ARNRBKM – Chapter 39

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody


Novel Raw: 39 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

The shining sword that could annihilate the Demon King with one blow was the legendary Holy Sword that was being passed down in the Elmeier Kingdom through the legend. That sword was said to have emerged from a Maiden’s body who had repelled the monsters then founded the Empire afterward. It could change its shapes according to its owner’s will, for instance, a gigantic sword that could pierce the sky and burned the monsters by using those light particles.

However, in the lengthy history of the Elmeier Kingdom, the only woman who possessed the sword was only that Maiden alone.

Someday, when a maiden who possessed the Holy Sword is born, she’ll be connected to the Royalties and the Dukes’ families by blood; but in the end, the setting has been arranged for Lilia to be the『Maiden’s reincarnation』and to possess the Holy Sword.

For the sake of repelling the monsters and protecting humans, the Maiden will wield her sword in order for this world’s peace to come.

「We want you to come along with us、Irene-sama」(Lilia)

「……In midnight? If you want me to visit, it’s better if we do it during the day instead」(Irene)

「Run away、Irene」(Beelzebub)

Already fallen on his knees, Beelzebub told Irene to escape with a hoarse voice while repeatedly taking shallow breaths. In order to protect him, Irene replied with a small voice while holding Beelzebub closely.

「You’re the one who needs to run away、Beelzebub。You need to quickly let Claude-sama look at those injuries――!!」

「Let’s not make any unnecessary conversation here」(Max the asshole)

Max grabbed Irene by her neck and pulled her away from Beelzebub. Beelzebub raised his face.


「I’m fine, just run away quickly! I’ll do something on my own……You can’t!Stop it!」

When Irene saw Lilia pointing the Holy Sword towards Beelzebub, she wanted to grab that hand. But, she was immediately restrained by Max who had constricted her neck with his arm from behind. Still, she raised her voice to avert Lilia’s attention.

「It is with me that all of you have some business with, right?!Moreover, if you kill a monster, you’ll be violating the peace treaty。Do you intend to provoke the Emperor’s wrath?」

Lilia’s eyebrows twitched. Because she still had that smile on her, her behavior was eerier than ever.

(Did something happen?With the Emperor that is。……If this is an event in the first place, their target should be Keith-sama, and yet)

Irene didn’t know. Only, this was a development that wasn’t in the game.

「It’ll be alright。Because we won’t do something awful to Irene-sama, after all」(Lilia)

「But I feel like all of you have done plenty of offensive things already, though」(Irene)

「The one who slighted you is me。But、I can’t help it。Because Cedric-sama is troubled……」(Lilia)

Cedric embraced Lilia’s shoulders as if to console Lilia who looked weary with her lowered eyelashes. And then, he looked at Irene who was restricted by Max and showed her a strangely affectionate smile.

「Rejoice. Tonight, I’ll make you my second princess consort」(Cedric)

「……Huh?What are you――!」

「Wait!Let Irene go……!」

Beelzebub stood up using the weapon he received from Donny as a cane. Lilia frowned as if she was troubled.

「Umm, I’m not really planning to attack you or anything, though……」(Lilia)

「That woman is an important woman」(Beelzebub)

Beelzebub pierced Irene with an honest look.

「Our King’s important woman……!」

「Please don’t be that desperate because you’re simply no match for the Holy Sword。I mean, valuing something despite being a monster is…」(Lilia)

A dry sound reverberated in the scene. Irene had slapped Lilia’s cheek with her palm.

Max’s expression changed, and he hurriedly distanced himself from Lilia while still restraining Irene.

「Irene、what kind of behavior is that?!」(Max)

「Beelzebub, go back to where Claude-sama is。――I」

While Lilia was frowning and putting her hand on her cheek after being dumbfounded due to the slap, Irene declared.

「I won’t be defeated by this woman who had insulted you――」(Irene)


As a result from the sudden strong impact hitting the side of her head, Irene felt that the world was spinning. Soon, she sank into the darkness.

「――Be careful of Irene’s shadow。Well, it’s unlikely for the monsters to approach us with the Holy Sword by our side……」

Cedric’s voice faded. The last thing she saw after her vision was blurred was Beelzebub’s terror countenance.

But, it’ll be alright. He will come up with the best course of action. That’s what she believed.


Every time he moved his wings, intense pain ran all over his body. It seems like his strength was thoroughly being snatched away by his wounds.

Still, he desperately searched for his surrounding in the dark. According to the strategy, he should already be close to the people who would be cleaning the mess afterward.  

Faster, faster. With his speed, it would take some time for him to reach the forest. Because before that happens, he might’ve already used up all of his strength… That’s why…

(――There’s a human!)

「Beelzebub-san!? These injuries……!」(Donny)

「Don、ny……I am、fine。Irene is…」(Beelzebub)

「Luc-san!Please come over here、Beelzebub-san is!」(Donny)

「Don’t mind that, just listen to me」(Beelzebub)

Beelzebub grabbed on Donny’s arms with a force. While supporting himself using his small stature, Beelzebub looked at Donny with desperate eyes.

「Irene was、taken away。By the gang of three。They were there on that evening party……」(Beelzebub)

「Three people……Lilia-sama, Cedric-sama, and Max-sama?」(Donny)

「That’s right、it was, that kind of、names……Quickly……」(Beelzebub)

「Donny, what’s the mat――These injuries were from being burned……!?A, anyway, I’ll do a first-aid treatment, Quartz, mix this medicine with water!」(Luc)

Maybe because some kind of medicine was being applied to him, in an instant, an intense pain ran through him and brought back his awareness. As he was being chilled, the pain started to ebb to some degree.

「Oーi、We’ve successfully deceived those Holy Knightsー……Eh, what happened?!」(Jasper)

「Jasper-san, I’m glad you’re here。Where is Isaac-san? Beelzebub-san said that Irene-sama had been kidnapped by Cedric-sama and the others!」(Donny)

「Huuuh!? Why did they do such a thing?」(Jasper)

「……He said, second princess consort……」

While repeatedly taking rough breaths, that was all Beelzebub was capable of squeezing out. He didn’t know any more than that. However, the beret guy put his hand on his mouth and found an answer to that.

「Holy crap, don’t tell me that it’s true? There’s a talk about how some people are concerned about Lilia-sama’s disposition as an Empress. If the Crown Prince can at least get Irene Ojou-sama to be his second princess consort ……」(Jasper)

「Huh?So, why did he kidnap her?Is he stupid?He will be better off doing a fair and square marriage proposal and suffer a praiseworthy honorable defeat――Beelzebub-san 。This will sting a little. Donny, let him drink some water」(Luc)

「Prime Minister D’Autriche is strongly opposed to it。Because the nobles saw her dancing with the Demon King during that evening party, there’s a talk coming out from amongst the nobles saying it would be preferable if Claude-sama was to be restored as the Crown Prince……Ahーanyway, I’ll explain the situation to Isaac, then he’ll be able to grasp the situation and formulate a plan as well」(Jasper)

「We’ll leave it to you!」(Donny)

「I’m, sorry」(Beelzebub)

It might be due to the sense of relief he felt from listening to the conversation: unexpected words spilled forth from his mouth.

「I、ran away」


「It’s not like I, was afraid of the Holy Sword。If I could save her, I don’t mind even if I were to be killed by the Holy Sword。But, I thought, I can’t save her, on my own」(Beelzebub)

「――And that is the right course of action」(Isaac)

Because of the drips of water overflowing from his eyes, he couldn’t really see the  human who said that.

「You did well. As expected from the Demon king’s right-hand man。He didn’t even falter from the Holy Sword」(Isaac)


「You guys’ voices were too loud, I can hear everything, you know? Ossan, go to the Demon King-sama and report this to him。And currently, don’t inform this situation to that assassin-like attendant. Things will get messy if you do so。――Well, in any case, the Demon King-sama will go and rescue her, right? If that’s the case, my job is to prepare to clean up the mess afterwards」(Isaac)

So, as if the human was being cheeky, he put his hand on Beelzebub’s eyes.

「Just go to sleep。It’s alright。When you wake up later、Irene will once again pressure the Demon King-sama to marry her」(Isaac)

I see, then it’s fine.

Because if Irene is there next to the king, I can be there as well.

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  1. I’m so relived that they let Beelz go!
    Lilia and Cerdic went full time batshit crazy though. Making Irene something like.. that?! Poor girl could lose here, it’s not about wits but raw physical power.
    Claude, do something!

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  2. g-g-sop sop (ಥ﹏ಥ) translator san you aren’t the only one im still crying tfcutrsxreytfcvgbuhi;vcxrzzxcvykubhlijnhvgcfrdxescf ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ i though he would die so glad he kinda survived waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(TдT)sop-sop-sop-sop༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ REVENGE MUST AVENGE AND KILLL (`㊥益㊥)Ψ BUT FIRST IRENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (ノ;;)ノ~┻━┻ shiksho that thing is the worst i HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HER SO MUCH RIGHT NOW THAT I WISH SHE DIES A HUNDERED THOUSAND TIME (╯=▃=)╯︵┻━┻ AND TAKE THE TWO STOOGES OF HERS WITH HER (`ε´)


    1. sop-sop TAT thank you for the chap here’s some notes sorry if i missed something TAT;/
      – Holy Sword (that being) passed down>>that was being
      -repelling the monsters and protecting (human)>>humans
      – for (world’s) peace to come>>this world’s
      -her behavior was (eerie) than ever>> more eerie
      -he couldn’t really see the (figure of human) who said that>>human figure(sop..TAT ma poor baby )


  3. Ewww… Making Irine become the second princess consort??! Is Cedric out of his mind?? Claude!! Please save Irine from this disgusting man!

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    Thanks for all the hard work translating by the way



  5. I can’t believe Lillia is actually helping Cedric get a second wife. Shouldn’t someone like her be throwing every tantrum possible to stop him from doing that?

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    1. I’m more surprised by Max. He supposedly had some sense of justice. Somewhat misguided, but still. But here? No matter how stupid he was and how easy to manipulate “let’s kidnap her and force to marry a guy she hates” doesn’t sound like something that good guys do. Even if she was wicked enough to deserve death.


  6. Yeah I don’t get Max anymore, IIRC he was supposed to be a staunch believer of justice, and wished to be a hero of justice. However at this point it”s obviously criminal activity, up to this point it could be explained away (not logically but through enough loopholes that some could claim it was lawful). Kidnapping, assault and planned rape from the sounds of it, can no longer be justified in any way shape or form.


  7. Wouldn’t this be a game over for the prince if Irene’s father found out that he and the holy maiden attack a monster and then kidnapped Irene I can only see that as a dead end when the king/emporor finds out


  8. And then Irene was raped and so maou-sama destroyed the kingdom.

    Irene felt dirty and committed suicide and Claude followed soon after.

    The end.


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