! Please take care!

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    I’ll buy the raws when I can to support the author as well~~~

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