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Translated Chapters

Edit: It seems like I am swamped with sponsored chapters lately (in which I am eternally grateful to the sponsors) but I’m making some changes in this page just to make sure I will not make the sponsors feel disappointed and/or dissatisfied with me.

  • Sponsored chapters will still be given more priorities, but considering my speed in translating and the amount of words I have to translate, I can only guarantee to post 1 chapter within 2 days as an addition to the scheduled chapters.

How much for one sponsored chapter?

  • Akuyaku Reijo Rasubosu: $25

Additional info:

  • Any form of currency we received will be converted to USD
  • The amount that we received from both ko-fi and paypal will be added to the sponsored chapter queue.

Scheduled Chapters

I can guarantee 3 releases per week but I have no fixed day to post those chapters. So, anytime within the week.

However, the above only applies if I am not swamped with sponsored chapters, so for that, I AM TERRIBLY SORRY! m(_ _;m)

Send some love and support by buying us a cup of coffee or sponsor a chapter for faster release and updates. (  ̄▽ ̄)[] [](≧▽≦ )

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