ARNRBKM – Reversal of the Villainess

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Reversal of the Villainess

Novel Raw: 悪役令嬢の逆転 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

The black-haired Demon King flew down in front of the white altar that was surrounded by pillars.

The Maiden of Holy Sword had once raised the Holy Sword and declared the founding of this Kingdom on this place.

And then, this was also the place where he had once abdicated his succession right to the throne.

「――Claude・Jeanne・Elmeier。We appoint you as the Crown Prince of this Kingdom」

The Emperor’s deputy, Prime Minister Rudolph・Lauren・D’Autriche, declared after confirming the document signed in front of the altar.



With an elegant step, Irene stepped forward to the center. Claude slightly turned his head towards Irene.

「As the Crown Princess’ candidate, accept your engagement with Crown Prince Claude」(Rudolph)

「I will humbly accept it」(Irene)

She bent her knees and answered with a perfect curtsy. Then, they were given a booming blessing’s applause and flower petals were scattered for them. Naturally, their thoughts were different from their action. This was the human’s world, after all.

For this reason, what Irene needed to do was to stand closer by Claude’s side; as she advanced through the dancing flower petals, she discovered Cedric and the other’s presence by the sidewalk.

Irene elegantly smiled at them without reservation.

「Oh my, Second Prince Cedric。Have you come here to congratulate us?」(Irene)

Although there was no response from Cedric who had just become the Second Prince, his face was clearly hardened. Standing beside him was Lilia, who was unable to raise her face while Max who had been accompanying them, was pretty much shrouded with killing intent while glaring at Irene. Those were certainly not celebratory expressions. They’d rather be absent from this joyous occasion, it seems.

However, they had to nonchalantly attend this investiture ceremony of Crown Prince Claude who had regained his right to the throne. That was the condition she had imposed on them for her to pretend that nothing had happened after all.

「Claude-sama has been staying away from the government affairs for a long time now。Please give him your support as his retainer。Because as someone who will become the Empress in the future, I will be doing my best as well」(Irene)

And as Irene had expected, there was no response from Cedric。He looked like a dejected loser。Giggling, Irene expressed her victorious smile。


Perhaps he was getting impatient waiting for her to come to him, so Claude had approached her first. Claude pulled Irene’s waist towards him, causing his fiancée to fall onto his chest.

「What are you doing? Let’s go back」(Claude)


「I’m worried about the monsters。Besides, I have no intention of becoming a spectacle」(Claude)

Their feet lightly floated in the air. Everyone in their surrounding stirred when the main characters of this ceremony were floating in the air. But, Irene gracefully smiled without caring about their reactions and wrapped her hands around Claude’s neck, who was holding her sideways.

Although it was amazing to be in a carriage that could run through the night sky, to float in the sky while looking down on people was good as well.

「Then, farewell everyone」(Irene)

With a zap, Irene and Claude’s figure vanished from the spot.

Later, Rudolph would tell her about how amusing it was when Cedric was making a fervent speech about how unthinkable it was for the Demon King to become the Crown Prince with Lilia narrating the whole story on how she lost the Holy Sword while crying, and how Max very miserably had defended those two.


「So, in other words~ from now onwards, we can slowly smash those three idiots。Leave it to me. I’ll turn them into the world’s laughing stock」(Isaac)

「……There is no mercy on Isaac-san’s schemes, isn’t there?」

Luc expressed his usual calm smile at Donny who was secretly whispering his comment to Luc.

「Haha。It’s what we’ve been putting in together, so it’s a matter of course, isn’t it?」(Luc)

「……。Cedric’s rank as the Crown Prince has been taken away, and the Saint had also lost her position. That’s pretty much a laughing stock material in my opinion」

「I thought so as well, but there’s no way we can leave them in peace, don’t you think? Here, take a look at this article。The forbidden first prince revered by the demons versus the human but incompetent second prince, who will be ascending the throne? The start of a power struggle

「All of you、why are you guys idling around?」(Irene)

Irene who had just entered the conference room stood with an imposing stance before the six people who were slacking off around the table.

「Please do your job quickly。We have yet to return the purchase fund we borrowed from my Father to buy a plot of land。I’ve had enough of making debt for myself。Isaac, what’s going on with our sales?」(Irene)

「The sales are doubling now that we have cosmetics case sold together。But、I guess it’s still too early to think about getting a store」(Isaac)

「Donny、what’s the progress on the castle’s reconstruction?」(Irene)

「We’re almost done with it!Since Beelzebub-san’s injuries has been healed, he often assists us with the construction」(Donny)


No sooner than that, the door of the conference room was opened with a loud bang; speak of the devil and he doth appear.

「You, are you still working? You promised to read me this book, didn’t you?」(Beelzebub)

「Please wait for a little while。If you have time, how about you read the book that I had read for you the other day to other monsters?It can be a revision for you」(Irene)

These days, Beelzebub had been diligently trying to learn humans’ letters. Upon Irene’s suggestion, Beelzebub obediently nodded his head in consent and reminded Irene of her promise before leaving. After making sure that Beelzebub had left the room, Isaac asked.

「……Hey、Donny。Since, when did the monster, started calling Irene by her name?」

「Eh?Even if you ask me that……well, I wonder when……」(Donny)

「How is he, Irene-sama? Does he learn fast?」

「Almond is faster in remembering the letters」(Irene)

When Irene answered with a serious look on her face, everyone made a strange face.

Clearing his throat with a cough, Jasper swiftly changed the topic.

「I haven’t seen his figure these days, but what happened to that attendant-san?Don’t tell me he quit」

「If it’s Keith-sama you’re talking about、he’s buying back the monsters in a tremendous momentum……He even turned in a wicked proposal without batting an eyelid to Claude-sama; he’s already uncontrollable」(Irene)

「He’s conducting himself amazingly。I heard that this time, it was thanks to his arrangement that a school will be built in the fifth layer」(Luc)

Luc’s news was novel to Irene. Quartz continued.

「……It’s a form of investment by the Demon King 」(Quartz)

「……Hold on a second, don’t tell me that the fund for that school came from us!? Isaac!」(Irene)

「From now onwards, philanthropic work is indispensable for the business. It will be alright, things will go smoothly」(Isaac)

「So what? That doesn’t――Almond!」(Irene)

Irene who had easily discovered the figure of a crow that sneakily went out from her shadow to scrounge for confectioneries in the conference room’s shelf was looking at Almond sharply.

「I wonder how many times do I have to tell you that snitching food is a bad manner and that you should stop doing it? Do you want to be burned by the Holy Sword?」(Irene)

「I’ll tell Demon King-sama on you!」(Almond)

「Let me tell you something, the current me can demolish Claude-sama in one blow」(Irene)

「You、that’s why they called you the Maiden of Curse Sword……」(Almond)

「Demon King-sama is a human after all, so the Holy Sword won’t work on him」

「But, isn’t he going to be demolished by sex appeal?」

Isaac’s casual reply caused Irene to bang on the table.

「That’s enough, everyone, work!I’ll be going to where Claude-sama is」(Irene)

OーKay, Irene left the conference room after listening to their slow reply.

(Good grief. I can’t afford to be prideful. Since the real battle starts from here onward)


 ――It has been a month after Claude started to awaken as the Demon King

In exchange for not investigating Cedric for kidnapping and confining Irene, they negotiated with the Emperor to restore Claude’s right to the throne. The information that Isaac and the others gathered within a short time until Irene was rescued was flawless; and rather than negotiating, perhaps it would be more correct to say that it was threatening. In actuality, the exchange was done by Rudolph, but she heard he pretty much didn’t have a hard time doing so.

Most importantly, she was actually worried that Claude would refuse it, but even that needless anxiety was over in a blink of an eye. When Claude came to visit Irene who had to stay in bed after receiving the backlash from obtaining the Holy Sword, Rudolph had said to him 「I’ll make Irene the bride of a man who will become the Emperor」; and apparently,  Claude had immediately replied「Then, I shall become the Emperor」on the spot.

By the way, when Irene listened to that conversation, she rolled around on the bed as if she was in agony.

The reception room was remodeled to an office for Claude to work in for his duty as the Crown Prince. Unexpectedly, Claude raised his eyes as Irene peered out on him.

「Wait for a while、I’ll be done soon」

Nodding, Irene obediently sat on the sofa. The quill pen in Claude’s hand rustled as it moved. When he’s finally done with his work, Claude snapped his fingers to deliver the documents to the dispatch location. How convenient.

Although Claude had once turned into a monster, in the end, nothing much had changed. He was still living as both human and the Demon King. Irene was proud of that.

Because he was able to obtain happiness as both a human and a Demon King.

「So、what is it?」(Claude)

「I’ve found a talented person. I’ve been thinking of bringing that person in, but is it okay for me to invite him here?」(Irene)

「……Are you still gathering them?……」(Claude)

「Of course。We really don’t have enough human allies。So, we need to assertively gather those good people」 (Irene)

「That’s not what I meant, though。Well, do as you please。When the necessity arises, I’ll do something about it」(Claude)

Those words that were mixed with a sigh caused Irene’s eyebrow to twitch.

「What do you mean by that?Claude-sama spoke as though I need your protection, am I wrong?」(Irene)

「What’s wrong with protecting my future wife?」(Claude)

This time, Irene stiffened while still smiling. Claude looked at her state while resting his chin on his hand.

「It’s also the wife’s duty to be loved and be protected。I’ve obtained that privilege。You don’t have enough self-awareness in that area, though」(Claude)

That was exactly right. However.

「……I see that you look like you’re having fun」(Irene)

「When I think about how annoyed you get, it’s very gratifying that I can’t stop doing it」(Claude)

He didn’t have to be honest about that. While she was gnashing her inner thoughts and grinding her teeth, Irene’s body floated softly. Although Irene had become the Maiden of Holy Sword and perhaps because it was a plundered Holy Sword, if Irene wasn’t conscious of the magic, she could be caught up in Claude’s magic like any other human being.

That was the reason she could easily fall onto Claude’s lap.

「If you don’t like it, how about I suggest you  run away?」(Claude)

「Run away? What a ridiculous sounding suggestion」(Irene)

Despite being reinstated as the Crown Prince, Claude was still the Demon King. The humans who were afraid of the monsters would certainly try to elevate Cedric. They would also spur on the matter about Lilia as the Maiden of Holy Sword.

Claude’s path to becoming the Emperor, by no means, was an easy path.

However, life was fun because she could easily trample on the difficulties with a nonchalant look on her face.

 ――And, more than anything…

「I’ve captured you, haven’t I? I will not run away」(Irene)

Life, joy, the dream of becoming the Empress, and as well as her second love.

――Elmeier Kingdom was once founded by a Maiden of Holy Sword who defeated the Demon King.

It was a story from here onward, that the Maiden of Cursed Sword who had defeated the Maiden of Holy Sword aimed to make the coexistence of humans and monsters possible in that Kingdom by helping the Demon King to ascend the throne as the Emperor.

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  1. This ending came so soon… But I liked that way, it is uncommon and light to read.
    After this, I wonder how the history books will talk about this age, since they never tell the real history xD I practically can hear then arguing about how the demon king wisely take the chance to become the Emperor when, in fact, he just got caught on that girl mess.

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  2. Wish they would have kisses or something at the very least …..

    Why do that though ? It sounds like a pain in the ass to run a whole country having to take care of scum that’s always plotting against you all the busywork, paperwork, social stuff, etc. It seems.s like they suffered a complete loss.

    They could of had money and freedom nope let’s not do that.


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