ARNRBKM – Chapter 33

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 33 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

『You’re a human.……You don’t have to come with me』

The King who was being called the Demon King who possessed the jet black hair and ruby eyes, said that to me when he was about to leave the Imperial Castle.

As expected from the Demon King; he was ruthless. It was even too late to turn back at this point. The livelihood with the monsters was also not too bad. I didn’t have to think much. There were things that caused a headache, but that was the same for every human after all.

Besides, you are still a human. It is still possible that maybe one day you’ll get to experience what is happiness as a human.

Therefore, please, since I’ll be granting you your wish, I don’t want you to lose hope towards humans.

『You said you want a land?You want me to sell it to the Demon King?Okay, I’ll agree to it』

But when I think about it. The ‘me’ that was only a human, ended up thinking about it.

『In exchange for that, give the monsters that are valuable to us. I think as someone who the Demon King deeply trusts, surely you can select ones that would fit the bill perfectly. If you can’t, then I won’t give you the plot of land. Those monsters can engage in cannibalism in that small plot of land for all I care. Because in the end, that Demon King-sama can’t be at dispute with the humans』

It was supposed to end after just that one time. It was supposed to be done after I dirtied my hands only that one time. That’s what I thought.
The still immature me, who didn’t understand that once you were stained by such filth, it could no longer be removed.

『Can you exchange it with the contract if you were to sell them at this price?Isn’t it fine? You can sell the monsters again』

『You don’t want that plot of land to be taken away, do you? The monsters’ place to live will end up gone once again』

『I tricked you? How scandalous. You’re the one who betrayed Demon King, aren’t you?』

 ――In such world, one would be happier if they were to live as a monster.

I always ended up thinking something like that. It was such a human thing.

「Are you awake now?Keith-sama」

Keith, who was  absent-minded after just waking up, realized that there was someone sitting by the side of his bed while looking down on his lying figure. Since the morning light shone through the gap of the curtain behind that someone’s back, he couldn’t see her face properly. But, he remembered that elegant voice that sounded like a bell and that ash blonde hair in the light of the day.

The problem was this is my room, why is she… is it for that kind of thing?

「……Irene-sama. You shouldn’t do night crawling (1), and even more a morning crawl――」

When he tried to rise half of his upper body right away, an edged tool shone on his neck. When Keith promptly shifted his gaze, Beelzebub, whose presence was concealed was crouching by his bedside.

「Beelzebub. This is the fifth layer, you know? Why are you outside of the barrier?」(Keith)

「I am currently Irene’s loyal dog」(Beelzebub)

「You’ve become less than a knight, is that okay with you?」(Keith)

「I was told that it’s for Claude-sama’s sake」(Beelzebub)

At that reply, self-deprecation rose at his inmost heart.

(I wonder if the matter about the embezzlement has been exposed? Well, there were things that i quietly overlooked, so it can’t be helped if they have distrust upon me)

Moreover, it was something that he took the initiative of doing. Irene was smart. Her intuition was excellent, and she also had guts. Whatever it was that she had cajoled, she was able to coax even Beelzebub into doing it.

However, what, how much, and to what extent was she able to find out? She shouldn’t be able to get a hold of that much evidence.

「Hey, Keith-sama. You’re doing something bad, aren’t you? And you keep it hidden from Claude-sama」(Irene)

While maintaining his silence, Keith kept on smiling. Irene who was a fellow human curved her lips and smiled at him.

「Can you include me into that circle of friends of yours as well?」(Irene)

Keith knitted his eyebrows at her unexpected proposal. And at the same time, she dangled a document in front of him.

Startled, Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. He seemed to forget about the sword that was on his neck when he tried to jump on his feet, but Irene swiftly lifted up the paper.

「H, h-h-how on earth did you get that!?」(Keith)

「Fufufu, Keith-sama. Your only weakness is you don’t have an ally from the human side。――Let me tell you something good. You’re intelligent, so you should be able to understand, right? Perhaps before long, the Maiden of the Holy Sword will awaken. Lilia-sama that is」(Irene)

Just as he was about to question how she knew of such thing, immediately a development of what’s going to happen next came into his mind.

「……If there’s a Holy Sword, then even the Demon King is no match for it. Claude-sama’s life will be targeted. But, the Holy Sword can only hurt the monsters――it will not be effective as long as Claude-sama is a human. If Claude-sama were to transform into a dragon, something must’ve triggered it……?Ah, having said that, is that why you coaxed Beelzebub-san into something like this?」(Keith)

「Spot on。As expected。In the abandoned castle, who else other than you who can understand the human’s nature so well?」(Irene)

「That is because I am a high ranking official after all。……However、is this truly a what-if conversation about the awakening of the Maiden of the Holy Sword?」(Keith)

「You have no choice but to believe it as that。In addition to that, here’s a question for you. According to the legend, the Demon King――Claude-sama, when he can’t hold down his negative human emotions such as anger and hatred, he will truly become a monster by transforming into his monster form that is a dragon. Then, what do you think humans would do?」(Irene)

「……Things such as selling the monsters?If the monsters were to be inflicted with pain, that person will come to detest humans」(Keith)
He purposely asked a leading question. After Irene stared at him in wonder, she let out a burst of small laughter.

「You have such a brilliant mind. You used it this well in the game and ended up dead

「Huh? Game?」

「Nothing. Don’t worry about it。Your answer is half correct and half wrong。The correct answer is to let your betrayal be known and get killed for it. If they do that, Claude-sama will surely feel despair over humans. The only human he ever trusts betrayed him, and he ends up killing that person himself. So, it’s a natural course of action」(Irene)

When Irene pointed that out, his eyes widened. That’s right. Basically, more than the protected monsters inside the barrier, Keith himself is an extremely easy target and can be easily used.

「I told you just now。Your only weakness is you don’t have an ally from the human side」(Irene)
Standing up from the couch, Irene Lauren D’Autriche turned her face towards him.

「That’s why… will you be my ally?」(Irene)

As she said that, she smiled at the traitor.

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  1. Night crawling

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  1. … Wait, did I get this right?
    Keith sold/sells monsters in order do get more land for the monsters (to feed them?), but also gets blackmailed into selling more monsters as “hush money”.
    However, by doing this he also became the trigger that can turn Claude into a dragon should the demon king find out, because he completly betrayed the trust Claude placed onto him (and through him into all of humanity).
    If so, I am looking forward to read how Irene is going to fix that, save any surviving monsters and keep Claude’s reaction to everything mild.

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  2. … because of the night crawling statement, my mind went places…

    ~sensei ❤ .. ~moooore pleaseee… ~ dont leave us hanging

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  3. Why is it that, in these kind of stories, disregarding the evil human nobles part, human nobles are so incredibly short-sighted and stupid? Is it an inbred thing?

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. Actually isn’t it the opposite? They basically set Keith up in a fairly secure manner so that if the holy sword appeared they’d be able to “activate” his situation and trigger monster mode, enabling them to get rid of the demon king. Without Claude then the monsters could be freely subjugated or removed, so in a way they were looking ahead, both installing a weakness and also profiting off the sold land with a sleeper agent. And if the holy sword never appeared they’re still earning profit off Keith’s actions. While a little messy, the fact that it actually worked in the game’s timeline speaks for how effectively they planned ahead.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s a pretty well thought out and tight plan on their part.

        Good thing for Claud and co Irine is the perfect counter to all their scheming. Her family is second to the crown in power so she can exert pressure on the other side. She’s also a walking escape tunnel. Monsters can slip out through her shadow so fleeing monsters don’t cause a panic and get attacked.

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  4. In general it’s a pretty good plan on Cedric’s side. Even without Irine’s win at the party his new girl is a bottom class adopted noble. She’s got little power backing her and most of Cedric’s strength came from Irine backing him. It’d be hard to get together without a big power play. For those aristocrats lineage and money mean everything so taking Irine out of the engagement only clears the spot for the nest girl in line. Forcing a situation where the demon king transforms so they can defeat him and be heroes would wash all their troubles away. No one would even question it. The demon king is evil, monsters are evil, and the sword maiden is good. Those are irrefutable facts in legend. The disagreeing party gets eradicated so no one argues it.

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  5. Aw, poor naive Keith, no matter how smart he is, everyone has their weak spot, right? Luckily Irene came to the rescue before everything went downhill.
    Also, does it make me a bad person if I think that Lilia is way too stupid for something like holy sword? She will loose or break it, can totally see that >__>

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    1. no no no that thing isn’t stupid …probably , i have a hunch that she’s just a yandere or ..just pure creepiness manifested (llФwФ`) ..sorry she reaaaally creeped me out when i saw her in the manga so my opinion of her is kinda biased ..but i wont change it anytime soon ..hopefully i’ll hate her to the end ↑_(ΦwΦ;)Ψ

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  6. I think everyone here took Keith’s betrayal as bad as me…
    but he did it for Claude, i think….?


  7. wow i was right buuu i wanted it to not be Keith still at least he seems sincere about caring for Claude in the end he betrayed Claude to help him yet the stupid greedy hateful noble cornered him poor Keith (︶︹︺) i wonder what will Irene do about this ? (◕︿◕✿) still ….she really managed to control Beelzebub and train him huh (─‿─)

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    1. thank you for the chapter (◕ω◕✿) here’s some notes ʕ·ᴥ·ʔノ✿
      -I think as someone (whose) the Demon King>>who
      -who was (being absentminded) after just waking>>was absent-minded
      -and to what extent (did she) able to find out?>>was she


  8. Hmm… so Keith isn’t living with Claude? He lives outside the castle?
    If not, then Claude would’ve heard everything right?


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