ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 7] (Unedited)

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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 7] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の七 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

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魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の七 (Google docs)

The report about the mansion enveloped in flames relieved the tension in the conference room. 

The candles’ flame on the silver candles and swayed in the room where bishops in the Milchetta Principality gather together, lengthening the clergies’ shadows. 

「So, what happened to the Demon King?」

「I don’t know, but Walt and Kyle have definitely been disposed of in that terrible explosion」

「I see……But, how many years will it takes for us to raise such outstanding talents?」

「That is precisely why we can’t leave them in the hands of the Demon King. Those two know too much」

「Oh dear, how ruthless. You personally raised Kyle Alford, right? Bishop Alford」

Bishop Alford’s smile deepened at the sarcasm from the Bishop next to him who purposely came there to check out the situation. 

「It’s for the sake of the Church. I’m sure he understands that as well. Because that’s how I raised him」

Besides, Kyle had served his purpose well enough. Bishop Alford chuckled slowly. 

(With this, the talk about me becoming a Cardinal will go on without a hitch)

Not only did he cultivate an excellent “Unnamed Priest,” but his status elevated even more by making use of the said priest. 

Walt’s guardian, Cardinal Rizanis, was always Walt’s guardian in name only and had been treating him like one of the “Unnamed Priest.” So, they would be less likely to have a liability issue for this matter. They have no way to confirm the result of the disposal so they could deal with tonight’s matter per the Church’s rules. 

But, the Bishop had treated Kyle as if Kyle was his son to make him his chess piece. If the Demon King used Kyle, he would have to take responsibility. The status that he had painstakingly built would crumble down in an instant. That was the only thing that he needed to avoid. 

Plus, Kyle only had about 2-3 years left before he stopped being useful. 

The average lifespan of the “Unnamed Priest” was 20 years old, and Kyle, at most, could only live up to 25 years old. Moreover, there were many cases that they would become useless since they would develop a disability in the latter half of their life. That must have been the reparation for taking an excessive magic incense. 

So taking everything into account, the right thing to do was to dispose of him before he could inflict damage to the Church. 

Of course, he also regretted it. 

Because Kyle was an excellent tool that the Bishop had carefully cultivated. If only the Demon King didn’t have his eyes on Kyle, he could have used him just a little bit more――At that moment when he sighed at that, a sudden bolt of lightning on the rainless and cloudless sky struck down.

「Wh-what’s that? A lightning strike?」

「Where did it struck?」

「Everyone calm down. It’s only lightning――」

The light fell on top of the Bishops’ heads. The arch of the Cathedral was blown away with the sound of an explosion. The blast immediately blew out the candles’ flame on the candle stand. 

「Sorry for intruding this late at night」

A voice reverberated in the roaring wind.   

It was a well-projected voice even to their numb eardrums. Bishop Alford opened his blurry eyes. Someone, with black hair and fluttering mantle, came down from the partially destructed ceiling. The pure white tablecloth on the long table where the clergymen were seated was trampled on rudely by that someone. 

Red eyes glistened by the flashes of lightning on the cloudless night sky  

「Demon King……!」

「Why are you here?」

「I was waiting at the meeting place to talk about the treatment of my guards, but the mansion exploded, so I’ve decided to visit you directly」

「Kyle……Walt Rizanis……!」

Bishop Alford unconsciously called out the names of the people that stood together with the Demon King on top of the table. 

Why are you both alive? But, the Demon King, like an average man, did not answer such questions and looked around the room instead.  

「Which one of you is Bishop Alford?」

The bishop in question shrieked. Maybe because the Demon King heard him, he walked purposely on top of the long table. 

The silver candle stand collapsed, and the tableware on top of the table fell and broke. Each step that the Demon King took, the priests and the Bishops seated on each side of the table would half-rise to their feet, frozen in place, or fell on their backsides. But the Demon King ignored all of that. 

And then the Demon King looked down on Bishop Alford from above. 

「Sorry for not greeting you earlier. It’s not much, but please accept my small gift. I recommend it」

A burnt box lightly floated from the hand of the Demon King. Without having the time to reject it, the box fell on top of Bishop Alford’s lap, who couldn’t even stand. 

「By the way, Kyle and Walt, were suddenly about to explode somehow, so I have rewritten the magic that had been inscribed by the Church. It seems like the Church can also make a mistake in their magic inscription」


「There’s no way that the Church would try to detonate my guards without my permission, right?」

Lightning flashed behind the Demon King. Bishop Alford couldn’t read the Demon King’s facial expression because of the lights. But, he could see red eyes were curving like the moon.  

「So moving on to the main subject, will you formally give me Walt and Kyle?」


「I understand.  But I’m troubled that they haven’t been decommissioned from being “Unnamed Priests.” Of course, I think that the Church is something like a home to them. I will allow them to return home. I also want to let them come and go out of the Church freely」


「Thanks. I heard that you’ve cared for Kyle. Don’t worry, and it should be a matter of course for you to consider him. But, please remember that the right to order them and their lives belong to me」

If I allow such things, he would only be your spy. Bishop Alford wanted to say that, but he was tongue-tied unable to speak as the pressure in the Demon King’s red eyes increased.  

「I’m glad that you understand. Rest assured, I’ll take care of both Kyle and Walt」

「……I should interrupt you just in case, but Claude-sama, you’ve been having a one-way conversation since a while ago, you knowー……」

「I can hear their thoughts. Or don’t tell me that they’re refusing me?」

At that moment, lightning struck once again. Then flashes of lightning kept on rolling as if trying to lay siege on the surrounding buildings. 

The Demon King, who stood before him, talked to himself calmly. 

「Ah, we have strange weather today. I hope it will calm down soon」

The sound of people screaming and them falling from the chairs could be heard from here and there. But the Demon King, as if he had heard nothing, simply waited for an answer. 

Even if this area became a burnt field, he would still have the same look on his face and simply waited for an answer.

It was at that moment Bishop Alford resolutely made his decision. 

「A-……as you wish」

「You have such a good foster parent, Kyle」

As soon as Kyle looked away from the Demon King, he narrowed his eyes at the Bishop for an instant. But, he immediately looked down and replied. 

「Thank you for your understanding, Bishop-sama. Please rest assured. I will serve Claude-sama wholeheartedly」

「……K-Kyle……Y-you, in addition to surviving, are you going to betray me!?You also forget your debt of gratitude that you owe me for raising you!!」

Lightning struck down directly in front of the Bishop before Kyle to reply to him.

In an instant, the Bishop felt his heart cowered in fear, and his throat went dry. The Demon King, whom he looked up at timidly, was smiling for the first time. 

「You may say that I’m arrogant when I say this, but――how long are you going to make me stand?」

The chair that Demon King was looking at was the place where the highest-ranked person sat. 

The chair where the Bishop currently sat on. 

The look in those red eyes told the Bishop to hand over the chair personally. No, the Demon King smiled because the Bishop never had the choice to begin with. 

He clenched his fists tightly. Then, he responded with trembling lips.

「――I beg your pardon. Please sit here」


The Demon King sat down comfortably on the chair that was handed over by Bishop Alford. Walt and Kyle stood on both of his sides after jumping down from the table. 

「Now it appears we have a lot to talk about. I’m planning to get along well with the Church, to the level that I can allow, that is. Oh right, I also need to go and greet Cardinal Rizanis afterward. Please tell in him advance」

Every one of the clergymen in the room gasped and exchanged glances with each other at the Demon King’s words. 

Bishop Alford hung his head and clenched his fists. Was it salvation that at least Cardinal Rizanis would be involved in this mess as well? No, that’s not how it would end.

The Church’s night wasn’t nearly over yet. 

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  2. Thanks for the chapter~
    I always love the scenes where Claude puts into effect the “within the levels of my tolerance” part of his almost naive seeking of peaceful relations.


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