ARNRBKM – Chapter 37

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 37 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

Looking at Claude and Keith’s situation, something tells Irene that she was able to avoid the crux of the matter related to the Demon King awakening that is『Claude falls into despair』. However, since the ship had sailed and now that they had discovered Lilia was the Maiden of Holy Sword, the day when those people took advantage of Claude’s weakness would certainly come.

If that’s the case, she must quickly eliminate the core of the problem.

「It’s already about time they make an appearance. Also, during every transaction, those people will employ strong people for a countermeasure when a rough situation arises like when the monsters act violently. So, please stay with Beelzebub-san. Because if something happens to you, Claude-sama will fall into despair!」(Keith)

「Shouldn’t it be Keith-sama instead of me? I mean,  I’m not going to be the one standing at the front line and die after being hit by stray arrows」(Irene)

「AhーThis one really doesn’t understand anything。Isaac-sama and the others sure are having it roughー……」(Keith)

While she was earnestly lectured by Keith about staying by Beelzebub no matter what, the rest had been sent away to the academy rooftop to overlook the scene of the crime.  

The full moon was brightly lit at this late of night. Once again, Irene was at the place where she thought she would never set her foot in ever again: the academy’s dormitory near the Holy Knight’s Order. The scenery was no doubt the event’s background CG that someone had diligently worked on for the event’s sake.

The location was certainly convenient for them since currently, there were no students in the academy. Those students left as soon as they graduated, so in an unforeseen circumstance in which the monsters would go wild, they could leave it to the Holy Knights’ Order.

「……Oi, girl. Will it be alright? With Keith that is」(Beelzebub)

「What do you mean by alright?Do you have something you’re worried about?」(Irene)

「That guy……he’s selling monsters, isn’t he?……」

While fixing his eyes on the rooftop floor, Beelzebub voiced out his question. Because you’ll hurt Claude’s feelings, don’t ever say something unnecessary. After being reprimanded like that, Beelzebub turned completely taciturn these days.

「Didn’t Keith explain his reasons for doing so in the beginning?」(Irene)

「I know!I understand, but if My Lord wants a plot of land, I can just snatch it away!」(Beelzebub)

「If you do something like that, a conflict will arise, right?」(Irene)

「So what?!We will not be defeated by the likes of humans!」(Beelzebub)

「I’m a human」(Irene)

Beelzebub lifted his face as if he wanted to snap at Irene, but he decided to look down again. Perhaps, this matter had hurt their feelings more than Claude’s. Because they were monsters, being betrayed by their friend was just sad and painful for them.

「Keith-sama is a human。……so is Claude-sama . He’s the Demon King, but he is still a human」(Irene)

「……I don’t understand。Why?」(Beelzebub)

「It’s okay if you don’t understand。It’s also okay if you don’t forgive him。……Keith-sama doesn’t expect to be forgiven too, does he?」(Irene)

On the ground that could be seen from the school building’s rooftop, Keith was standing alone in front of the monsters’ cage made by Donny. She wondered, what did he feel right now?

「……I heard that every time Keith-sama chose a monster to sell, he would be foolishly honest and explained the situation to them」(Irene)


「And then, it seems like the monsters who were capable of speaking in human’s language would always answer『if it’s for the sake of Demon King and everyone else, I’ll go』. Even the monsters that weren’t capable of speaking our language would follow Keith-sama without an ounce of resistance」(Irene)

Each time, I would say I am a human after all. That’s what I reminded myself.

As he said that, Keith was laughing feebly.

「……That……that’s a given。Even I, will say something like that……」(Beelzebub)

「Certainly。That’s why――we’re going to take them back」(Irene)


Surprised, Beelzebub blinked his eyes.

「It appears that the trading partner will never change. Every time a transaction takes place, that person will bring a ledger to record what and how much the monster was bought for. Moreover, the locations of where the monsters were sold to should also be written on that ledger」(Irene)

And then, there was also information on the people involved in the monsters trafficking business that can be used as evidence.

Although she said something like that to Lilia-sama, in reality even if monsters trafficking wasn’t a crime, it was an extremely delicate problem. If it manages to rouse the Demon King’s anger, the Emperor who made a peace treaty with the Demon King should watch out for the unnecessary trouble that’s bound to happen.

「Of course、there are also children that have been killed。But, if they are still alive, there’s a possibility that we can buy them back。Keith-sama is not stupid either。Because it seems like the monsters were put in a place that can be put under pressure after they were sold, so he can probably trace the monsters using that kind of approach 。However, because of that, he couldn’t escape from embezzling the wages and budgets」

But, thanks to the third party namely Jasper, they were able to recover the money, but they couldn’t hand over the embezzler.

「It was bothersome for sure, but Keith-sama was able to see through it to the last minute。He’s truly an excellent attendant。Enough to make me want him to be my attendant instead。As expected from the Demon King’s left-hand man。You think so too, don’t you?」(Irene)

When Irene sweetly smiled at him, Beelzebub responded in a sullen manner.

「That、well……yeah, but」(Beelzebub)

「The monsters that ended up being sold were bought back successfully though only a small number of them. Moreover, Keith-sama is needed to protect new monsters that will certainly come. Am I right?」(Irene)

「――I don’t like it!」(Beelzebub)

Roaring that, Beelzebub sat down heavily on the floor and started grumbling to himself.

「Will it be no good if we solve it by using force? Why? It’s better if I can just burn it all!」(Beelzebub)

「If you do so, the monsters in other places will end up being attacked. Because there’s an official stance that the Demon King is controlling the monsters from attacking humans, it caused an existing circumstance in which it’s hard to start a fight with monsters」(Irene)

「I’ll reduce that to ash as well!The job will be done in an instant if it just the likes of human’s town !」

「Then for example, what if that’s where Donny’s house is located?」

Maybe because he was translating for Donny, he was on good terms with Donny. The sword hanging on his waist was something that Donny had designed and made for him. Maybe because of that, an immediate reply came from him.

「I won’t burn it。I can still adjust my power to that degree」(Beelzebub)

「Then, what about Donny’s friends that you don’t know?」(Irene)


He made a complicated face then sank into silence. While smiling bitterly, Irene reached out her hand to Beelzebub’s head to pat his head as gently as she could.

「……What are you doing?」

「I think it’s admirable of you since it seems like you’ve been thinking hard about this。――It will be better if you learn many things in that manner. Surely, you can be helpful to both Claude-sama and Keith-sama. Let’s be honest. You can’t help but feel worthless when Keith-sama was fighting all by himself, right?」

Beelzebub became completely at loss. There, there…Irene continued to pat his head.

「――How long are you going to pat my head?」(Beelzebub)

「Until you feel better」(Irene)

「Then, that’s enough! ――they’re here」(Beelzebub)

She exchanged glances with Beelzebub whose sense of hearing and eyesight surpassed that of hers. Then, they looked at the ground in a hurry. Indeed, there was a suspicious group of people from a distance who were getting closer to Keith.

The location and just about everything was similar to the event; the trafficking business has begun.

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