ARNRBKM – Chapter 30

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 30 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「Cedric-sama. What do you mean by this? I am supposed to be the guest of this party, aren’t I?」(Irene)

「Shameless. Lilia’s whereabout is unknown! It’s your deed, isn’t it?!」(Cedric)

Cedric came down from the platform with a violent stride and stood in front of Irene whose both arms were immobilized due to being held by the palace guards. The gentle sound from the orchestra had stopped; everyone was trying to breathe as quietly and inconspicuously as possible while waiting for things to happen over here.

「I received a report from Max that you tried to form an alliance with the monsters. If something happens to Lilia, I’ll make you pay for it……!」(Cedric)  

「Why must I be the one who kidnaps Lilia-sama?」(Irene)

「Because you surely hold resentment against her for taking me away from you」(Cedric)

For the sake of holding up her laughter, she wore a crestfallen look on her face.

She didn’t know how Cedric would perceive her figure who was currently biting her lips, but his momentum became somewhat softened.

「I invited you to this evening party for the sake of helping you to at least restore your honor, and yet……!You always trample on others good will」(Cedric)

When she moved her line of sight towards the platform as if not understanding what he meant, she saw her father’s figure. Although he had a strict countenance on his face, he definitely looked like he was desperately trying to force himself not to grin. Above all, it was amazing that he was able to restrain himself. ​

(Other than that, there are quite a lot of great aristocrats present in this party……But as expected, there’s no Emperor and the Empress present, though)

He certainly thought that this evening party would be like the extension of the parties that they’d played around in the academy, but a party organized by a Crown Prince was different than a child’s play. However, Cedric didn’t understand what that meant.

Those great aristocrats actually came here to observe Crown Prince Cedric’s way of conduct who will be graduating from the academy soon.

「You’re also the source of the threatening letters, aren’t you? Speak, where is Lilia?」(Cedric)

「I don’t know. Maybe she left because she was exhausted from Cedric-sama’s affection?」(Irene)

「It’s pointless for you to paint Lilia as a bad person to capture my heart」(Cedric)

It was a positive thought without an ounce of hesitation. I want to follow that as an example.

「――Cedric-sama. I never have the intention to do things like kidnapping Lilia-sama. Where did you find that kind of evidence in the first place? Did you investigate it properly?」(Irene)

「You’re still denying it……Doing that kind of thing is unnecessary. It’s inefficient to use citizen’s tax money to pay for useless things like an investigation cost. Who else other than you have the reason to do things like this in the first place!」 (Cedric)

「……。Truly, I wonder why did I fall in love with this kind of incompetent man?」(Irene)

Surprisingly, her voice was clearly being heard even from far away.

After blinking his eyes in bewilderment, Cedric asked her to repeat those words again.

「――What did you just say?」(Cedric)

「I said I wonder why did I like a jerk, a stupid, and an incompetent man with no future prospects like you. Did you hear me?」(Irene)

Cedric was silent; maybe because he didn’t hear wrongly this time around.  

「Cedric-sama. I’m going to tell you once again, I did not kidnap Lilia-sama」(Irene)

「……。Y, you still make excuses? Lilia is a nuisance for you to reconcile with me, isn’t she?」(Cedric)

「Reconcile? Cedric-sama no matter how much money you pay to someone, someone will still want to take it」(Irene)

「――Liar! You said you’re unwilling to let me go because you love me dearly!」(Cedric)

Aah, so that was the cause of this grand wrong impression. With cold eyes, Irene spat out at him.  

「This is why men are…」 (Irene)

「Wh, what did you say?!」(Cedric)

「I told you 『I used to』love you dearly. It’s past tense. Right now, I don’t have, not even an ounce of interest towards you. Can you please not misunderstand me? I do not love you」(Irene)

With a foolish look on his face, Cedric was befuddled. Irene repeated her words after breathing a sigh.

「I will not say this again. I do not love you. I don’t have any lingering attachment towards you; I also don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, and honestly, just breathing the same air as you make me feel sick. I want to immediately break off our engagement, so please give me the document that I need to sign」(Irene)     

「……。W, why?! This isn’t supposed to go like this. There’s no wa――I, I understand. You still want to capture my heart, aren’t you?!」(Cedric)


He roughly grasped Irene’s chin.

Cedric’s dazzling eyes took her breath away.  

「So, tell me honestly. You’re the one who kidnaps Lilia, aren’t you?……You’re driven by your own feelings, unable to forget me」(Cedric)

It was fortunate that the strength exerted by the palace guards who were restraining Irene by her arms slackened, maybe due to their surprise from Cedric’s behavior. Her freed hands, gripped Cedric’s wrist to rip him off of her. However, he didn’t budge an inch. She could only breathe as best as she could.

「We don’t want to raise any unnecessary conflict. Confess that you did kidnap Lilia. If you do that, I’ll take you into consideration. I’ll grant you mercy considering your esteemed position as the lady of the D’Autriche Ducal House……!」(Cedric)


「Ce, Cedric-sama. Your opponent is a lady if you do more than that」(Palace guard A)

「Be quiet! Don’t order this Crown Prince。……This is my woman!」(Cedric)

Who the heck is your woman? Irene was lost in her fury. At that moment, someone screamed.

There was a large shadow coming out from her back; Cedric was paralyzed with fear. Irene who was finally released, looked behind her. It was her own shadow.

Thick forefeet and a mouth that could swallow the likes of human in one gulp. Ferocious claws and a sharp fangs. It was a monster.

(The Fenrir’s parent!? Why is――No, this is not the time for that!)

「You can’t! Go back, now! If you hurt a human――」(Irene)

The Fenrir opened up his big mouth. When Cedric saw its fangs, he screamed loudly.

「Hi――U, AAAAAAA!」(Cedric)

And then the Fenrir turned towards Cedric and spit on him “ptooey”.


Silence spread around the assembly hall.

Cedric whose whole body became sticky after being covered by saliva was still petrified just like that.

With a humph, the Fenrir snorted and obediently sat beside Irene. Irene who was standing looked back and forth between Cedric who remained in his pathetically disgraceful figure and the Fenrir――After that, she covered her mouth with a folding fan.   

「……To think that the Crown Prince himself was being spat on even for a joke……Fufu, fufufu, it’s amusing」(Irene)

Irene reached out her hand and pat that large build beside her.

「Are you repaying a favor? For you to go out of the barrier……Claude-sama will get angry at you, you know?」 (Irene)


「……Tell the other children that I am fine」(Irene)

As she said that, Irene pat that body with a pop.

「Thank you for coming to save me. Withdraw」

The Fenrir that was looking back at Irene with its pair of intelligent eyes, was swallowed back into Irene’s shadow while it was still sitting.  

When the figure of the monster vanished from sight, the petrified humans in the assembly halls were now exchanging glances at each other.   

Irene took a deep breath and looked down at Cedric’s sorry figure.

「It seems like even a century old love can fade all at once」(Irene)


「Which document should I put my signature on? Is it at the top of that platform?」(Irene)

「Wait――wait! I haven’t finished my story yet!」(Cedric)

Hearing the clicks of Irene’s heel when she walked away, Cedric tightly grabbed the hem of Irene’s dress.

That sticky hand of his caused Irene to knit her eyebrows, but it was pitiful to kick his hand away. She looked down on Cedric with eyes full of pity.

「Wh, what’s with that expression――What the heck! Why do I have to be looked at by you with that kind of eyes?! The one whose engagement is annulled is you!」(Cedric)

「I am glad. Thank you very much」(Irene)

「Why, why! The only one who can accept a woman like you is me! Bow your head to me! You’re the unvirtuous lady whose engagement has been annulled by me, the Crown Prince, for all your life, no one will――」(Cedric)

「Ce-Cedric-sama!」(Palace guard Z)

A palace guard turned up stumbling into the assembly hall. He was so shaken up he didn’t notice Cedric’s shameful appearance.

He looked like he was struggling to move his mouth.

「Uh, umm――Prince Claude is……The Demon King is, at the sky……!」

――At that moment, the dome-shaped glass ceiling made a sound and shattered.

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  1. I was waiting for this! Can we all agree that Aileen is amazing? Slamming anything that comes her way with facts, while being confident and beautiful. True queen material, or should I say Demon Queen material? Just love her, you go, girl!
    As for that ex-finance.. don’t feel like he deserves any comments.
    P.S. – that’s what I call a grand entrance, learn a few things, silly prince.

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Esas es nuestra Aileen/Irene jojojo!! 😎😍😍😂😍👿 y Dios! Este tipo ai que es molesto! Además ESA SI QUE S UNA ENTRADA DRAMÁTICA 😍😎😈😈


  3. Eileen’s dad was finally likable. We all felt the same as him. Happy knowing the verbal beat down that was going to take place the moment Cedric lost it. Claud getting to make a total ass of himself in front of the royal court is perfect. Everyone getting to see Aileen was slanerdized by these morons and having Cedrik and Mark loose is damn good.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ha! The Fenrir is hilarious! Also I wonder if the Fenrir will tell Claude what Aileen said about not loving idiot prince. Can they actually converse with Claude with more or is it more of feelings? Aileen showing her queenly demeanor and just plain facts cutting down the idiot prince down. Yay!
    The stupidity of the idiot prince astounds me like not investigating is a no-no. The fact that he’s being made a fool of in front of the court is so satisfying. I hope this reaches his parent’s ears and some extra punishment will be bestowed upon him and miss two-faced witch.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YAAAAS you tell him irene ୧⍢⃝୨(*≧∀≦*)\(T∇T)/KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA haah ….i kinda wish the pup had bite him a little(PAINFULLY THAT IS) (´‐ω‐)=з tch (¬_¬) oh well hopefully next time (◣∀◢)ψ


    1. thank you for da chap it’s perfect (in many senses (◣∀◢)ψ) there’s only this note this time thank you for your hard work ^^
      -Shameless.(Lilia) whereabout is unknown>>Lilia’s (хдх) who cares(¬_¬)


  6. Ah… I can’t help but wish, for once, the disgraced, rejected heroine would find she doesn’t need any man’s love to validate her worth…? Like. Just once?? It’d be nice if a broken engagement was followed with the female lead not needing ANY man’s approval, and learning to prove to both herself and others that she is (or can be) better than those who scorned her.

    I know, I know. It won’t happen for at least another fifty yrs & i’ll be dead by then.


    1. I know it’s a bit late but I just read this comment and wanted to respond.

      I’d argue that the ‘disgraced, rejected heroine’ is not validating her worth with Claude here either. That’s a disservice to Irene.

      Irene is not going afer Claude because she is depressed over loosing Cedric. She (initially) wanted to marry him because that was the only way she could stay alive. Remember she flat out stated to Claude’s face she didn’t love him and Irene’s original life memories made it clear that Irene would DIE if she didn’t prevent Claude from turning into a dragon.

      Similarly she’s not re-making her business due to wanting to one up Cedric or prove her worth to men. She’s doing this because her father will kick her out if she does not get money.

      Sorry for going into a mini-rant about this, but I like Irene as a character a lot. She’s refreshing. and is astonishingly capable without being super-capable which was my one complaint with the Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter (and is also my complaint with Bat-Man).


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