ARNRBKM – Chapter 34

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Novel Raw: 34 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

「I need money」

Declared Irene in the completed conference room of the abandoned castle while crossing both of her arms. There were different reactions coming from the usual people who were sitting around the long table.

First of all, while resting his chin on his hand, Isaac made a seemingly dubious face.

「Money? You’ve completed Duke D’Austriche’s request, haven’t you? And, to think they found out about the hot topic Oberon Company, as expected from the D’Autriche Duke’s House’s information network. And, his daughter is an acquaintance of the Demon King, hats off to him」(Isaac)

「Are you going to start a new business? The design for the cosmetics case of the first limited edition for buyers who wanted to buy them all at once is done」(Donny)

While the design was passed around to everyone, Donny spoke. Because he looked over it at a glance, Luc raised up his hand.

「If it’s the chemical, that is the improved herb vinegar from the other day that functions as a pesticide for the crops, it’s ready」(Luc)

「……。But, both have insufficient materials 。So, currently, it’s impossible to do a mass production」(Quartz)

Quartz said, without dropping his gaze from the design; both of his arms were crossed, and he was still casting down his eyes. Irene shifted her focus on the only person who didn’t have a seat around the table and had his back leaned on the wall.


「……。Yeah, yeah。As long as you’re okay with it」(Jasper)

「I don’t mind。I don’t have time, after all」(Irene)

Jasper handed over the documents onto Irene’s hands.

Irene slid the handwritten draft on the table to pass them to the number of people around the table.

「Please copy the data 。After confirming respective draft, please dispose of it by tossing it into this fireplace」


Donny raised up his voice when he looked at the document, then he hurriedly closed his mouth. After staring at the document in wonder, Luc covered his mouth with his hand, then rolled up the document. With a complicated look on his face, Quartz carefully read through the draft written by Irene.

Isaac who had been the first person who finished scanning over the document of Irene’s draft turned towards Irene with a stern look in his eyes.

「Are we really going to do this? It’s barely in accordance with the peace treaty. One wrong step and we’re the ones who are going to suffer a heavy loss」(Isaac)

「Protecting the monsters will be profitable for the Oberon Company 。Besides, we have a trump card」(Irene)

「A trump card?」(Isaac)

「Hey, it’s Keith, the trump card!She has grasped my weakness, so I’ve come to be an allyー!」(Keith)

At the sound of the desperately cheerful voice, the conference room’s door was opened.

Startled, Isaac and the others took a sidelong glance while Keith stood beside Irene.

「To say that I’ve grasped your weakness…I’ve prepared a proper compensation, haven’t I ?」(Irene)

「Uwaa, how shameless 。This is why I don’t like influential people!Come, all of Irene-sama’s manservants, let’s quickly leak out some informationー」(Keith)


「Don’t worry, right now I’m also your fellow manservant!When Irene-sama coaxed our Demon King while being cute and said『Can you lend me Keith-sama?』and had his permission… That Demon King of ours, I’ll get him for this! Even though he himself doesn’t even know where the tea is placed!There’s no way that Beelzebub-san knows how to brew tea!」(Keith)

「Is this fellow okay?」(Isaac)

Isaac asked while pointing his thumb at Keith. Irene nodded.

「You’re better than me in trickery, aren’t you? Anyhow, Claude-sama is…」(Irene)

「Alright, let’s stop talking about that sort of thing inside the barrier, okay? Since it will definitely be heard by that Demon King! ――So, how are you going to save me? Her Majesty the Queen Irene」(Keith)

Keith who had in an instant quelled down his desperate cheerfulness completely, put his hand on his chest and asked her. Irene smiled sweetly at him.

「I’m only going to rescue you from a false charge」

「A false charge, I see。――Well, fine。Because I’m the Demon King’s left-hand man, after all」

With an exaggerated sigh, Keith lifted up the rim of his glasses.

Irene looked around at everyone.

「All of you will come along with me, right? I have faith in all of you。I need your strength」

Everyone raised their faces and breathed a sigh.

Irene considered those movements as their consent, then she placed both of her hands on the table.

「Isaac, if there’s a defect in the plan, please modify it as you see fit。Jasper, you’ll do intel gathering with Keith-sama to confirm the reliability of the evidence。New information must constantly be shared。Donny, Luc, Quartz, start working」

As per Irene’s instruction, Isaac was the first to burn the blueprint by tossing it into the fireplace. Next were Donny and Luc, and then Quartz who looked over the document for the last time, and then burned his copy together with the other drafts.

「We don’t have a week. So, we’re going to start working promptly」

「Irene!Enemy attack!Enemy attack!Those people have come again!」

Flying out from Irene’s shadow, Almond turned to face Irene.

Isaac and the others who were facing the fireplace were frowning respectively.

「Enemy attack?For one thing or another, the matter about the kidnapping of the other day has been settled, right?」

「Wrong!Claude-sama is angry!」

「――Lilia-sama has come, hasn’t she?」

Almond yell「correct!」in the midst of everyone who was being startled by the news.

Behind Irene who was laughing daringly, inside the fireplace, the words『monsters trafficking business』was burned and soon vanished from sight.

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  2. wow Irene is really daring and i love it but is this plan gonna be okay ? im worried ミ●﹏☉ミlol keith really dosen’t trust Beelzebub’s housekeeping skill does he ? but who knows maybe Irene included brewing tea in his training so he should ..tru-beliv-e-expect a few things out of him….(;一ω一||)

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    1. yaay double chappe ⊂◉‿◉つ乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏthank you for da chaps here’s some notes ω・)و ̑̑༉🐣
      – the first person (finished) scanning over the document >>who finished
      -One wrong step and we’re the (one who’s) going to suffer>>one’s who are
      -the conference room’s door (was being opened)>>was opened
      -This is why I don’t like influential (person)!>>people(he’s talking in general so it’s plural)
      -and(have) his permission… That Demon King of ours>>had
      -and then burned his copy together with (others’) drafts>>the other


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