1. Too bad Lilia wasnt executed….
    She is crazy… no… thats an insult to anyone with real mental issues…
    She is a egomanic psychotoc piece of shit…

    Thx 4 the binge experience. Dont worry, the next interview will go better!
    (=ↀωↀ=) /

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    1. Right. In this case, I think that Lilia & Cedric became the main boss that needs to be destroyed in Irene’s journey. It’s so hard to execute them since the lack of evidence. Geez… 😤

      Anyway, I love it when Claude acts bold & teases Irene. ☺️ I wanna see their lovey dovey moments more. Hahaa… 😆

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    2. Otsukare aka good job and thank you so much for translating this LN until vol. 2! 🎊🎉🎊🎉❤❤😭❤😭👌💯👌💯👌

      I’m so glad when i found out this translation since it’s hard to find any 😭😭😭😭

      I’m sorry about what happened to your interview. Hope you will pass the next and surely the better one

      Please take it easy and take care of yourself! You deserve it after done so many things for us 😭✨😭✨😭✨😭

      And last but not least, we are looking forward to the next volume translation! Please don’t forget to rest and keep healthy! ❤💓💕❤✨💓💕✨✨

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