ARNRBKM – Vol.2 Ch. 6(Part 1)

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Vol.2 Ch. 6(Part 1)

Novel Raw: Vol. 2 Ch. 6 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

「……Give this letter to Auguste?」

Her straight silver-colored hair sparkled in the sunlight. 

Straight and proper posture, well-defined features, sharp eyebrows――Unlike the previous protagonist, Lilia, her character setting depicted her as a reliable and a good natured person . She was even set to be a good cook. 

However, she had a complicated family situation. 

Although she was a full-fledged Earl Gilbert’s daughter, her parents died when she was little and her uncle’s family took over her household. And then, after gobbling up the entire family fortune, her uncle decided to marry her off to an old man twice her age from an upstart family as soon as she graduated from Misha Academy to repay his debt. In other words, her days in the Misha Academy were her last days of her freedom. 

Just before her enrollment to the Misha Academy――In the opening scene, she wrote a letter to the person she admired. 

She wrote “I’m sure I’ll be able to change my destiny like you

Usually, students could only be enrolled for a period of one year at the Misha Academy. However, since students with good academic results could advance as research students in graduate school, the enrollment time could be extended up to three years. The same rule applied to the game; the graduation time changes depending on the parameters and the capture situation and at the same time, the time of destruction for the Principality of Milchetta would be influenced by Selena’s capture situation. In short, the shortest time to reach the ending in the game is one year. 

(If Ashtart is related with the game――By any chance, perhaps right now, we are charging towards the bad end route, which is the destruction within a year, at full speed……)

Irene stayed at her spot and continued observing them. 

There were other students in the hallway for the lunch break, so they won’t notice her even if she took a closer distance to them. 

「Yes, I want you to help me to pass this to Auguste-sama. I heard that Selena-sama will kindly give that kind of advice……As expected from the White Lily Princess that everyone talked about」

The female student said while shyly looked downward. Selena made a slightly troubled face. 

「But you’re going out with someone else, aren’t you?……is it okay?」

「It-it’s okay! The other day……when I was being mad at……by that lover of mine, Auguste-sama came in and stopped him. I just want to thank him for that……」

After slowly accepting the letter, Selena smiled and nodded to the female students. 

「I understand, leave it to me. But, I’m not the White Lily Princess yet」

「Wh-what are you saying? There is no doubt that it’ll only be Selena-sama this year!You’re beautiful, with good grades, dependable, and you’re not domineering just because you’re an Earl’s daughter ……!」

「Thank you. But I’m not good with etiquette, though……」

「I, I think that Selena-sama will become the White Lily Princess. I think if someone reliable like Selena-sama becomes the White Lily Princess, a girl who is forced to become a lover to a boy she doesn’t even like, like me will no longer exist……」

Irene knitted her eyebrows in displeasure while looking at the girl’s side profile who looked as if she was crying while laughing with her eyes cast downward. 

(I didn’t realize the treatment that the female students received in the game was this bad)

Selena could become the White Lily Princess depending on the parameters――There was an unwritten law that the male students must respect only the academy First Lady who would be elected at the school festival. Besides, wouldn’t it be difficult to notice the capture progression evaluation that changed from「you’re just a woman」to 「despite being a woman」?

「Are you perhaps feeling troubled by something?」

「……U, Umm, I’m extremely grateful to you, but (1)……If I said that what I’m afraid of is what other guys will do to me if I ask for a break up……」

「Then, shall I help you to ask for a break up instead?」

「Eh……Is, Is it okay?」

To the expression which was mixed with surprise and delight, Selena firmly nodded her head in return.  

「I’ll try to do what I say. Leave it to me」

「Ah……Thank you very much!」

Irene listened to their exchange with her both of her arms crossed.

(……My, I wonder if it’ll be okay? If they make a wrong step, something unbelievably bad will  happen, though)

Perhaps things would go well with the protagonist correction. 

「But, you need to be a little stronger as well so you will be able to say it yourself」

「Y-……Yes. I’m sorry」

「Even the Maiden of the Holy Sword Lilia-sama, supported the Cedric Jeanne Elmeier who had been dethroned from the Crown Prince position. You can’t be discouraged from a little obstacle」

 ――Ah, maybe it is as I thought after all, Irene thought as she looked up to the ceiling. 

Lilia Rainsworth; from a commoner to a Baron’s daughter, and then a fiancee to her beloved person, and also the Maiden of the Holy Sword. The girl who was about the same age as her who successfully changed her destiny――Lilia was her yearning and her aspiration. 

(Since Lilia is no longer the Maiden of the Holy Sword, I thought that there’s a possibility of it changing, but……that doesn’t change at all, does it?)

For some reason, she felt tired just by thinking about it. Suddenly, someone patted her on her shoulder causing her to jump up a little. 

「What’s up, Airi」

「Au-, Auguste!」

「Ah, sorry. Did I surprise you?」

Auguste laughed lightly.

Irene put her hand on her flat chest, then laughed good naturedly as well. 

「Yeah, I was surprised. Do you have some business to take care of?」

「Hmmm……You see, the girl you saved yesterday looked like she wanted to say something to me. And then, I heard some sort of rumor that your textbook was torn ……I thought that maybe you were feeling down about it……」

Auguste said while scratching his cheek, looking like he was worried about Irene. 

「I’m fine, it’s just a textbook」

「You’re so cool despite being so small. But, don’t be reckless. If you want to talk to me ab――」


  1. ……そ、その、私なんかにとても有り難い話だって、分かってるんですけど…… <– idk what this girl tryna say here 😦

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  1. “Th-that, I understand very well that for someone in my position, those are words I should be very thankful for, but I’m so afraid I’ll be told things like ‘It’s not my business what other guys do to you once you break up with me’……”

    Basically that’s what she’s saying in that line that you had trouble with. She’s using some very self-deprecating words there, so that made it a lot harder to figure out. Thanks for the chapter!

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