ARNRBKM – Chapter 27

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Novel Raw: 27 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「The source of the rumor is Max Cowell」

「Then, the cause must be from the uproar at the academy the other day」

The Fenrir’s pup at Irene’s feet blinked its eyes. Claude furrowed his eyebrows.

「Max?Who is he, Keith?」

「I heard a rumor that you knocked him down, but to think that our King has no memories of him… As expected from our King」

「……Did something like that really happen?」

If anything, it was Claude himself who had Max beaten up in front of Lilia at that place.

(Oh dear, somehow, I feel a little sympathy for him)

Max wasn’t even in his field of view; the Demon King ruthlessness was unparalleled.

Jasper seemed to cough out purposely.

「W-well, let’s just say that there’s a difference in each and everyone’s awareness. Hereupon, I shall explain one by one in chronological order about what really happened; it seems like threatening letters have been constantly sent to Lilia-sama. You aren’t suitable to become Cedric-sama fiancee, so withdraw immediately; otherwise, something is guaranteed to happen kind of thing. Well, it’s something like the rite of passage for a woman who will become the Prince’s wife」

「I see. But, how did I end up becoming the culprit?」

「The reason is that some of the threatening letters were signed by Irene Loren D’Austriche. Moreover, the letters were delivered by the first-class service with the scent that My Lady often used, attached to them; Cedric-sama who received the letters first, made a fuss because of it」

When she was trying to laugh, she felt a shot of pain running to her temple. Like a flash, a scene from the game was played inside her mind.

(Threat……That’s right. The heroine did receive something like that. Because of that, a kidnapping incident will happen……In the game, the one who revealed the threatening letters was……)

The villainess Irene Loren D’Austriche was the mastermind behind the kidnapping because she wanted to reconcile with Cedric.

「……Give me a break. If I were to be the culprit, I would write don’t ever get yourself involved with her, if you get close to her, I’ll kill you and send that threatening letter to Cedric-sama」

「Well, we believe in you, but the society doesn’t. Especially, the other nobles and those who think that D’Austriche Prime Minister is an eyesore; it’s a suitable censure material」

I wonder if someone is trying to drag me down. Like in the game.

However, in the game, Irene’s signature wasn’t supposed to be on the threatening letters. (1)Considering that childishness, she felt like things weren’t proceeding exactly the same way as in the game. 

「Although Lilia-sama’s personal protection has been tightened due to the threatening letters, those kinds of threats are still coming. That’s why, they assumed it was the monster’s deed, thus we ended up getting such rumor」

「Oh, and so, I am in touch with the monsters――that kind of conclusion was made」

Instead of nodding his head, Jasper heaved a sigh.

「They didn’t even properly investigate whether it was the work of the monsters or not. It seems like Lilia-sama is crying because she’s scared, so Cedric-sama is in a fit of anger; it was a mess over there」

「My, as if things such as threatening letters are something that one needs to fear. I had received something like that way too many times. So, there was a time where I threw all of the letters into the fire; I even boiled them in hot water, you know?」

「But, there’s also a problem with that kind of way!」

「Anyway, we don’t have time. First of all, let’s put a mark on the culprit and set a trap for them」

「Even if you say something as marking the culprit」

「Threatening letters managed to slip through and were delivered under the intense scrutiny of the bodyguards, so people can’t help but think that it was the work of the monsters. So, it was the work of an insider, wasn’t it?」

At Irene’s bold laugh, Jasper scratched his head.

「Isaac’s parents run the largest company that deals with letters targeted towards the ladies. Please call Isaac for me later. And then……Almond, can you hear me? If you hear me, please come out. Of course, I’ll give you rewards」

「What is it?!」

Jasper took a step back after being startled by the monster that flew out of Irene’s shadow that was stretched out all the way to the terrace. The crow that was wearing a bow neck tie was perched on the handrail of the terrace. Keith muttered while looking complicated.

「So we can use the shadow in such way……」

「Work! I want to do it! It’s fun! Reward, Apple Pie!」

「I’ll give you a cake as well. It’s a job that needs you to bring back the trash from the Imperial Castle」

「Easy!Leave it to me!」

「Not allowed」

The one who made that objection was Claude. Naturally, Almond quickly changed his attitude.

「Work, not allowed!I decline!」

「The trash from the Imperial Castle――It’s just bringing documents back. There’s no danger」

「But, it will definitely attract the attention of the servants who will be throwing away the trash. There’s also a possibility of it being a trap」

「――Claude-sama. I think I’ve said this before, but you’ve pampered the monsters too much」

「It’s a natural way to deal with it since my power can’t reach outside of barrier」

Because it’s dangerous outside the barrier, we’ll shut ourselves in here; tell me is there anything that can be solved by doing that? A parent who doesn’t teach their children how to use cutlery because it’s dangerous for them is nothing but a fool. Even monsters should be given wisdom. Because… you can’t protect everything by yourself, after all」

Irene approached Claude’s face from below without hesitation. Claude was expressionless, but he slightly stirred and took a step back.

「Almond, what about you?Do you want to try to work?Or you don’t?」

「Ore-sama, Demon King-sama’s command, prioritize」

「That wasn’t a command just now. It was simply a restriction」

Almond, similar to his name rolled his eyes. It seemed like he was thinking of something; his eyes restlessly moved back and forth between Claude and Irene.

Eventually, as if being beaten down by Almond’s persistence, Claude sighed.

「……You can do whatever you like. However, if you think that the situation is dangerous, you need to come back quickly. This is an order」

Almond who was wearing the bow tie repeatedly nodded his head. And then, Claude directed his pair of cold eyes towards Irene.

「If something happens, the humans will no longer be permitted to come and go from this castle and forest」

「Before that happen, I will personally beat up the human who does something. After all, even I, think that Almond is cute――what’s with those faces, everyone?」

Claude looked stupid while Almond himself had his beak opened. There was a blank look on his face. Jasper crossed his arms after putting back his beret.

「I wonder if it’s the fault of her usual speech and conduct. Ojou-sama’s love is incomprehensible」

「It’s an occasion in which I can entrust someone with work during my precious spare time; he’s worthy of my love, no?」

Irene completely ignored everyone’s faces that seemed to say “it’s that speech and conduct”.

「Almond. As per Claude-sama’s order, if you think the situation is dangerous, run away immediately. And, be sure to move in a group. Look out for the trash and bring it back. Both of these procedures are necessary. I’ll leave it to you to decide who and what role he’s going to act on」

「Ore-sama, decide」

「That’s right。You’re the captain」

Almond whose whole body feathers expand in a surprising way, had sparkles in his eyes. No sooner than that, he skillfully bent one side of his wings up and smartly made a salute form.

「Aye, aye, sirー!」

「My. Where did you learn things like a salute? 」

「I heard from Isaac! Follow, understand」

There was a lot of misunderstanding mixed in, but surely the point is, he liked the pose. His wings when he did the salute, his figure when he puffed out his tufty chest: there was an adorableness that didn’t make him seem like a monster; it’s pretty charming.

Having his view fixed at Almond, Jasper whistled loudly.

「It’s an Air Force style salute, isn’t it? It’s done skillfully. Certainly, it’s an Air Force meant for the Demon King-sama」

「……Then, it’s my duty as the commander to not let my subordinate die」

Claude looked at Irene who had laughed bitterly. And then, he quietly asked.

「Is there something that I can do?」

Startled, everyone widened their eyes in surprise. Irene’s eyes were also opened widely and stiffened for several seconds.

Meanwhile, Claude had dropped his gaze to his feet.

「It feels strange。……The feeling of wanting to make you cry doesn’t change」

「Please change that!」

「Sometimes, I’m tempted to pamper you until you become useless」

So, why did the lines that should be sweet suddenly went in a strange direction?

(Where did the setting of the aloof Demon King go!?)

Please don’t make the air of a mysterious honeymoon filled with only secret whispering and sensation of perversion be in the refreshing broad daylight.  While stepping back, Irene laughed stiffly.

「Y-your joke is too much, I……Eh, everyone’s gone!?」

「They escaped at a full speed」

Almond and even the Fenrir’s pup were nowhere in sight. She had a feeling that they were offering her as a sacrifice to the Demon King. With her hand on her forehead, Irene took a deep breath.

(Let’s calm down, calm down……What’s important, that’s right, I need to make Claude-sama do something for me!Here’s one, please accept the marriage――)

Although her thought had gone that far, for some reason, she couldn’t say it.

She felt like she was being pampered too much she had become useless.

「Then――during the evening party, better than any other gentlemen……Please escort me in a cooler way than Cedric-sama had did」

She kept on thinking and what’s coming out of her mouth was that kind of stupid request. After she said that, she was greatly perplexed.

(At least, say something about collagen development or something! No, that’s not right, either!? Aaah, now look at Claude-sama, he’s looking at me as if he’s saying what is this woman saying!)

She wondered why, although she had countless of wishes, it was that kind of thought that came into her mind. Even though she was so embarrassed to the point she wanted to run away, Claude’s the one averting his eyes away first.

「You are truly difficult」


「I promise you」

Before she was able to ask him again about what he meant by those words, Claude tapped his feet on the terrace and got off from the ground.

Irene covered her warmed cheeks with both of her hands when the content of the promise came into her mind.

 ――It was the morning of the appointed evening party day. A complete set of dress, shoes, and accessories for Irene to wear to the evening party were placed at Irene’s bedside. There was also a card signed by Claude Jeanne Elmeier.

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    By elaborating, you arrive at “things weren’t proceeding the same way as in the game.”
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