ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [3rd Box]

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Translated by: Empress || Edited by: Kie

ARNRBKM – It’s the World of Otome Games, so It Has Valentine’s Day [3rd Box]

Novel Raw: 乙女ゲームの世界なので、バレンタインがあります【3箱目】 || Manga: I’m a Villainous Daughter, so I’m going to keep the Last Boss || Manga Raw: 悪役令嬢なのでラスボスを飼ってみました [JPN] || 作为恶役大小姐就该养魔王 [CN]

Now, where should I go next? 

Irene was lost in the reception hall, which was the entrance to the palace, when two people wearing Misha Academy’s school uniform came by. 

「Walt, Kyle. Are you guys students today?」

「Yeah. We need to prepare a lot of things as members of the student council. The principal-cum-Demon King-sama announced that, “Although we still can’t resume the usual class sessions, we can at least hold a graduation ceremony.”」

「On top of that, we can’t even use James and Auguste to help us. They are in the middle of cramming for the exam, after all.」

「Haha, you’re being kind to them, somehow.」

「So, Airi-chan. It’s Valentine’s Day, right? I’ve been accepting homemade chocolates nonstop.」

Walt winked at Irene. In his hands was a paper bag overflowing with chocolates. It seemed like he had attracted a large number of people when he went to the Academy.

「You didn’t cause any trouble with the girls, did you?」

「No way. My heart’s desire is you, Airi-chan. You’re the only one for me.」

「If you make a girl cry, I’ll break it myself.」

Walt’s face twitched even as he gave her a sexy smile.

「…Break what? My heart?」

「Here, since we’ve only known each other for a year, you guys get one each. Next year, you’ll both receive two.」

「Uwaa~ What a cold way to hand them out. Be more likeable as you do it, you know?」

「Ah… Thanks, Airi.」

Beside the complaining Walt, bashfully said so while receiving the chocolate with both hands. Irene’s heart skipped a beat. Kyle blinked his eyes in realization.

「Ah, no, it’s Irene-sama now. Sorry, I still can’t get used to it」

「…Kyle. …Maybe I should give you Walt’s share as well.」

「Eh, wait a minute, Airi-chan! Isn’t that sly of you, Kyle?」

「Sly? Don’t say something so nonsensical.」

「Ah~ I’ve had enough of this. You even coldly rejected everyone in school」

「It’s crueler to lead them on being kind of them than to be cold to them. 」

Walt smiled thinly when Kyle said that. 

「There’s no way the girls who brought these to me are that serious about me.」

「Walt, stop thinking like that.」

「And so what, if they are? We don’t have the time for that kind of thing.」

For Irene, with her knowledge of the game, she understood that the “time” that Walt was referring to meant their lifespan. Indeed, in general, “Unnamed Priests” all had short lifespans.

The both of them, who had been raised as human weapons and treated as tools by the Church, simply couldn’t get rid of their self-abuse.

In this kind of situation where those serving Claude felt so bothered, Irene struck a daunting pose. 

「Walt, Kyle. Both of you are to Claude-sama precious to― people.」

「You were just about to say toys, weren’t you?!」

「There’s not much difference between the two, so it’s fine, isn’t it? Besides, Claude-sama has already solved your main problem by using his overpowered skill, so now you guys can each enjoy a long, decent life. Your bodies have already long been―」

「I have a bad feeling about what you’re about to say, so I don’t want to hear it!」

「I- I will also politely refuse to hear it.」

Irene was astonished by the two men, who retreated while plugging their ears. They were being unreasonably stubborn. 

「Get a grip, you two. Claude-sama is serious, you know? I’ve been asked by Claude-sama himself to arrange a potential marriage meeting for you guys.」

「Wait! Is he still continuing that bad joke?!」

「Claude-sama won’t listen once he starts talking… I’ve been able to learn that, lately…」

「I might as well just ask you guys now. Do you have an ideal type of woman? Isn’t it better if I do it rather than Claude-sama?」

Although Irene said so out of kindness, Walt and Kyle looked at each other.  

「…Either way, it’s the same thing.」

「You mean you want a marriage based on love? That’s better. …But, I wonder if normal women want to become the wives of the Demon King’s guards in the first place.」

「You mean you want a marriage based on love? That’s better……but, I wonder if normal women want to become the wives of the Demon King’s guards in the first place」

At Irene’s sudden words, Walt flusteredly said:

「No, no, our job may be special, but it’d a good deal for them. One day, we’ll even become the Emperor’s guards! I’m the one saying this about myself, but I’m good looking, I’m hot stuff, you know!」

「…Although I’m definitely questioning that kind of thinking, I also believe that if I were to become a married man, I should at least possess the ability to protect my family properly.」

「What if Claude-sama interrupted your chances?」

They didn’t know what the demon king would do, in many ways.

Both of them, the Demon King’s guards who knew about it more than anyone else, became silent at once. However, Irene relentlessly pushed forward. It was important for them to look at reality.

「Moreover, Claude-sama has that kind of face, you know? I do think you guys have it good, but I’m worried that he’s going to attract every woman alive.」

「C-Claude-sama is undoubtedly one in a million beauty, but…」

「If he becomes the Emperor, both his economic and social standings will be guaranteed. Moreover, Claude-sama is kind and tolerant too. He’s somewhat problematic, but that part of him is still charming. He’s polite and accomplished in both the literary and military arts. And every inch of him looks perfect.」

「Just as I thought that you were speaking so nicely of him, you mentioned his looks twice, you know…?」

「If you guys were to be beside such a perfect guy, you guys will… Is it possible for you guys… To have a decent marriage born of love…?」

Irene’s concern silenced both Walt and Kyle.

Irene then patted them both on their shoulders. 

「Hang in there. I’ll give you guys chocolate every year.」

Irene quietly left after wishing the speechless duo happiness.  

The two, who were left behind, murmured while holding the chocolate in their hands. 

「…It seems like she’s thinking… About our prospects…」

「You’re right…」

Protecting their Lord’s fiancee was also their job, so it wasn’t the time for them to be immersed in sentimentality. Then, by any means, they would build a warm family and live among their cute children. They definitely didn’t want to hear any of the details, but it appeared that the Demon King-sama somehow or other managed to do something about their life span. So, both of them definitely had a future. 

Still, they felt like that there were yet brides who would welcome the Demon King-sama’s attendance at their wedding.

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