ARNRBKM – Chapter 21

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 21 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「Donny, Luc, Quartz――even Isaac!I didn’t think that you would come as well. Despite being more or less a noble」  

「I really didn’t want to come, you know?」

If one had to say then, there’s a lot of people who appearance were dirty looking in this group, but there’s one young man whose indeed looked like a noble youth and had well-ordered features, came out while briskly scratching his head.

「But, it’s Demon King, isn’t it? “What is she doing” is what everyone’s thinking, you know? Everyone is worried that’s why they came here」

「My, thank you. But, there’s no need to worry about me, you know?」

「I thought I would say that as well, but……my head is weird as usual. Say, is it okay for you not to be quietly depressed and crying your eyes out right now? That kind of front is important, you know? And then, you’ll be able to gather sympathy, while scheming to drag both of those two asses down」

Irene answered back by laughing scornfully towards Isaac’s frank statement while thrusting her finger in front of Isaac’s nose.

「That kind of thing is what you’re good at, isn’t it? I’ll leave the planning to you」

「Eh, you’re making me do it?! If you’re making me do it, try to listen to what I’m saying a little bit!」

Isaac Lombard. A fellow student who went to the same academy as Irene. The third son of an upstart noble family, whose family had a successful business and bought a court rank with money, the Lombard Earl’s House. Other than his status, nothing particularly stood out about him.

(I heard he’s almost related to Max, but he never made an appearance in the game)

Since his family bought court rank with money, he’s not related to Max by blood. Their personalities also clashed, so they mutually ignored each other. Just as much as Max stood out because he was popular, Isaac was just like any other students and would probably be recognized by only one person.

Even in Irene’s case, if they weren’t coincidentally assigned as a pair for their assignment, he won’t even be under her radar. At that time, because Lilia had drawn Cedric as her partner, by chance she was able to successfully socialize with Isaac.

「――Prince Cedric is similar to what you’ve thought, he’s not a man; I wish I had thoroughly told him off」

「Which reminds me, where were you during that evening party?」

「I was watching from a distance」

「……You saw the incident? I see」

「There’s no way I could help you. It’s the Prince and Max Cowell, you know? There’s no one but you who can live after glowering at them. If I were to go out, I would only die in vain and my sense of justice would be wasted for nothing」  

「I know. I have faith in that part of you。――Cedric-sama did fire you, didn’t he?」  

At the time when she wanted to start a business, Irene had already taken in Isaac, leaving the commerce in his hand from home.  

Isaac had a better understanding of the true state of affairs related to the money flow. Moreover, he’s still a noble despite being an upstart one. She didn’t think that Cedric would aggressively fire him.  

「……You do have a face favored by Lilia-sama, don’t you? It’s only because of that」  

Isaac laughed when he was told that bluntly.

Isaac had sharp features with a pair of sanpaku eyes (1). Without a doubt, he’s considered a beauty. He was unapproachable due to his so-called delinquent-ish nature, but he was just a noisy fella.

The small statured young man with charming features shrugged his shoulders.

「Isaac-san paid for his own verbal shot」

「Oi Donny, don’t say such an irresponsible thing. The one who was fired was you」

「Donny as well, thank you. If you’re here, I’ll feel safe to leave the site to you. Is your Master healthy?」

「Yeah, he’s fine!Thanks to Irene-sama’s proposal to D’Austriche Prime Minister, a clinic was able to be built in the fifth layer」  

The small-statured and nimble young man with redeeming features was a capable craftsman from the fifth layer. His extraordinary career started when he was adopted by a craftsman called “Master” when he was an orphan. Instead of playing like kids at his age would, he built a house. Even though he hadn’t received a decent education, he was a genius architect who can draw any plans with his skillful hands. She met him when she went along with her Father to carry out an inspection at the fifth layer.  

And, Irene turned her eyes towards Donny Master who was amongst the people who built the clinic.

「Luc as well. I’m sorry, we have to turn the profits. Just when the development of the medicine that you wished for, finally seemed possible to realize, this kind of thing happen」

「Nono. Speaking of my interest as a doctor, I have more interest in the Demon King’s forest, for it seems like I’ll be able to discover something new; so I’m excited. Right, Quartz?」

Luc asked to his childhood friend, Quartz while he was holding down his hair that fluttered by the wind.(2)

The young man with an eye patch made a difficult face, and with both of his arms crossed, turned his back.


「At least say your greeting, Quartz」

「That’s fine. Quartz as well, thank you for coming. I’m sorry I was unable to bring you to the D’Austriche plantation. But I hope the plantation in the Demon King’s forest will catch your interest」


「……By any chance, are you angry with me?」

She knew that this handsome young man with long hair rarely talked; but recently, it seemed like he didn’t even give her a greeting, so she couldn’t help but to be anxious. Luc laughed.   

「It’s fine, Irene-sama. Quartz is angry because after he painstakingly raised a plant for Irene-sama’s sake, it ended up being taken away by Prince Cedric」

Quartz was a taciturn man, but he was a botanist who took care of the plants from the bottom of his heart. He loved the plants so much that it took a lot of effort to persuade him to use them for business. That is why he is committed.

「I am truly sorry about that. Even the medicine prescription that Luc and the others had devised ended being taken away as well……」

「That’s okay, it’s not Irene-sama’s fault. Right, Quartz?」


When she received an answer from Quartz, she felt relieved.  

「Then, even in this Demon King’s forest, are the both of you okay with working under me like before」

「Yes, of course」

Following Luc, Quartz as well, although the movement was small, he definitely nodded his head. Although both of them come from the fifth layer, they were excellent and talented people who went to school in the fourth layer and were treated as honor students. There’s nothing more reassuring than this.  

「I truly thank you. I’m counting on the both of you」

「I’ll do my best. It’s alright because when push comes to shove I’ll develop a poison that will not leave traces. Right, Isaac-sama?」

「Oi, don’t selfishly drag me into a plan and make me the mastermind, you wicked doctor! I don’t want to plan for the Crown Prince’s assassination. That kind of thing won’t flourish!」

「……。It’s good if there’s a good material in the Demon King’s forest」

「St-op-it. Donny, stop it!」

「U~n. Other than that, maybe a bridge that will collapse after taking a certain amount of load for example……?」

「You as well?!」

「Umー……Isn’t it better if we leave that alone and start talking about work already? The wind is blowing so strongly I’m kinda cold over here!」

At Jasper’s suggestion who had been silent all this time, Irene casually looked up at the sky. The strong wind brought along the cloudy weather.

「Even though it had been sunny just now……But, what should we do? Look, the castle is in this current condition, right? There’s no space for this many people」

「Okay, at that, it’s finally time for me to make an appearance!」

The craftsmen that Donny brought along behind him were the first to raise their hands. Surprised, Irene turned around.  

「Keith-sama!Why are you there?」 

「I slipped in ‘cause I want to observe the situation for a little. Wow, there are more of them than I imagined. I’m surprisedー」

「……。Who is he?」

「The Demon King’s attendant」

At Isaac’s answer, people quickly made way for him. Keith laughed.

「There’s nothing for all of you to be afraid of. Because I am an ordinary human being, after all.……Isaac Lombard. Previously Schmidt Company, but now the third son of the Lombard Company. The rumored problem child who has quick, better wits than his brothers. So, you’re Irene-sama’s “brain”? Nice to meet you」  

「……Hi. But, I’m just a treasurer」

「Donny-sama is famous, too. A prodigy who is good at architecture, from an architectural plan to designing. And, there are many nobles who wanted to employ you, yet you refused」

「That, I just want to do everything freelyー」  

「Aren’t both Luc-sama and Quartz-sama the fifth layer’s pride for being their talented people? The pharmacy that’s being operated by the both of you is exceptionally popular with its honesty and effectiveness. You guys are popular, too」

「Thank you for your compliment」

「……。Well, that’s all thanks to the pharmacy」

「But, isn’t the most amazing one would be Irene-sama? To be able to get a hold of this many talented people and to assemble them in front of the Demon King’s castle like this. It’s something that no one was able to do until now that is」

Keith came standing in front of Irene while showing off his glib tongue. From below the beret, Jasper inquired in a low voice.

「I heard a story that the Demon King brought you in together with him into the forest, but……for an attendant, you know quite a lot of things. Aren’t you more well-informed than me?」

「That’s because I am the Demon King-sama attendant, after all. Doing just this much of information gathering is normal」

After showing a creepy smile, Keith looked up at the swaying trees.

「Ah, my bad. We talked too much, and Claude-sama is starting to lose his patience. It seems like it’s going to rain」

As he said that, Keith stood in front of the abandoned castle’s ruined iron door.

「Claude-sama, please let these guests in so that they won’t be drenched by the rain. Come on, everyone. Let me guide you in」

Keith lowered his head respectfully towards Irene and the others. At the same time, the iron door opened up by itself.

The torn national flag was flapping from the strong wind underneath the cloudy sky. Everything was a horror.

Gulping her saliva, Irene had the same expression as when she first came to the Demon King’s castle. Still, she stepped forward before anyone else did.  I am the representative.    

With a sigh, Isaac followed Irene, and Donny who was trembling a little came after him. With a grimace, Jasper took a step forward to chase after them while Luc and Quartz followed them after looking at each others’ faces. Behind their back were the people they brought together with them. Some of them were trembling, and perhaps, some were putting on a bold front; but, they still went after the people in front of them.   

No one who came here lost their nerves. Keith looked over his shoulder to confirm that.

「Irene-sama is truly promising」

Very thinly, his lips formed into an arc, imitating a smile.

「My interest in her is piqued」

Translator corner:

  1. Sanpaku eyes
  2. Not sure what this mean : 癖の強い髪の毛が風になびくのを押さえながらリュックが話しかけたのは、彼の幼馴染みだ。

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      -noble youth and had (a well-ordered feature)>>>well-ordered features
      -is what (everyone) thinking, you know?>>>everyone’s
      -Everyone is worried that’s why they (come) here>>>came
      -towards (Isaac frank) statement>>>Isaac’s frank
      -finally (seems) possible(to be realized)>>> seemed / to realize
      -this kind of (things) happen>>>thing
      -both of them(came) from the fifth layer>>>come
      -they were (excellent talented) people >>>excellent & talented
      -were treated (as the honor) students>>>as honor
      -I’m counting on (both) of you>>>the both
      -don’t selfishly (dragged) me into a plan>>>drag
      -At (Isaac) answer>>>Isaac’s
      -The pharmacy (that) being operated by (both) of you >>>that’s / the both
      -one would be Irene-sama(?) >>>Irene-sama(!)(i don’t know about the raws but this didn’t seem like a question so i changed the mark to this one you can also not change it if you want do what your comfortable with ^^)
      -able to get a hold of (these) many talented>>>this
      -癖の強い髪の毛が風になびくのを押さえながらリュックが話しかけたのは、彼の幼馴染みだ。(about this one your translation is partly correct but it could be better here’s a suggestion PS:there’s two versions) >>>
      -1: Luc asked his childhood friend, Quartz who was combing down his hair that was fluttered by the wind
      -2: Luc asked his childhood friend, Quartz who was holding down his hair that was fluttered by the wind


  2. This Luc thinks very small, simply giving a quick death to the prince is very little, besides risky. Instead an undetectable poison to leave the prince sexually powerless for the rest of his life would cause much more suffering, since it could make him lose both the heroine bitch and the right to crown. Mwahaha! Ahaha!
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