ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 8 – End] (Unedited)

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ARNRBKM – Demon King-sama and His New Guards [Part 8 – End] (Unedited)

Novel Raw: 魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の八(終) || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

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魔王様と新しい護衛たち 其の八(終) (Google docs)

「Please explain what happened, Claude-sama」

The Lord’s fiancee stood with both of her arms crossed. 

The Lord feigned ignorance with an innocent look on his face.

「What are you talking about?」

「I’m talking about last night! A mansion at the suburb suddenly exploded, and for some reason, lightning struck down only at the Cathedral of Milchetta’s Church that caused it to be partially destroyed!」

「That’s unfortunate. I need to go and visit them」

Behind Claude, who replied with a serious look on his face, Walt held back the laughter that was about to burst out from him. Kyle, who stood in the opposite direction looked unruffled, so he couldn’t be the one to give themselves away.  

Irene leaned towards Claude after slamming both of her hands on Claude’s office desk.

「It’s your doing right, Claude-sama?」

「Keith, brew some tea for us. Irene is here so let’s stop working」

「We can’t. We need to finish all of those documents by the end of the day」


「By the end of the day」

「Before that, Claude-sama! Please explain, and I’m going to get angry, depending on the situation! Did something happen? Don’t tell me that something happened to Walt and Kyle?」


Claude whispered, as he leaned himself while he was still sitting in his chair towards Irene, who was leaning towards him. 

「You’re cute even when you’re angry. But, you can’t think of men other than me」

「N-……no one is doing that!!」

With a hitch in her voice, Irene fled from in front of the desk to stand near the wall.

Walt didn’t know whether her face was red from anger or embarrassment. But, looking at Irene, who was on the verge of tears, Walt understood that she must have been bad at this kind of thing in the first place. 

(The Demon King-sama is black-belly too. He did it because he knows about it)

Still, the fact that she kept on persisting was probably the cute part about her. Walt didn’t feel uncomfortable being stared at sternly. 

「Fine. Then, Walt, Kyle, you guys explain!」

「It’s a disaster for the Church since we’re probably experiencing weird weather」

「And it seems that lightning sometimes struck down in local areas. Perhaps it’s because of the structure of the buildings」

「You guys are planning to side with Claude-sama on this!?Keith-sama, say something!」

「After serving Claude-sama for many years, I’ve learned to ignore a sudden lightning strike」

Irene looked vexed at their apathetic replies. 

Walt was secretly astonished by Keith’s response. All Keith knew was that Claude-sama was called by the Church and took Walt and Kyle to a private talk. But, maybe even though he didn’t ask about the situation since he already got a hold of the news then simply brushed it off as a trivial matter.  

「I see……So every one of you are saying that nothing happened last night……!」

Irene was trembling with both of her fists clenched. Claude said after taking a sip on the tea that Keith had brewed. 

「If you’re that curious about what I did last night, why don’t you come to my bedroom from tonight onward?」

「Okay, fine, I understand!Do as you like」

With a humph, Irene turned her face away. Then, she turned her back on them and walked away from the office while slamming the door shut. After flinching from the loud sound, Kyle secretly whispered to Claude. 

「……Is that okay, Claude-sama? I’m afraid you’ve made her angry」

「That’s right. I’m sure she keeps on thinking about me. My heart filled with so much love when I think that she will inquire about me after she becomes irritated with me」

「Are you seriously saying that? You’re nasty」

「Still, this job needs to be done by the end of the day, My Lord」


Claude sighed to his ever-composed attendant. 

「You guys should find your respective fiancee soon. Then……」

Claude wavered for a second. Walt and Kyle braced themselves thinking that he must be thinking of nothing good. 

「……I’ll be able to attend a wedding. It seems fun. Both of you should get married soon」

「Just because of that!?」

「Moreover he’s going to bring a worthless congratulatory gift for sure……」

「If we get this job done by the end of the day; we can try to get them to get married as soon as possible, My Lord」

「Really, Keith?」

「No, please wait a minute, Keith-sama. Don’t decide our lives just because of that sort of reason!」

「And we don’t have a partner in the first place!」

「How about you guys just choose whomever and then break up right after? I also want to be a divorce consultant」

「Guards are not toys, Claude-sama……」

Next to Kyle, who was making a face like he was trying to endure a headache, Walt suddenly had an idea.

He complacently smiled at Claude, who picked up the quill pen maybe because he finally felt like working. 

「Claude-sama, you have someone whom you’re familiar with other than us who may want to get married soon. It’s Isaac and Rachel」

Claude looked at him with the quill pen in his hand. At the same time, the flowers that had been arranged in the vase in the office, started to bloom all at once. Just like the coming of Spring.   

「I have to cheer them on. I hope they’ll give me some advice right away」

「Are they that close!?」

「Kyle, you’re so slow. You’ll know just by looking at them. It seems like it’s still a one-sided love from Rachel-chan, but it’ll be like 100 people cheering for them if the Demon King-sama cheer them on!」

「Keith, do you have any good ideas?」

「If we finish this job; I’ll come up with something」

「……Do we really need to finish this by the end of the day?」

Keith nodded with a smile to the frowning Claude. 

「Yes, we do」

「But the happiness of the people we’re close to is at stake here……」

「What are you saying? Aren’t you just want to get rid of the men who are close to Irene-sama quickly?」

「Keith……you misunderstand something. I also want to be invited to someone’s wedding as much as that」

Walt was thinking that Claude was saying something domineering, but he could only smile weakly to that.

(Wedding, is it?……I also never attend one though)

Claude and Irene would be more likely to get married sooner than Isaac and Rachel. Then, the wedding ceremony that Walt would attend for the first time would be the ceremony of his Lord. 

Walt would definitely protect his Lord even on that day. And then, he would see Irene in her wedding dress with somewhat painful and lonely feelings yet proud at the same time.    

(Yeah, it’s not bad)

It was unthinkable for him to envision such a future until yesterday. 

「Come to think of it, Walt, Kyle. How are you feeling? I think you guys will get used to it soon, but…」

「……What are you talking about?」

「I’ve said it, right? I rewrote the magic that was inscribed by the Church last night」

Now that he mentions it, Walt seemed to have heard of him mentioning it. 

The Demon King pleasantly said to Walt and Kyle, who had a bad premonition. 

「I’ve made it possible for you guys to hear the sound of a special bell whenever I want to call you guys. Now I can call you guys 24 hours a day, noon, and night」

「Huh!?Why are doing something as incomprehensible as that!?」

「It will be convenient to call for you guys when I’m lonely」

「What the heck do you think a guard is?!!」

「Please remove it right now!」


They were at a loss for an answer when asked. They had a feeling that things would be scary if they answered wrongly. 

Kyle was stifling his laughter when they sank into silence for quite some time. Then, Kyle looked up abruptly. 

「……Th-that’s right. Did you put the same magic on Keith-dono!?」

「Keith will come even if I don’t call for him. Or more like he’ll come even when I told him not to」

The right answer came to Walt’s mind when he looked at Claude, who talked as if he was pouting.

Sighing, Walt said nonchalantly. 

「――Listen, Claude-sama. We will come too even if you don’t call for us」

Because we’re his guards after all. 

Kyle also added with a stunned look on his face.

「Because protecting you is our job」



Claude repeated his question once again to the both of them, who nodded in return at the same time.  

Keith whispered “correct” to them. After releasing a sigh of relief, Walt exchanged looks with Kyle spontaneously. 

The road of being the Demon King-sama’s guard was long. Walt was sure that he would experience many hardships ahead. 

But, he was undeniably happy that he could choose his own future.

I want to run away, someday, surely, to somewhere.

He no longer had that kind of thought. 

「Then I’ll rewrite the magic so that you can talk to me anytime」

「「Please don’t do that」」

――Perhaps, maybe, most likely. 

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