ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 2

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Vol.2 Ch. 2

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 2 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

――The story went back to around two months ago. 


「What is it?」

「How many times do I have to tell you to practice self-control when we are at work! Can you please let me go already……!」

Irene was arranging the flowers in the vase at the office in the abandoned castle when she was given a back hug by the Demon King causing her to raise her eyebrows. But the said Demon King didn’t even move and continue to bury his head on Irene’s shoulder. 

「I’m tired」

「Then, why don’t you take a nap in the bedroom?」

「Sure, if you get in the bed together with me」

Irene reflexively took a jab at him when he whispered closely to her ear. 

But her hand was easily captured by him. Furthermore, his hands around her waist started moving strangely as if tracing the lines of her body. Irene was definitely glaring at the Demon King behind her while stopping those hands.  

「You can do that alone! As long as you want! I’m starting to think that maybe it would be better for you to take a day off instead……!?」

「You’re saying something mean when I’m just seeking comfort from my fiancee」

「You are just making fun of me, aren’t you?!」

「But I was serious about wanting to sleep together with you on the bed, though?」

Irene pinched the back of his hand when he replied to her with a serious look on his face. Her sly fiance changed the tone of his voice.

「I just want to sleep while holding you in my arms」

「……I- Even if you were to hold me in your arms, it’s not like all the work is going to be done by itself, though」

「I know. I’m being healed just from looking at your bashful and awkward face」

「I’m gonna be angry, you know!?」

「Even if I were to be scolded by you, I don’t want to do my work――For God’s sake, it’s all nothing but troublesome matters. Humans demand a lot of things, unlike monsters」

Irene didn’t have the heart to be adamant about Claude’s responsibility upon hearing the fatigue in his voice. 

Claude had no break after his reinstatement as the Crown Prince. He also began making public appearances and was always buried in mountains of documents  following his official duties. In particular, it seemed like he was undertaking many projects where the monsters and humans’ adjustments became a problem. Despite having a few reliable subordinates like Keith and Beelzebub, he was still lacking in manpower. 

「Ummm……I can help Claude-sama, you know?」

However, Claude always responded with the same answer every time Irene offered her hand.  

「That’s unnecessary」

「I’m Claude-sama’s fiancee. Supporting Claude-sama is a matter of course」

「You being here is more than enough to support me」

After hugging her tightly for a moment, Claude let her go. He must have recognized the dissatisfaction written all over Irene’s face, but he went back to work once again.

Irene pursed her lips then stood in front of his desk. 

「I don’t want to be a mere decoration once I become the Empress」

「I know」

「Then, why won’t you let me help you?」

「Right now, the Emperor is testing me. To see whether I’m fit enough to be the King for both humans and monsters or not」

Claude lifted up his pair of deep crimson eyes . 

「So, don’t you agree that I ought to do something one way or another―― You don’t have to worry because there is something that you should do. That is to let me kiss you or to let me sleep with my head on your lap for example」

「Oh my goodness, that’s not what I meant!」

「What I’m trying to so hard to tell you now is to stop that conscience of yours that keeps on making you think that you are not good enough」

Just like that, Irene went speechless. While holding onto the quill pen in preparation to resume where he left off in his work, Claude assured her. 

「You’ve nothing to worry about because you’re doing really splendid as my fiancee」

Those words were uttered so nonchalantly by Claude that it took Irene a second to process the situation before she started blushing furiously. 

(How crafty, this man is)

Claude perfectly understood the reason behind Irene’s flustered state. There’s no doubt that she wanted to be useful and to be of help to Claude. However, there was also a shadow from her first failure. 

Once, Irene’s engagement was broken off by her previous fiance in public. 

“I have a woman I like, so I don’t need you anymore”――because she had to deal with so many outrageous things like her previous life memories and worrying about her pitiful death and many things kept on happening after another, she couldn’t even be bothered to deal with her wounded heart after such words were thrown at her. 

That’s why after everything had settled down and having ended up experiencing love for the second time, Irene was supposed to face everything that had became a remnant of that wound. 

Perhaps her main anxiety is that Claude and her previous fiance――Cedric Jeanne Elmeier――are half-brothers, and they are fighting for the Emperor’s seat. And that Cedric’s fiancee, the woman called Lilia Rainsworth is going to join in the fight. 

「I’m just busy, and it’s not like I have particular problems that I’m struggling to solve as well. You also have the Oberon Company’s management to think about, so it’s better if you relax a little」

「……There’s no way I can do that when Claude-sama doesn’t even have time to rest 」

「That is exactly why. Because there will be a time when I’ll be a good-for-nothing; that’ll be the moment when I need your help」

In other words, Irene wasn’t out of force. That very fact gave her a peace of mind. 

She stared at the perfectly beautiful countenance that despite working way too much, no dark circles could be seen under his eyes. Perhaps even with eyebags, this Demon King would still look mesmerizing as ever. 

「I understand. Then, why don’t I pick up some clothes for you? I wanted to prepare something that will make us both look good when we’re standing together」

「Yeah, you’re right. That’ll help me a lot. You can ask Keith for the payment…」

「I’ll pay for it. The Oberon Company is going to take care of the expense――that’s right, let’s also prepare some outfits for the monsters when they’re going out. This is also my job of keeping the monsters and Claude-sama」

Today, for the first time ever, Claude had a complicated expression pointed towards the smiling Irene. 

「First of all, let’s be clear about the fact that I’m not being kept by you and has never been in that kind of position」

「Oh, don’t worry. Claude-sama is the only one who thinks like that」

「It’s the opposite. You’re the only one」

That being said, it’s a fact that Irene had managed to capture this person who’s going to become the last boss in the otome game called the “Holy and Devil’s Regalia”. Irene properly straightened up with a generous expression on her face. 

「Then, I shall immediately begin working on the monsters」

「……Not going to start from me?」

「Those children are a lot more difficult to work with. After all, even if I were to put on just a piece of cloth on Claude-sama, you’ll still look beautiful」

「Don’t you think that I’m being treated quite harshly sometimes……?」

「Demon King-sama!Bad news!Bad news!」

A giant crow monster wearing a bow tie jumped out from behind her. After becoming Claude’s fiancee, it wasn’t necessary for Irene to be put under observation anymore; but, Claude didn’t bother undoing the magic that made Irene’s shadow as an entrance for the monsters. Since Irene was already used to having it and the shadow itself was convenient enough to use for summoning the monsters, she didn’t even think of asking Claude to undo the magic. 

「My, what’s wrong, Almond?」

「Human!Many!Forest, surrounded!」

What he meant by “forest” was the forest surrounding the former abandoned castle where the Demon King Claude and the monsters lived in. Since Claude had erected a barrier surrounding it, ordinary human beings couldn’t get close to it. So far, there hadn’t been any kind of threat from the forest that would guarantee confinement from the soldiers. Until now. 

「Claude-sama isn’t just the Demon King but also the Crown Prince of this Kingdom. Did something happen?」

「Demon King-sama, Rebellion!Ashtart!」

「Are you here, My Lord!?」

The double doors of the office were knocked opened. Looking like he was out of breath, Keith started to speak on and on without waiting for Claude’s permission to speak. 

「Some time ago we received a statement from a monster representative called Ashtart from the Milchetta region――it seems like they’ve went against your order by attacking a human village」

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  1. I suspect some monster is abducted by the humans and are sold to the academy for research and stuff hence the monster attack the village and that’s why irene had to go to the academy
    Or, it really is a rebellion by the monster because in every group there are always idiots who had no brain(i wouldn’t know why irene had to go to academy because of this though)

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  2. Somehow r another- Lilia the braindead has her fingers in it! I bet a months worth of my wages on this!

    Thx 4 the chapter


    1. “the story went back to around 2 months ago” which means, the situation that’s happening in this chapter took place around 2 months prior to the previous chapter.


  3. Thank you for your hard work as always!

    I find it so adorable that Claude is being so open now about his feelings for Irene to the extent of being so flirty.

    Also I live for your tags. They’re hilarious.

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