ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 1] (Unedited)

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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 1] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の一 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

This story took place before the epilogue. 

 I want to run away someday. That has always been my wish.

 My mother left me with the Church when I was around six years old. But at that time, when she kept on apologizing over and over again while telling me to be happy, I thought that there were also times like this, and it couldn’t be helped. I could still put up with it. 

 I, who was left with the Church, was subjected to inhuman training to increase my aptitude. Maybe I should have been satisfied, for at least I have secured my life necessities. 

 But, I, in all respects, was only ‘an amazing tool for slaughtering those who bear a grudge to the Church.’ If I could no longer be usable, I would immediately be disposed of. If I could at least believe that I’m protecting other people, I could have been proud even if I’m being treated as a tool or had a role as a bad-guy. But I couldn’t. 

 I want to run away. Someday, surely, to somewhere.

Walt then became the subordinate of the Demon King while constantly having those kind of thoughts.

(Yeah, we’re finally doomed)

He was assigned yesterday in the same way as usual. This is a story two days after the Misha Academy received an attack and half-destroyed by the monsters. Walt received the usual order from the Church. To summarize the content of his order, ‘We’ve sold you to the Demon King.’ This was truly a harsh world.

Free shipping with same-day delivery. He was in the process of delivering himself to the Demon King.

Everything was his fault for having an interest in the likes of a female student who disguised herself as a man. Perhaps this was what you called reaping what you sow, but he was paying too much of a price. 

「You understand, don’t you Walt?」

「What isー?」

 He casually responded to the person next to him who was also included in the free shipping with same-day delivery as him. 

 His almond-shaped eyes were staring intensely at Walt. Kyle was as serious as usual. Kyle lowered the volume of his voice while maintaining the speed of his walking constant.  

「The real content of the mission that we’re assigned with」

 Kyle stopped on his tracks when Walt stopped walking. At the palace corridor, where there was no one, the two of them face each other.  

「The Church handed us over to the Demon King to make us assassinate him. And if we can’t do that, we should bravely commit suicides」

「……Are you serious about that?」

「 I’m serious. And you, don’t tell me that you haven’t think of running away yet」

  ――Do you feel like running away with me?

Walt had once said so to Kyle. He was still regretting his thoughtless remarks up until now.   

 But, as Walt’s friends were being disposed of as useless tools year after year, Kyle’s face that he always saw, looked like salvation. That was why Walt misunderstood. And Walt knew. 

There exists a human in this world who didn’t care even if he was being treated as a tool. 

(I’ve had enough of it)

Like a fool, honestly believing in the Church’s so-called ideals, he performed his tasks indifferently. Killing babies and slaughtering monsters had become the Church’s source of income. And not once did he stop believing that that was right. 

 He was a fool. And Walt couldn’t help but feel envious of him. Payback to Walt’s weakness for his needs to run away. 

 With his strength to accept that there was nowhere that he could run away to. 

He won’t run away. 

So for Walt, Kyle was his natural enemy. Walt believed that they could never understand each other. He also had no interest in Kyle’s reason for not informing the Church about his proposal for running away. 

 「I understand the Church’s intention even if you don’t say it to me」

「Then that’s okay, I guess. Our opponent is the Demon King. We should brace ourselves」

 「Leaving that aside, you better don’t drag me down. Also, don’t carelessly run your mouth in a place like this. What are you going to do if someone were to listen to this conversation? This is a place where crow-type monsters would come flying with a summon from the Demon King-sama, you know」

「I will not make a careless mistake like that」

「I see. Then, let’s do our best without interfering with each other」

Kyle narrowed his eyes while speaking in lowered volume to Walt, who played the fool to his intention. 

 「But, we are officially the Demon King’s guards. We need to cooperate with each other」


「You think I want to cooperate with you?! But, it’s a mission. How experienced are you in the escort mission?」 

 「 I’m more experienced than you. I would be at least grateful if they told me to kill the subject of escort whom I always feel like killing」

 Walt stopped their conversation there and began to walk. 

 (A mission to attack the Demon King by imitating a suicide bombing? A human bomb, is it? How laughable)

Walt wanted to survive. Even if he had to assault Irene Lauren D’Autriche for it when push came to shove. And then, run away one day. 

 But to where?

「It’s Walt Rizanis. I’m here because I heard you call for me」

「It’s me, Kyle Alford. I heard you call for me too」

「Yeah, thanks for coming」 

 The Demon King slowly turned around underneath the sunlight that filtered through the trees. 

 Black hair and crimson eyes. A Demon King who was born with the colors and the destiny according to the legend. He was someone who was once renounced his right to succeed to the throne. Still, he obtained the backing of D’Autriche Ducal House after taking advantage of Crown Prince Cedric’s engagement annulment with the Duke’s Daughter, Irene Lauren D’Autriche, to once again came back as the Crown Prince. That’s what the world thought.

However, there was often the case in which the world’s perceptions were different from the actual figures and circumstances. It was an everyday occurrence that behind a man with integrity, there was a lovestruck lad filled with naughty thoughts. 

 (It seems like the Demon King-sama is besotted with Airi-chan. It doesn’t seem to be just a political marriage of convenience)

And while he was sweet to the woman he loves, it was also often that that kind of man would be cruel to others.

Walt knew that he was sweet to Airi, so perhaps he should use that against him, but Walt would fail if he wasn’t careful. At any rate, his opponent was the Demon King. 

 With a tense look on his face, Kyle began to talk.  

「Do you have some business with us?」

 「I think you’ve heard this from Sugar, but from today onwards, both of you are going to be my guards. But, both of you seem to have your own considerations too. So do both of you have any objections? I want to be a King who listens to other circumstances」

 Walt and Kyle exchanged looks with each other for a while when Claude asked their opinion about the idea of them being his guards. Although they had a lot of objection, if they took what Claude said seriously, they would also nicely see the spectacle where their head separated from their body.  

 Besides, their position as the guards were extremely convenient considering the Church’s mission and their abilities. They would also be allowed to bring in edged tools, and also let pass some absurdity. That’s why the most crucial factor in choosing guards was trust. It was a matter of fact so as not to be stabbed from behind. 

But, it seemed like the Demon King-sama did not know about it. 

(We are the people from the Church, you know? But, I heard he doesn’t have any aides, so I guess it’s something that can’t be helped)

What a pitiful Demon King-sama. Walt thought somewhat cynically. 

He would be betrayed by humans even if he placed his trust in them. Even from someone who had a touch of monsters like them.  

Walt nodded with a mixed feeling similar to delight and pity. 

 「Honestly, there are also some things that I find hard to understand. But, I’m going to obey as ordered」

「 I’m going to serve as your guard with the best of my ability」

「I see. I’m really happy」

Not even a trace of happiness can be seen from his expressionless face when he said that. But, Walt blinked his eyes when brilliant colors suddenly caught his eyes. 

(Were there flowers blooming in such places before?)

「Then, I’ll have both of you come with me immediately. I want to go out for a while」 

「I understand.  Are you going to make an inspection of the city?」

「No, we’re going to the Imperial City」 

「Excuse me?」 

「There you are, Claude-sama! Don’t move, My Lord!」 

Claude clicked his tongue at the angry voice that resounded all of a sudden.  

「As expected from that Keith. He acts so quickly. Then, let’s go」

「B-But, that’s an attendant’s……」 

 「We have so much work to do. Where are you going―― Oi, hey, you stupid King!」

His fingers made a sound as he snapped them. 

The voice of his attendant that sounded like he was cursing him became distant in an instant, and then in the next moment, both Kyle and Walt had their butts down on the ground.

They were at the back alley of cobblestones instead of at the idyllic green backyard. It seemed like people were bustling in some short distance away, and they could hear the sound of hoof made by a horse-drawn carriage. 

 「Both of you are my guards. So stand properly even if I forcefully transfer you to other places」

Since they had never received that kind of warning before, they ended up asking a stupid question in return. 

「……Eh, forced transfer? You mean we teleported?」

「Then――Don’t tell me that we’re in the Imperial Capital!?」

「That’s right. I want to try going to the cafe once. This is a rehearsal before I invite Irene」

The Demon King-sama who said――I have expectations for both of you――with a serious look on his face, perhaps had misunderstood the meaning of having guards. 

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