ARNRBKM – Chapter 28

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 28 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

She pretty much had taken care of everything that she needed to worry about. She had the confidence to win. She had mentally prepared herself.

Except for the unexpected present she had received on this morning.

「Aren’t you looking quite sexy, Irene? I can barely recognize you」(Rudolph)

「Is it really true, Father?」(Irene)

Irene turned around with a sharp glint in her eyes; Rudolph blinked his eyes.

「Does it suits me? Should I not wear this dress? Me of all people is—!」(Irene)

「W-what’s wrong? This isn’t like you. Even when it was time for your social debut you didn’t say such a thing. Don’t tell me you just realized you were scared of losing to Lilia-sama?」(Rudolph)

「I don’t care about that kind of small matter because my real opponent here is the world’s most bewitching Demon King! My hair and makeup should be perfect, but……!」(Irene)

Irene felt nervous. Because she had been persistently checking herself on the mirror, the servants had to forcefully tug her off from the mirror and toss her into the carriage; but, Irene still thinks she hadn’t inspected herself enough.     

(I wonder if a bit more of a mature red lipstick is better? Will it be better if I tightly wear my hair up?)

But she had no time and not even a mirror.

Her father led her by her hand, and they stepped onto the sparkling marble floor of the assembling hall where the evening party was held.

In an instant, silence spread all over the hall.

At first glance, the bustle dress with plenty of shiny white silk looked as pure as a wedding dress.

However, with somewhat subtly hidden embroidered black lace with a golden thread being sewed into the dress and an identical black rose being used as an accent for the hair ornament, the details managed to secure the charming impression of a seemingly young woman.

Both white and black, the monochrome colored dress was frowned upon to be worn in an evening party unless there was a reason. However, the dress that was incorporated with gold was interwoven together with both white and black as if it was the starry sky, drew the public attention. There were hidden criticisms and jealousy behind those curious gazes. It was certainly an air before the beginning of a fashion fad.

――Especially when the one wearing such dress was Irene Loren D’Austriche.

She didn’t wear her usual haughty smile, and her downcasted pair of eyes had a trace of sorrow instead. The shadow made by her long eyelashes caused her fair skin to be more prominent. The gloss on her lips was like fresh fruit and every time she walked by, there was an elegant scent of black rose lightly​ wafting in the air.

No matter how much she was stained, she was still beautiful down to every strand of her hair. Only Irene herself wasn’t aware of such recognition.

(This dress was chosen by Claude-sama, wasn’t it? It suits me to wear this, isn’t it? It suits me, isn’t it? Because it suits me, he gave me this, right!?)   

Maybe he would say it suits her? Just by thinking that, her cheeks slightly reddened.

When she finally raised her wet eyes with a blank look on her face, her gaze was met by a young nobleman who was gazing at her admiringly. On reflex, Irene softly smiled back at him.  

Rudolph who was escorting her raised his voice in admiration.

「……You, kind of change a little. I have a feeling that Cedric-sama will fall in love with you again」(Rudolph)

「Huh? What are you saying, Father? I’ll refuse even if I die」 (Irene)

「I see. I thought it would be alright? However, it looks like we can squeeze out various things from him」(Rudolph)

With a “fufufufufu” laugh, Father’s eyes were half-serious.

「However, an average man will not be able to handle you, right? Then, Father can only escort you up until here because I’ll be looking forward to your action」

With a sanguine face, Rudolph gave Irene a firm thumbs up. In other words, he was certainly waiting for a plot twist.

(Well, it will be boring if I were to win easily.――Oh My)  (Irene)

Tonight, with a perfectly arranged hair and an appearance of a young nobleman, Isaac approached Irene. No one had approached Irene to start a conversation after her arrival, but Irene was aware she was being observed.

In a position as if his feet stopped while passing each other, Isaac reported in a low voice.

「The result is excellent, and it gets publicity​ as planned」(Isaac)

「I see」(Irene)

「――I thought I kind of recognize you, it’s the Oberon Company!」(mob-chara A)

As soon as she heard the name mentioned, Irene carefully listened to their conversation.

「I still haven’t received that thing even though the Lady of Weimerz Earl’s house had already received it, so what does that mean?」(mob-chara A)  

「There’s a rumor that it will only be delivered to chosen ladies. Because of that, that person is angry」(mob-chara B)  

「I heard it was placed by the bedside when people woke up in the morning. There was also the talk about how none of the servants knew about it. As if it was magic! I’m waiting with full of anticipation」(mob-chara C)   

「It has a very good sensation when you use it. My skin condition is very good, I can no longer think of anything but that」(mob-chara D)  

「No way, I thought it was something suspicious I ended up throwing it away. What should I do? Is there a place where I can get it?」(mob-chara E)

「But I heard there were people who had received not only just face lotion but also a cleansing soap」(mob-chara F)

「The trial version for that product is no longer available. But, I thought that someone in this evening party would know about it――」(mob-chara G)

「My wife can’t stop talking about wanting it. I’m troubled… to think that no one knows about it」(mob-chara H)

Unconsciously, Irene smiled broadly. While hiding it with her hand, Irene faced Isaac and lightly tapped him.

「Next, as planned, we will be spreading the rumors that those products have a connection with the D’Austriche Duke’s Family. That should become profitable enough」(Isaac)

「Please do」(Irene)

「Next, the latest information from the combination of the crows Ossan. First, the culprit of the threatening letters is Lilia. She was performing in her own play」(Isaac)

She thought otherwise. It would be boring if the woman who drove Irene’s off her seat as Cedric’s fiancee, was just an ordinary woman.  

「I see. It was consistent with the design on the stationery. Was Cedric-sama an accomplice?」(Irene)

「From what I see, it was a solo act. Because I’m waiting for evidence, please give me a signal if necessary.――Only, there’s a bad news」  

「What is it?」

「That Lilia-sama whereabout had been uncertain since this morning. Because of the matter of the threats, it seems like Prince Cedric had sent other apprentices from the Holy Knights led by Max to head towards the Demon King’s forest」

Irene unconsciously turned to face Isaac’s side profile while he continued to talk.

「It seems like Demon King-sama can’t come until Lilia-sama is found」(Isaac)

「Claude-sama is――what about other monsters? Don’t tell me they’re going to be attacked?」(Irene)

「Calm down, there’s no way that Demon King-sama can be killed that easily, and there’s also the peace treaty. I was asked for a favor by that Demon King-sama. I mean, this morning, Almond brought a verbal message from the Demon King-sama to me」(Isaac)    

「This morning, you say?」(Irene)

Why didn’t he inform her when he did at least manage to deliver the dress to her? Frowning, Irene’s eyes directly pierced Isaac.  

「“Until I come, I’ll leave Irene to you,” he said」(Isaac)

――Isaac was Irene’s only comrade to come to this grand evening party.

Putting an emphasis on his eyes, Isaac fixed his gaze on Irene.

「You can do it. Because you’re, I――the woman whom the Demon King can count on after all」(Isaac)

For the sake of not dropping her line of sight, she tucked her chin in. She looked straight ahead and laughed boldly.

「There was a behind-the-scenes negotiation regarding Claude-sama’s matter, wasn’t there? I’m fine, so please go over there」(Irene)

「Aah.――If you do become a commoner, I’ll welcome you」(Isaac)

「You don’t do something useless like becoming someone else’s husband」 (Irene)

「That’s true」(Isaac)

Lightly clapping each other’s hand, they passed by each other. Cedric appeared on the platform with a grim look on his face. There was no Lilia by his side.

If things were to proceed like in the game, Irene would become a kidnapper. However, there was no impatience in her.

(This is for the sake of turning that over, isn’t it? I want them not to underestimate me)

I lost the first round when my engagement was annulled. I will win this second round.

「Irene Loren D’Austriche. You are under arrest」(Cedric)

As soon as Cedric gave the order, Irene was immediately surrounded by the palace guards.  

But even then, she smiled. Gracefully, with the mannerism of a perfect lady.

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  1. I hope for him to have proofs because as a prince to actually arrest nobles base on suppositions alone is not going to bore him well in the future.

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  2. I sincerely wish, by the end of this novel, that stupid Cedric is killed or banished from the country. (maybe that’s a bit too much but-) If he seriously succeed the throne then I’m pretty sure the country is as good as dead for having a foolish ruler like him.

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    1. Much? He accused the daughter of the foremost duke of accusations without concrete proof, banishment is nothing. If such a king ruled, what would the kingdom become?

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      1. Technically it is proof, but what competent investigator would actually take it face value? Of course, Irene has all the motives, but no one is stupid enough to sign his/her name on a threat letter.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I sense epic face slapping incoming!
    But author of letters was “Heroine” herself. Does that mean that she is the same as Irene and knows game plot?

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  4. Ah, curtains were rised, finally. Let’s see how Irene would make this “solo act” work, for her.
    Yoy should take good care of yourself, being sick can bring one down in more ways than one so make sure to rest properly ❤


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  6. I hope Irine gets to pull off an epic reversal in front of everyone. Exposing that girl for who she is with evidence, and then slapping Cedric with an annulment for cheating on her. I want her to ruin him in front of everyone.

    Looking at her own flags you can sort of pick out the events in Claud’s own fall route. His funds are getting embezzled. Then a small child monster gets lost in the school and when it’s mother goes to save it both get slain. With the holy sword now in their hands the humans start making advances on the monsters and attacking them again like they did in the past. Claiming that the monster that attacked the students being a break in the treaty.

    By preemptively doing her best to break her own flags Irine has probably been doing the perfect job of the save Claud route. She saved the child and mother, returned the funds, and increased good will between monsters and humans while getting him to like her.

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