ARNRBKM – Vol.3 Ch 2 (Unedited)

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Irene was surprised by the assailant’s appearance under the cloak that the excellent Holy Knight removed. And her shock was not merely because that assailant was a woman. 

「You, Selena…?!」

Without replying to Auguste’s question, the assailant, whose face was covered with a thin veil, nimbly dodged them while holding a dagger. She was heading towards the terrace behind the fluttering white curtain. Her other hand that wasn’t holding the short blade was holding some sort of document. 

「Run after her, Auguste! She’s carrying something――!」

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from inside a wall covering Irene’s mouth. Auguste turned around and thrust out the tip of the sword at the opponent’s throat, who restrained Irene’s body, but something invisible flicked it off. 

(Was that magic?!)

A black hood touched Irene’s cheek. She couldn’t see the other party’s face. But judging from the size of the hand that restrained her and the physique that she could feel from her back, she could tell that the other party was a man. 

「Please be quiet. You’ll make the guards come back if you make a noise. It’ll be bad if they found out that the young lady of the D’Autriche Duke Family is in a place like this」

A mask was muffling the calm and low-pitched voice of a young man that tickled her ears.

(He knows me. Where did he get the information? It was only a few hours ago that I decided to infiltrate this place tonight, and yet――)

「Rest assured. I’m on your side. I just wanted to stop you from stepping on the carpet.」


Auguste sharply asked again, far removed from his usual friendly tone. The hooded man nodded in return.

「A carpet on the floor that’s only one step away from your left. That’s a magic tool made from fairy cocoons. A holy sword holder like you should be able to feel traces of magic if you look at it closely」

With her mouth still covered, Irene shifted her gaze to the place that the man told her. There was a carpet with intricate designs knitted with golden threads on her left where the tip of her shoe would touch if she took just another step. At a glance, it looked like just any other ordinary carpet. 

But he was right. When Irene looked at it closely, she could see a dark haze even in the dimly lit room. 

「 magic will be sealed in this room when that carpet senses magical power. It’s a trap meant to capture the people who came into this room to steal using magic. Your shadow is enchanted with magical power, isn’t it?」

The monsters could go in and out from Irene’s shadow. It was due to Claude’s magic. 

「He also has a magic weapon with him. It’ll be dangerous if that carpet senses the magical power that came from it, so I came here to stop you. Please excuse my impoliteness for being a little abrupt」


「Now that you understand that I’m not your enemy, I’ll let my hand go. You won’t make a racket, will you?」

Irene nodded her head in agreement. The hooded man let go of his hand from Irene’s mouth when Auguste drew back the sword he was wielding against him. He then kneeled to Irene, who took a distance away from him.

「Once again, please to meet you, Irene Lauren D’Autriche-sama 」

His hood stayed on his head as he kneeled to her, so his face was not visible to Irene. He seemed knowledgeable about magic, but neither had horns on his head nor wings on his back. Above all, the Holy Sword inside of her didn’t react to him. 

He was a human. Breathing in slowly, Irene replied:

「I see that you know me quite well… You’re a wizard, aren’t you?」

「Eh? A wizard is someone who can use magic, right? Do they exist? For real?」

Auguste couldn’t be faulted for being surprised. A human being that could use magic, that was magical power, was like a fairy-tale. But, it was the only plausible conclusion judging from the fact that he appeared from inside the wall, flick off the tip of Auguste’s sword, could see the magical power, and had knowledge about magical equipment. 

「At least the one in front of us right now is a wizard」

「I am. This may be rude, but I am here to request an audience with the Demon King」

「With Claude-sama?」

Irene, who stared at him in amazement, picked up the sound of flurried footsteps. There were several people in the corridor. 

Also, picking that up, the hooded man stood up.

「It appears that we can’t have a proper talk here」

When he pointed his finger to the door, the lock on the door fell off on its own. Then as he moved his palm around, heavy chests of drawers and sofas moved in front of the door of their own accord. Auguste was impressed. 

「 That’s amazing. It really is magic… When I asked James to show me his magic, all he did was breaking things」

「 I’m afraid there will be no end to this even if I can put all of them to sleep, so let’s get out of here」

「We can’t. We haven’t got anything yet」

「If you’re looking for the guests’ list, it is here」

Irene laughed in return, looking at the document between his hood.

「 You’re excellent. Do you want to exchange it for an audience with Claude-sama?」

「 I’d appreciate that. Now then, Irene-sama. Over here」

Irene went outside after opening up the terrace door. Beyond the door behind them, there were voices of disbelief directed at the door that was locked automatically. It would be just a matter of time before the door got smashed open. And there was a rope tied around at the guardrail of the terrace. She overlooked it due to the appearance of the suspicious wizard. But the rope must be left behind by the woman, who came to attack her at the beginning when she ran away.

(Was that really Selena? We’re on the fourth floor… Where did she gain that kind of physical ability?)

She immediately changed her mind. That girl was the protagonist of that game. It was not something impossible for her to do. 

「Hey, can’t you do an instant teleportation thing? Like the one the Demon King does?」

「 That’s highly advanced magic, so that’ll put too much burden on me. I can do it if it’s just for me alone, but the load will be too much if it’s for the three of us… Unless it’s for an emergency, then…」

「Eh, but the Demon King-sama do it like it was nothing…」

「Please do not compare the amount of magic power or just about everything I have with that gentleman」

Auguste hummed in agreement. He was as carefree as ever, even in their first meeting. 

「The Demon King-sama is THE Demon King-sama, after all… Like the way, he kept eating the roast beef after thinking it was delicious when he ate it at the evening party…」

「 He’s my Claude-sama, after all. I’ll be troubled if you compare him with some common males out there. So, how do we get out of here?」

「 I’ll be manipulating the wind, so please jump off the terrace」

He told them to do something outrageous so easily. 

But the door of the room was rattling like crazy. Irene could hear someone yelling to bring an ax to him. It would be just a matter of time before they managed to smash through it. 

「 It’ll be fine. Now first, please stand on the edge」

「O-okay. Airi, here, give me your hand. You can’t move well in your dress, right? The wind blows strongly too」

「Eh, okay…Oh right, what’s your name?」

When Irene put her hand on Auguste’s hand and looked back at the hooded man, a particularly strong wind blew. The black hood fell off of the wizard’s head and exposed his face under the moonlight. 

He had pale moonlight-colored hair.  

A pair of red eyes was said to be proof of an owner of magical power and considered an ominous color. 

Draped in a black cloak blown by the wind, he had a somewhat magical and melancholic smile. 

Irene gasped in amazement, but it wasn’t because she was struck by his ephemeral figure. 

(I-I recognize that name, but, hold on, isn’t this, the CGs…!)

Don’t tell me, again?

With a gaze that hid his cleverness, he looked straight at Irene and introduced himself. 

「 I’m sorry for the late introduction. My name is Alphas Levy」

There was no doubt about it. Irene felt so overwhelmed. 

( He’s the first FD’s last boss!!)

「Ah, Airi, be caref――Ah」

Someone supported Irene, who was shaken and was about to faint. Irene, who managed to calm herself down from the shock, put her hand on the person’s chest who caught her and adjusted herself hurriedly. Then, Irene noticed something strange. 

Irene was about to fall off of the terrace. She was in the air.

In other words, the person who caught Irene in his arms was currently floating in the sky. 

「You should just ask me if you want to talk a walk in the night sky」

The voice that she heard from above her head caused her to stiffen.

This was a pattern where “death” awaited her when she looked up. 

「Or should I let out the carriage that runs under the night sky once again?」


「But before that, there is something I want to ask you. You should understand what I mean since you’re a clever girl」

The Demon King did not grant mercy. 

Grasping Irene’s chin, he forcibly made her look at him. There was a mysterious smile on his thin lips.

「My beloved Irene, what were you planning to do next after lying to me?」

Behind her was the Last Boss from the FD. And the one in front of her was the Last Boss from the First series. 

Irene’s world was full of Last Bosses. 

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