Heaven Awakening Path Manhua Chapter 1 – 5

Yeah, so… Umm.. first of all I must apologize to Akuyaku Reijo readers because this is not an update for that novel. I’m aware I should be translating the novel right now but I need a change so I decided I might as well translate a manhua… Which probably took quite a lot of my time than necessary. But in my defense, my editor is currently unavailable because she finally has a job – unlike me – so the update for the next chapter of Akuyaku Reijo may probably going to take a while. Like the next chapter is probably going to be updated next Friday. Fingers-crossed.

Oh and I just want to say I have no talent for typesetting. And google translation rocks! Idk Chinese btw, so I just use google translate and hope what I’m translating here is right… but this is just a fun project nonetheless…

Anyway, I shortened the URL here, so uh help a girl here to make money pls *puppy eyes*. The link below is gonna bring you to chapter 1 but just click on the “next chapter” to go to the next chapter. No URL shorterner there, I promise.

Thank you very much for reading my rambling. Enjoy.

Heaven Awakening Path Chapter 1 – 5

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