1. 😂😂 Claude demanding to be dressed his pajamas. Keith suggesting that he not be lazy and learn to strip for his “first night” with Irene. Followed by Bel thinking lazy is fine – it’s fun to be stripped 🤣 thank you for the chapter ❤️ I hope you are still doing better 🍀

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  1. そのまま真っ白になった頭で突っ伏した。

    It literally means ‘At that moment, her head that already blanking short-circuited.’

    More liberal translation would be ‘At that moment, her dazed mind gave up working on her.’

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  2. I finish reading all the translated chapter of this great series, a big thanks for the translation.
    I love the interaction between Claude and Irene ^^


  3. (✿ヘᴥヘ)been too long since i last read this fluff sigh~
    kyaa(๑♜д♜) im soo happy to the point i could fangirl (๑→ܫ←)
    RL been too busy recently so this is really uplifting (´﹃`)


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