ARNRBKM – Chapter 19

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 19 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「You……the Fenrir’s pup from the other day……!?」

After the Fenrir’s fluffy tail finally came out of her shadow, Irene’s shadow returned to its normal form. Even the cracks disappeared.  

The Fenrir crawled out of the hole, then it skillfully rotated mid-air and landed on its feet.  

「I’ll make your shadow as an entrance for the monsters. If I do that, the monsters will be able to leave freely from behind you any time they want」

Claude casually said something outrageous.

「Wait a moment, what have you done with my shadow?」

「But with this, the monsters will have a  grasp of your presence no matter where you move」

(……In other words, I’m being monitored by this child?)

Irene fixed her gaze at the Fenrir’s pup that had just emerged from her shadow.

She didn’t find any injuries, and its dirtied coat of fur had turned glossy.

「You, can’t stand on such a place. Get down」

The Fenrir that was standing on top of the table, blinked its eyes.

Reluctantly, she bent her knees to level her eyes with the Fenrir’s pup, pointed at the floor, and repeated her previous instruction.

「Because it’s bad manners to stand on the table, you have to come down」

The Fenrir’s pup that seemed to understand the meaning of her pointed finger nimbly got down from on top of the table.    

It puffed its chest as if to say “how about that?”. It smiled broadly in that state.

「You’re a smart child. You seem promising」


「If you feel like you owe me a favor for the other day’s matter, it’s not necessary, you know? That’s obviously because those humans are some piece of trash. They’re truly pathetic.……You’re truly a good child」   

Leaning its head, the Fenrir’s pup then pressed its head to Irene’s chest as if to say “pat me”. Irene who was kneeling, gave a pat to its head while bitterly smiling.

Probably feeling satisfied with that, the Fenrir’s pup immediately ran off. Irene who was standing in front of the reception room’s door turned around. When she blinked her eyes, she saw the Fenrir’s pup standing beside Beelzebub.        

At that, she remembered what she was supposed to do.

「Are you going to guide me inside the castle as well?」

「It seems like it wants to thank you for the help it received. Let it come with you」   

At Claude’s words, the Fenrir’s pup and Beelzebub respectively had a different reaction. Beelzebub snorted.

「It’s the King’s command. Let’s go, girl. How long do you plan to make me wait?」

「……。Two serva……no, it’s knights. How wonderful」


「K-knights, you say」

The Fenrir pup’s ears stood erect, and Beelzebub’s eyes restlessly wandered around.

Keith let out an “Oh my!” from a different place.    

「Bel-san, before that, Irene-sama called you something like this, right? Serva――」

「Come on, Beelzebub-sama. At times like this, you need to help me to open up the door. It’s the Knights’ rules」  

「When the King wants to pass by, the door will be opened by itself, but……Humans are troublesome」

「I am a weak maiden, you know? As a Knight, you need to go out first to check for danger, right?」  

「Is that how it is……?」

「That’s right. First, the Fenrir’s pup can’t be the one to open the door. As the right-hand man who served the Demon King, shouldn’t you become a role model!」

「I see!」

「Uwaa, she completely had him on the palm of her hand. Claude-sama……is it okay?」

「If they’re enjoying themselves, then I don’t mind」

After receiving Claude’s approval, Irene went out of the door opened by Beelzebub.

「Can you close the door?」

With sparkling eyes, the Fenrir’s pup vigorously kicked the door with its forefoot. The door closed with an especially loud sound. It seems like it hasn’t learned how to adjust its strength, yet.   

「……。Next time, let’s try closing the door quietly, okay?」


「Let’s go, girl. Don’t get carried away just because the King is interested in you」

「Claude-sama is interested in me? When he summoned a monster from my shadow to monitor me?」

「Because the monsters are interested in you, those who want to meet you have received permission from the King to go meet you. So, that’s what I meant by the King is interested in you」

Beelzebub turned around after advancing several steps in the hallway.

「The King remembers your name, right?」

Now that he mentioned it, she had a feeling that he called her name for the first time a while ago.

She really didn’t realize about it, but after becoming aware of it, her cheeks gradually warmed. The feeling was almost the same as when she was a child, her family members such as her Father and her Brothers, as well as Cedric――that moment when any people she admired turned around to look at her.     

Beelzebub made a puzzled expression when he saw that.

「You’re one weird woman. After behaving shamelessly to that degree, you’re blushing from such a thing?」


「Well, whatever. Now you can bow your head, it’s our King’s room!」

She was sure that he couldn’t help but boast, so with a cheerful face, he pushed the double door.  

(……。What are you doing to easily reveal the room’s location of the most eminent figure in this castle?)

Oioi, it seems like I have to educate him myself; immediately regaining her composure, Irene let out a sigh.  

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    1. thank you for your hard work here’s some notes your doing truly great ♡^▽^♡ so have more confidence about your translations
      -Irene’s shadow (return) to its normal form>>>returned
      -then it skillfully (made rotation) mid-air and landed>>>rotated
      -I’ll make your shadow (as the entrance) for the monsters>>> an entrance
      -the (Fenrir’s pup)>>>Fenrir pup’s(Irene here is talking about the pups (eye’s) not the bup itself so i moved the “s of possession” also mostly cuz the noun comes right after the “s of possession” “fenrir bup” is considered as a name or subject altogether )
      – pup that (seems) to understand the meaning of her pointed finger>>>seemed
      -The Fenrir’s pup ears stood erect>>> Fenrir pup’s
      -served the Demon King,(if you don’t) become a role model>>>shouldn’t you


  2. Awwww shes so cute I’m in love with her, Truly thank u for translating this chapter take all of my love 😭😭❤❤❤


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