ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 4] (Unedited)

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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 4] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

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魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の四 (Google Docs)

Walt had come to think that he was right. He needed to think so. 

Otherwise, he won’t be able to stand it. 

He didn’t have the courage to doubt the person whom he was following might be wrong or he wasn’t able to hold on to his hope of wanting to run away somewhere.    

「The Church requested to have a private talk with the Demon King……is it?」

「Yeah. Sorry for doing this on such short notice but it’s going to be this evening. It can’t be helped when they tell me to stop by while I’m in Milchetta where the Church Headquarters is located. Although both of you have been appointed to be my guards, will you come with me?」

「Of course, it’s work after all」

Kyle also nodded in reply while giving a sharp look to Walt at his impudence for shrugging his shoulders as he replied to the Demon King. 

「If that’s an order」

「Then, please. I haven’t let anyone other than Keith know about this matter. Of course, Irene doesn’t know about this too. It’s a private talk after all」

The Demon King, who somehow looked like he was having fun, ordered as such. After more than half a month of becoming the Demon King’s guard, Kyle, who is more than well-aware of the fact that the Demon King was surprisingly ignorant of the ways of the world and has a generous behavior, gently frowned.  

(Don’t tell me he doesn’t understand the severity of having a private talk because of his excitement using the rare word……?)

Perhaps worrying about the same thing, Walt cautioned him with a sigh.

「Please don’t let your guard down, Claude-sama. Your opponent is the Church. They don’t even write the purpose of the private talk is for, right?」(Walt)

「Walt! It’s not good to be skeptical. Who knows if they may want to reach for a compromise」(Kyle)

「What. Do you know something?」(Walt)

「T-that’s not true!」(Kyle)

Kyle awkwardly looked away after when he was being looked at suspiciously by Walt. There was no way that he could say anything. 

The matter about having a private talk this time was exactly because of the secret letter that Kyle had sent to Bishop-sama――Kyle’s foster parent and benefactor――who read it and considered rebuilding the Church’s relationship with the Demon King. Kyle has secretly been asked by the Bishop himself in a correspondent letter saying, “It’s as you said, I want to talk with the Demon King so I want you to cooperate with me.”

Be that as it may, the Church is also not a monolithic organization. The meeting between the Bishop and the Demon King ended up as a private talk because the bishop was also the head of a faction and it wasn’t agreed by the whole Church. So, it was also understandable for the Demon King to have his doubts. They also haven’t rescinded the assassination order that they’ve issued to Kyle and Walt yet.  

(But, it should be something beneficial to the Demon King-sama side)

It was well-known that the Holy Knight’s Order, under the direct control of the Emperor, took the responsibility for the monsters’ subjugation, but since they won’t be able to be in time for that at extremely rural areas, the Church was responsible for a daily monsters’ extermination. Reaching for a compromise with the Church meant that they could discuss the regulations regarding that matter.   

It was a well-known story that ever since Claude Jeanne Elmeier was born as the Demon King, the monsters have behaved themselves, but still, that didn’t mean that the monsters haven’t done any damage so far. There were many monsters that were hard to distinguish from the beasts in the first place. There were also monsters that couldn’t cast aside their hostility towards humans and on the other hand, there were also monsters that attacked villages in a fit of anger due to poachers. If they could obtain cooperation with the Church smoothly, they could solve the problem around those circumstances efficiently.  

The private talk was an important negotiation if they truly want to make monsters and humans coexist. That should be a matter of course, but the Demon King himself didn’t seem nervous or enthusiastic about it. Rather, Kyle was more nervous than him.  

(If this negotiation fails, we――)

Kyle glanced at Walt who stood on his side. 

Kyle was sure that Walt wanted to be here. But, if he didn’t want to be a traitor and had his wish granted, the Church and the Demon King must join hands. Kyle was irritated when Walt seemed like he kept on saying things that could put a damper on this negotiation. 

「Walt’s concern is also not unwarranted, but I did write something necessary to them just in case」

「Oh? What is it?」

「It’s a secret」

「Oh, is that so. Well, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the guards」

「But I’m going to take it if they propose a compromise」

Looking back at Kyle, Claude’s lips curled up into a smile as he rested his chin in his hand. Walt looked at him in amazement. 

「I’m amazed that you’re able to think that way considering the fact that they’ve sent assassins to assassinate you just the other day」

「Walt! You’ve been keeping on saying something unnecessary for――」

「Do you think that this private talk is a trap, Walt?」

Walt breathed a sigh after narrowing his eyes at Claude’s question. 

「――Isn’t it normal to think that way? You were quite used to dealing with those assassins. That kind of thing is an everyday occurrence, right? I mean, this is just another attempt at targeting your life from the Church」

「Even if that is so?」

「Then, from now onwards it isn’t possible for you to reach a compromise with the Church. You don’t need to purposely come into their trap. I perfectly understand your power, but unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy, you know」

「I’ll be fine since I’ll have you guys to protect me. Or am I wrong?」(Claude)

Even Kyle became stiffened at his serious declaration. Then he strangely felt a sense of embarrassment filled his heart. 

(……This guy is truly…)

Claude trusted them. 

Walt replied as he turned his face away as if he was sulking.

「……You’re right. And the one who will have to bear all the hardships are us」

「You guys just have to deal with it」

「I see that you don’t feel like correcting your own behaviors」

「Walt……I understand what you’re trying to say, but you’re being rude」

「I’m sure it’s quite complicated, but the Church is something like a home to you guys, right? Then, I want to get along with them」

Kyle felt like his heart was being squeezed tightly as Claude calmly told them his reason.  

Although he never thought of that place in that kind of way――Ah, perhaps he used to want it to be that way. Walt, who had thought of running away, surely must have felt the same way once as well.  

How happy would they have been if the Church was a peaceful, kind, and loving place. If only it wasn’t a place where they could only resign themselves to. It was certain that they were having those kinds of thoughts. 

「……I won’t object if Claude-sama says so. Though I do think that you’re being naive」

「Of course, it should be within the level of my tolerance」

Claude often said that, but he has a high level of tolerance. At least, Kyle has never seen the Demon King be truly angry. 

(No, he was angry when he found out about Airi’s……lie……)

He had a somewhat understandable level of tolerance.  

In any case, it seemed like the Demon King would go along with the Church’s invitation. That gave Kyle a peace of mind. 

(Then I hope the negotiation with Bishop-sama can go well)

They don’t have to assassinate this person in front of them. Maybe Walt too felt a sense of belonging here.  

――Though he isn’t yet exactly sure what he wants to do.

「By the way, what kind of souvenirs should I bring? 」

「Huh? Souvenirs……is it?」

Was Claude trying to bribe the Bishop of something? Kyle asked Claude again on reflex since he didn’t think that Claude was that sort of person who would butter up someone. 

The Demon King threw the paper that had date and time for the private talk written on it on his office desk and said with a smile. 

「I did say this earlier, but the people of the Church are someone like parents to you guys, right? I have to greet them properly」

Walt and Kyle sighed at the same time when Claude said――It’s the Lord’s duty.

There is still something wrong with the Demon King today too. 

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~
    “I don’t let anyone other than Keith know about this matter.” should be “I haven’t let anyone other than Keith know about this matter.”

    Shoutout to Walt automatically assuming this was a trap, because /man/ is that obvious. Gotta give Keith the character development needed to push him into finally breaking away from the church.


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