ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 1

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: absolutenobody

Vol.2 Ch. 1

Novel Raw: Vol.2 Ch. 1 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

The four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage came to a stop in front of the arch-shaped gate called the Saint’s Arch of Triumph. 

A person wearing a navy blue school uniform alight from the said carriage. 

Because carriages were forbidden to enter the school compound, the vehicles were only allowed to run up until the border of the city which was where the school entrance, the Saint’s Arch of Triumph was located. 

From inside the gate, a young man wearing an identical school uniform called out to the person left behind by the carriage. 

「Errr……Are you the new transfer student, Airi Kahlua?」

Irene looked up at the reddish brown-haired young man who was a head taller than her. Her slightly tilted head caused her red ironed tie and her blonde hair to sway. 

「Yeah――yes, that’s right. And, you are?」

「Ah, I’m Auguste Zerum. I’m the Vice President of Misha Academy’s Student Council. I am here to lead you to the student council room as well as to welcome you under the order of the President. Ummm……Can I call you Airi?」

Irene nodded her head in assent. It was easier for her to react when he called her using the name closer to her real name. 

「I’ll be in your care, Zerum-san」

「Just call me Auguste. You can forgo the formalities between us. We’re in the same year, aren’t we? I ain’t very good with formal stuff like that」

Saying so, Auguste gave her a friendly smile. And then, he asked her to follow him. 

It was just the time for afternoon recess. At the front garden with a water fountain, students were chatting casually with each other with their lunches on their laps. 

There were also several polite gazes directed at them, and Irene noticed those gazes were particularly leveled towards Auguste. She wondered if he was a popular guy. Even now, Auguste was walking slowly to match with her small steps.   

To be this considerate towards her who was currently disguised as a male, he must have possessed the same attitude towards women as well. While she was observing her surroundings, Auguste suddenly pointed at a building and started explaining. 

「That’s the school building. On the east side of that building is where the staff room and the principal office is located, and the student dormitory is located on the west side of the building. Those three buildings make up a triangle shape when linked together. The building in the center of everything is where the student council is located. It’s kinda where all of the committee’s offices and organizations related to the school enforcement are located」

「I’ve heard rumors but this school is truly spacious. Not only that, I also heard that the students’ autonomy is recognized while the student council possessed a large amount of authority」

It was quite appropriate of him to guide her to the student council room first instead of the staff room.

「Yeah. All and all, it’s all because the student council is like a “Mini National Politics” for a “Small Milchetta” . The teachers don’t interfere much with students’ affair. In that sense, this is a good school――」

Auguste’s explanation was interrupted by a shriek and a commotion. The sound of people jeering could be heard at the same time.  

「I said, I need sugar in my coffee, didn’t I?!」

「I……I’m sorry……!」

「Can’t you even do a simple shopping? It’s such an embarrassment to have someone like you as a fiancee. Even your house is covered in debt! I mean, is sugar that expensive for you to buy, huh?」

A male student was giving a sardonic laugh to the female student who was covering her beaten cheek with her hand. Auguste clucked his tongue at the sight. 

「It’s that guy again……!」

「Say something, you――Ouuuuuuuuuuccchhh!?」

The male student screamed and couldn’t help but to turn around when his arm twisted behind his back. Auguste returned his gaze with a smile. 

「Confronting a woman… you have no manners at all」(Auguste)

「Wh, what did you say」

「Or perhaps, a child who needs sugar in his coffee knows no manners at all, huh? 」(Irene)

「This shortie――!」

It was easy to dodge an enraged man. 

If she were to be injured every time this kind of thing happened, she would be dragged down before she could become an Empress.

She avoided the flying fist then packed a swift punch at the enraged student’s solar plexus. Even if she didn’t put too much strength in that punch, that swift blow brought the male student down on his knees. She wiped her fist with her handkerchief while looking down on the male student.

The crouching male student groaned while holding onto his stomach. 

「Who the hell, are you…!?」

「Me? I’m Airi Kahlua. A transfer student」

Irene uttered those words with a smile while looking at him with a pair of cold eyes. 

「Apologize to her. Make sure to get down on your hands and knees, okay?」(Irene)

「Don’t fuck with me, who would grovel for a woman!」

「……I see. I’ve heard that this is that kind of academy」(Irene)

Misha Academy. The greatest educational institution in the Principality of Milchetta where anyone could strive in their pursuit of knowledge in the school without any discrimination――at least that’s what was publicly claimed. 

The outward appearance was due to the fact that the Principality of Milchetta was the birthplace of the revered Saint, the Maiden of the Holy Sword. The Principality of Milchetta started when The Maiden of the Holy Sword, the founder of the Elmeier Kingdom entrusted her hometown to the hands of her parents. Hence, it was decided that the Maiden of the Holy Sword’s siblings would be serving as the lords of Principality of Milchetta for generations. Despite being the vassal state, it was also the brother nation for the Maiden of the Holy Sword; therefore, it became a country with a special autonomy right within the Emperor Elmeier.  

But one lesson left behind by the Maiden of Holy sword had distorted this country’s sense of values.

Even if one was to save the world, one must not forget to work as a woman. (1)

Because of the so-called lesson that was left behind by the Maiden of the Holy Sword, the male chauvinism ideology was born――They said it was sheer stupidity for women, who didn’t even save the world, to confront men. 

Although the Maiden of the Holy Sword founded the Elmeier Kingdom, she chose to trudge down the path of an Empress rather than becoming the Emperor herself. People chose to interpret her action rather conveniently. Perhaps, it was likely that the emergence of the Maiden of the Holy Sword would elevate the status of women thus causing the ministers at that time to feel a sense of impending crisis. 

And at Misha Academy, where many graduates were often involved in national politics, this kind of awareness was noticeable. It was the value of never thinking that there was a woman behind the holiness of the Maiden of the Holy Sword. 

(My, I wonder if that has nothing to do with a Maiden of the Cursed Sword like me in the first place) 

She let out a small laugh while being as careful as possible not to show a ladylike smile. 

「Unfortunately, I don’t feel like following the Maiden of the Holy Sword’s teaching」


「Both men and women should be supporting each other equally. Perhaps it’s a concept that is still too early for a child like you, who can’t do anything without the Maiden of the Holy Sword, to understand」

After giving a look of contempt at the dumbfounded male student, Irene held out her hand for the dazed female student. 

「Are you alright?」

「……Y, yes」

「It’s better if you break off your engagement with this kind of man as quickly as possible. I’m certain that your life will change」

With that piece of advice from her real experience, she pulled up the female student to help her to stand. Then, Irene helped the female student to remove the dust from her skirt and gently brushed her messy hair to restore it back to its proper state. She used an appropriate amount of strength while keeping an appropriate distance to avoid frightening the female student――even though it was unnecessary for her to adjust her strength since she’s a woman herself. 

「Then, excuse me, Lady」

She dashingly turned on her heel leaving a blushing female student behind, and the students naturally opened up a path for her to walk through. 

Looking at the magnificent sight at the far away distance, she could see the apex of the Great Palace’s clock tower of the current Lord of the Principality of Milchetta. 

(I will make you an Emperor)

And for that reason as well, they must avoid the collapse of this country. 

Irene Lauren D’Autriche’s game isn’t over yet――And now, the thing she ought to do is… 

「Now, onwards to the living as a man’s life in the academy……!」

――One male student who was looking at that disturbance from a distance sighed while murmuring.   

「……I said “low-key” to her, didn’t I? What’s up with that “ikemen” setup……」

「It’s impossible for Irene-sama to be ”low-key”, Isaac」

「……Well, speaking of that, it’s all the Demon King’s fault」

Quartz and Luc who were wearing a white robe to disguise themselves as the research students had a distant look on their faces as if reaching enlightenment. Isaac who was wearing a similar uniform as Irene’s dropped his shoulders in a crestfallen manner. 

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  1. I just noticed the new covers and honestly, I like the old art better :3 wAIT, how did Isaac know the word “ikemen”? Probably an influence from Irene? And what is she doing in this new academy?


  2. “she chose to trudge down the path of an Empress rather than becoming the Emperor herself”

    I don;t think this makes any sense. could someone explain it to me?


  3. is this going to be like kdrama where the female lead cross-dress but instead of attracting male students, she’s protecting and attracting the females?
    lol either way this is a good start on a new volume. Thanks for the chapter

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  4. I believe it means she chose to marry and be the empress, letting her husband rule instead of taking sole power herself. It seems that was conveniently interpreted as a belief that women must cede power to men just as the holy maiden did. Irene’s about to kick start the women’s movement.

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  5. Agh we will be introduced to new characters, I just hope that Claude will show up as much as possible in this volume, if he won’t I dont know what the point of all of this wil be …..


    1. Because only a lazy ass stops halfway. She conquered the female getting male route, now she goes for 100% completion! That lets you unlock the alternate costumes and you can switch them off at any time!

      She mostly uses this to put her husband in a ballerina tutu at will.


  6. I mean, I been thinking for a while that Irene was in need of a few good maidservants to balance out the abundance of testosterone at the demon king’s palace, but damn. Though if she can literally seduce the entire female population of the academy into a feminist revolution then, by God, more power to her. Walk that path of the Emperor.

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