ARNRBKM – Isaac Lombard (Part 1)

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Isaac Lombard (Part 1)

Novel Raw: アイザック・ロンバール || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました

The lottery was similar to fate.

「So, you’re my partner」

A number 7 was written on the white lot she presented to him. Coincidentally, Isaac too, had picked the same number 7 from the leftover lots. 

Probably a result from trying to conceal his vexed feelings, Isaac made a very awkward face. But the other party didn’t seem to mind Isaac’s awkwardness at all and instead, she immediately returned back to her seat to start doing their assignment. 

(Irene Lauren D’Autriche, is it? She’s a troublesome one)

Crown Prince Cedric Jeanne Elmeier’s fiancee. A woman who will someday become the Empress of this kingdom.  

If Isaac’s Father and other members of his family were to know about this situation, they would surely say something like ”Be her acquaintance! That’s the reason I paid this stupidly expensive school expenses just to admit you to this school for nobilities!” But Isaac didn’t feel like doing something like becoming the woman’s acquaintance. After all in Isaac’s opinion, the Imperial Family shouldn’t be as rich as they look in the first place. Isaac thought that it would be better to put more effort into doing a business trade with foreign countries than doing business with the Imperial Family, but since Isaac is the third son he had no chance in succeeding anything as both the bought court rank and the business would be succeeded by his elder brothers. As far as his role is concerned as a member of the nobility, the only thing he could do is to raise Lombard Earl House’s status by marrying into his future bride’s family to adjust their lineage somewhere. 

「The subject of our assignment is about the trade deficit of this country, and we have to think about its countermeasure. Do you have any opinion regarding this?」

He almost wanted to say, How about you re-educate that crush of yours, the Crown Prince-sama and his faction first? This was because that Cedric behind him said ”First of all, we issued a large amount of money and made it as a subsidiary aid to the people who are below a certain income, and issued…” or something the like.  

(But there’s a rumor saying that he’s excellent as a Crown Prince, though? It sure doesn’t seem like it)

「Hey, you――Isaac Lombard. Are you listening to me?」

That sonorous voice brought Isaac back to his awareness. He let out an ambiguous sound of comprehension as a perfunctory answer to her question.

「Isn’t it okay if we just look for an alchemist to produce the money to help us make up for the deficit?」(Isaac)

「First of all, it’s impossible for us to look for alchemists, but assuming that it is possible, I’m objecting it since it is similar to tax increase」

Isaac was dumbfounded after listening to her matter-of-fact answer. 

(……This lady)

The daughter of Prime Minister D’Autriche. If he isn’t mistaken, he had heard that her brothers were equally excellent. Perhaps it is all thanks to them?  

For the first time, he was carefully scrutinizing the person――Irene Lauren D’Autriche, who was sitting in front of him.  

「……Then, how about simply covering the deficit using the tax revenue?」(Isaac)

「It won’t solve the problem fundamentally. If it’s the debt for the investment, it is still――Look, the Elmeier Empire is strong in war, but it is weak when it comes to business. The trade that had been concluded with great pains is nothing but buying instead of selling」(Irene)

「……It’s all because of the custom of drinking black tea took the country by storm」(Isaac)

「That’s right. It’s painful to see that we’re unable to sell our cotton textiles just because we keep on buying the tea leaves. But this kingdom is vast. I believe there must be something in it. For example, a civilization that other countries don’t have」

「It’s too broad. It’s inadequate for a concrete proposal」(Isaac)

She was surprised after her idea was cut down with a criticizing tone. There’s a rumor saying that she has an arrogant personality. Isaac immediately thought that it would be troublesome if she was to lose her temper and tattletale to the Crown Prince.  

However, Irene only frowned which then followed by a nod from her. 

「That’s right. My brothers had told me the same thing as well」(Irene)


「Also, I haven’t completed my foreign countries’ culture studies yet. But I still think there should be something specific to this country that is acceptable outside of this country」(Irene)

「……It’s our technology」(Isaac)

Without realizing it, Isaac spoke of his true opinion.

「It is, strictly speaking, because we possessed various technologies, we are mighty in war. I don’t care even if it’s a military secret. I would’ve taken advantage of it all the same 」

「You mean by selling weapons?」

「Nope. What I meant is to make good use of the technology and the things from the commoners. For example, communication. Railroad. There are various of things, aren’t there? If these technologies were to be spread to the commoners, things such as essentials of life and a new culture will certainly emerge. If we grab the chance first before anyone else does, we can start an export business. If we manage to take a further step in our shipbuilding craft, we will be able to trade with the countries beyond the sea. 」(Isaac)

Irene widened her eyes in surprise while listening to Isaac’s explanation. 

「It sounds like a dream, isn’t it?」(Isaac)

「But it’s the country’s job to make that possible. We’re focusing on the future」(Irene)

「……You’re right」(Isaac)

Irene looked like she was deep in thought. Isaac had a sudden thought while looking at her face.

One day, the woman in front of me will become the Empress. She will be the one who will be turning this dreamlike conversation into a reality.  

And this woman is properly aware of it. 

Suddenly, his interest was piqued. 

(Is it possible that Cedric’s achievements were mostly done by this woman?)

That kind of doubt emerged while they were concluding their assignment. After a careful assessment, he immediately knew the answer. 


「You know, you should think about it a little bit more」(Isaac)

「About what?」

A certain day after the assignment was done, Isaac whom, for some reason had the opportunity to talk about many things with Irene, called out to her while she was having lunch all by herself under the shade of a tree. 

「It’s about the performance for the school festival. You selfishly changed the whole thing completely」(Isaac)

「If we stick by the original plan, we won’t be able to make it in time. Both the Emperor and the Empress will come to the school festival in incognito, you know」

「Ugh, really?……Don’t tell me they are the reason that you have to make the performance successful no matter what?」

She didn’t give her affirmation. However, she lowly mumbled to Isaac. 

「Since Cedric-sama is a kind person, there’s no way he can say something like ”this is impossible” to everyone who are doing their best for the performance. That’s why I said it instead of him. That’s all」(Irene)


「It’s fine. Cedric-sama told me that he understands my reason」

Is he really? 

(You… you’re completely being milked for all you’re worth, you know)

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