ARNRBKM – Chapter 26

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 26|| Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「……The reason for Beelzebub’s strange appearance recently, is it your fault?」

Irene who was looking at the situation down below at the recently completed castle’s terrace, looked up when a voice coming from above spoke to her.

Underneath Claude who was flying, there were craftsmen running around repairing the castle and Donny who was giving out instructions. However, everyone was no longer surprised at the floating figure of the Demon King in the air.

At least, they were already used to that kind of view.

「What’s weird about his appearance now? He’s become Knight-like, right?」

「He’s been showing me the proper way to bow over and over again, though……」

「Please look over his quirkiness at least that much. There’s only a week left before the evening party. He’s giving his all because he wants to stay by Claude-sama’s side after all」

With a seemingly complicated expression on his face, Claude got down to stand on the terrace. The Fenrir’s pup that was sitting on her feet, stood up straight and then made a space for him on her side. Claude swept his eyes over the surrounding from the terrace alongside Irene.

「Besides, it seems like you’re using pastries as a bait to make the monsters do various things for you」

「It’s not like I’m forcing them。Or, does everything requires Claude-sama’s approval?」

「No。……the monsters look like they’re having fun so it’s okay」

A lively voice could be heard coming from down below. A group of crows could be seen carrying baskets on their necks. There were also werewolves holding up the heavy woods in an effortless manner.

「The monsters said that they will assist with the construction if those people can build the monsters’ residence free of charge」

「Yes。The monsters possess inhuman strength. Donny said that they won’t leave the trivial work to the monsters, so the monsters are being relied on for things like manual labor and transportation」

Thanks to that, the time it took to repair the castle was twice faster than the original speed.

In the end, Donny and the others proposed「We’ll pay for the remuneration, so why don’t you guys come and work with us?」

The monsters’ answer to that offer was they need to receive permission from the Demon King-sama.

「With the way they work inside the barrier, I’m sure they will do a good job again if they were to work outside the barrier. Do you want to be a member of my company? The work is mainly for disaster restoration. Claude-sama can become the executive and at the same time, you can also create a better image for the monsters」

「I’ll consider it」

Irene thought it would be useless to offer him since he would end up refusing it anyway; but, he returned a safe response. Although she had been the one proposing it, Irene couldn’t imagine having Claude as her subordinate. So, she left the topic hanging by changing it to another.

「The land that Claude-sama governed――the monsters’ den is surprisingly wide」

「……Yeah。In the beginning, there was really only this abandoned castle and the forest……」

Suddenly, Claude made a look that seemingly looks at a distance place.

「Everything had settled down right now, but a long time ago the humans often came to the monsters’ den to chase them. There were troubled times when the place had become cramped and the monsters didn’t have enough place to live」

「Was it something like refugee problems for the monsters?So, what did you do?」

「Keith bought the plot of land next to it. It was supposed to be a territory of some Earl at that time」

Calmly, Claude pointed at the other side of the forest.

「Over there, as you move ahead towards the north, the climate will become harsher and the soil, poorer. Furthermore, it was adjoined to the Demon King’s forest. Although it was close to the imperial capital, it did not have any worth. I heard he bought it for quite a cheap price」

「But, even that person has honors. I think it must be a difficult negotiation, but……Keith-sama is a skilled person, isn’t he?」

「Yeah。I trust him」

He was as expressionless as usual, but she could confidently say that she knew it was his true feelings.   

As if pricked, Irene felt a pain on her chest.

「……I’m jealous of Keith-sama」

「You do? Why」

「Claude-sama. An Empress can also be called as a retainer, you know?。……I think it was my fault as a retainer for failing to gain Cedric’s trust」

The wind blew strongly causing the leaves to be ripped off of the trees. With a squeal, the Fenrir’s pup at their feet cried out softly.

「If I think about it now, there were proper signs. It was always me who went out to see him. I’ve never received a gift from him, and he also persistently left the project for me to handle……My, I wonder if things haven’t changed much」

When she tilted her head in puzzlement, Claude’s put his mantle on her head out of the blue. Under the harsh sound made by the violent wind, Claude muttered.

「It’s cold, isn’t it? Get in」

「T-Thank you very much。……Claude-sama……This wind、how should I put this、well、I can see a tornado over there」

「I am different from Cedric」

Ah, so he was displeased about that?

With that understanding, Irene smiled underneath the sudden stormy weather.

「I understand。If it’s Claude-sama, you will properly keep your promise to come to the evening party, right?」

「……Have you been stood up by someone?」

「Yes、last year at the school festival」

Cedric did not appear, so Irene stood alone by herself.

At that time, she did not know what happened, but now she knows. Because she had the game information, she ended up knowing.

Cedric and Lilia were at the rooftop, dancing joyously underneath the starry sky with just the two of them.

「Even if, for example, something happens and I end up not going to the party…If it was me, I’ll properly explain」

Claude who won’t easily promise he would definitely go and such was certainly different from Cedric.

So, with a peace of mind, Irene nodded.

「However, in a case where you can’t come, I don’t care whatever reason you have, I’ll take a proper compensation from you」

「For example?」

「I’ll let you marry me」

She thought he would be shocked, but he was seriously considering her words with a serious look on his face. While wrapping her body with Claude’s mantle, Irene blinked her eyes.

「My、have you finally gotten used to the idea?」

「……。If you ask for it while crying, I might consider it positively」

「Why do you want to make me cry so much!?」

「Isn’t that’s because of Irene-sama’s personality that likes to corner someone in an argument?」

There was Keith’s voice coming from the inner part of the terrace. When she looked at the location properly, it wasn’t just Keith. There was also Jasper with a strange look on his face.

「Certainly, if we manage to make Ojou-sama cry, it feels like it’s our win as men」

「If that’s a saga for beings called men, destroy it immediately!」

「What business do you two have, meeting in here like this? A Peeping Tom? 」

「I truly apologize for interrupting when there’s a good atmosphere surrounding you two. There’s slightly unpleasant information from Jasper-san that he wanted to tell you」

Jasper exchanged a look with Keith while holding his beret in his hand.

「It is rumored that Ojou-sama’s aiming for Lilia-sama’s life by joining forces with the monsters」

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    Claud getting jealous about Irine bring up Cedric and how she was treated is cute. I look foward to more fluff from these two. Once they finally get together that useless land will probably be turned into paradise with his happiness.

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    1. I think it’s different. Her father is a true sadist. Claude is more like excitement for Irene to show her vulnerable side willingly to him (as a sign of dependance and trust for him to care of her). At least in my opinion that’s how it were…Her tears excite him?!

      I get the feeling once Irene lets herself learns the pleasure of being taken care of or being weak, she’ll truly have Claude wrapped around her fingers by simply making tearful doe eyes at him/acting weak.

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    1. thank you for da chap ^^ don’t push yourself too much though here’s some notes
      -The reason for (Beelzebub) strange appearance>> Beelzebub’s
      -(He becomes) Knight-like, right?>>he’s become
      -that seemingly (looking at a) distance place>>looks at a
      -have you finally (get) used to the idea>>gotten
      – it’s our win as (a man)>>men


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    Thanks for the update~

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