Dear readers,

How long have I been gone, again? 2 weeks? more than that…? I can’t remember. I was so very busy for the past few weeks… Helping with my cousin’s wedding preparation, making cookies for Eid Fitri (yup, we have started making them) 😋, dealing with my family dramas that can’t seem to end, long bouts of depressive episodes 😌 <– mostly just me being depressive all the time so I can’t find the motivation to translate stuff so I just can’t seem to find the time to post or replying to your comments other then approving them.

I’m truly sorry for my absence. I should have… I dunno, not being a depressive lil bitch and start working on my translation, I guess. Lol. ☺😌 *sigh*

BUT the good news is, today, I have started translating the next chapter, and hopefully, I’ll be able to update one chapter tomorrow.

I’m sure going to make a regular chapter updates starting next week if nothing unexpected comes up. Wish me luck, guys.

Thank you all for reading my translation and commenting on chapters. I appreciate you guys so much. 😘😘😘

To all of my Muslims readers, it’s fasting month and may all of you have a blessed month. Happy fasting. And to all of my Buddhists readers, Happy Wesak Day. 🤗🤗🤗





  1. uhh I’m buddhist, what the hell is wesak day???
    Also thanks for retranslating , i hope you do well, families, all the damn drama. Somebody dies and all the relatives from the ass end of universe pops up to claim inheritance.
    Can’t wait for next chapter, hope you do well.


  2. Happy fasting dear Empress!!!
    I hope everything will be fine. It’s ok to take a break once in a while. Your health and happiness are too priorities!
    Less than two weeks we’ll celebrate Eid Fitri. It’s gonna be busy time, I know very well!
    Happy Wesak Day! Another holiday, yippie!!
    P/S: If you feel depress, u can try this chant. “Ish, ish ish, Ini semua cobaannn.” Bulih bah kalau kau! 💪🏼😆


  3. Ramadan Mubarak Dear…. Glad to know that everythings fine as I was worried if something happened….. Love ur translations 😍😍😍😍 Keep up the good Work ❤❤


  4. I hope you’re doing better now! No worries about the updates! 🙂 I’ll continue to wait patiently.
    Thank you always!


  5. Mucha suerte ❤️✨
    Y gracias por seguir traduciendo, podemos esperar pero no abandones ❤️🙇


  6. Thank you for your translation.
    I was a bit worried about the break and silence, but I am glad that you are generally good.
    I look forward to the next chapters (in short, I looked at the next volume in Japanese with a translator and ohhh even one prologue is already surprising)
    Happy holiday


  7. Thank you for your translations.
    Hope you are doing well, or that you start getting well.!
    Happy holiday! Hopefully, happy things starts for you soon.


  8. Take all the time you need! Im glad youre feeling better =)

    Look out for yourself! Im sure so much translating must be a big time sink.


  9. Thanks for your blessing about fasting month! ^3^ Welcome back, dear and I hope you feel better soon!


  10. I just started reading some days ago. I’m currently by chapter 14. Thanks to your hard work I can enjoy this lovely story. Take your time and when you feel ready we hope to see the next chapter. Again, thank you!


  11. Aw don’t sweat it! We’re already thankful enough that you’re still translating! There are tons of novel/manga/webtoons out there dropped by translators coz of RL stuff, but YOU still kept thinking of translating despite of it, and I deeply respect and am grateful!

    Do take care always! I’ll be patient to wait for your next work

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  12. Thank you! Thank you! For continuing to translate the chappies! Take your time! We’ll be patiently waiting!


  13. Don’t push yourself too hard, it is important to take a breather once in a while. We are humans, after all. Many thanks for your work so far.

    Also, selamat hari raya in advance mandak!


  14. Hey no worries about the hiatus thing. Honestly life’s just like that. There’ll be rough days from time to time. These days I’ve been feeling really down and I cant tell you how many times I’ve cried these recent months, but I’ve to accept these feelings and just let things take their course. I’ve been feeling a lot better actually after doing so. I hope you’re feeling better now too and if not I hope you won’t force yourself to be ok. Thank you so much for the translations. Just take your time with the translations and I hope you’ll continue to have fun doing them.

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  15. im just glad that your alright please don’t push yourself too much i should’ve checked my mail sooner cuz NU apparently dosn’t notify if its’nt a chapter i was really worried but glad to see your okay also though it’s late Eid saaed (^ω^)

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  16. Hey, thank you for your translations – I found the story today and omg what a satisfying binge 🥰 I hope your fasting period went well (sorry I’m very ignorant about it so dont know appropriate salutations for it). Family and depressive episodes can SUCK. I’m currently working on recovering from my worse one yet. Hopefully yours aren’t too deep or long and you can thrive in your life. Empress, I shall humbly wait untill I can cast adoring worship towards your future translations 🙇 take your time 💖


  17. Guys the story doesnt end with irene’s engagement there a lot more chapters and they are much more interesting dude u gotta translate take time to recover but post something


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