ITSSBDT-02: I was Alone When I Woke Up

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I can hear the sound of a bird chirping peacefully. 

It’s probably morning. Or is it already noon? 

I woke up with a big yawn.  

As I tried to get off from the bed out of sheer habit, I sank down helplessly on the floor. 

My hips……It feels weak……。 

The impact sobered me up and, at the same time, memories from yesterday came back to me. 

I was in an unfamiliar room after I got out of the bath. 

I was pushed down by a handsome guy who seemed to be the owner of the room. 

Then, I was deliciously eaten……maybe, but I accepted it. 

Yesterday was fun!

Maybe because I’ve promised him, so I say those things only to myself. 

Yeah, I certainly couldn’t have enjoyed it better!

And I’ll answer it in my heart. 

It’s difficult for me to sit on the floor anyway, so I’ll try my best to sit on the bed. 

It’s amazing. It’s the first time my body didn’t entirely listen to me. 

By the way, it was also the first time that I felt that good. Is there any rule saying that a handsome man is also good at sex? 

It was truly dangerous. My whole body became hot like it had been set on fire, his teasing also felt like it was done with purpose, and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the end. 

I thought I had some experience, but it appears that I still have a long way to go. 

It was “welcome to the world of dazzling sensuality.”

What should I do if I become addicted to it?

Unlike yesterday, I looked around inside the bright room. 

There is no one in the room except me. The guy from yesterday is not here, too.

So, where the heck is this place?

It’d be better if I could ask the man, but there’s no time for it.

Since I didn’t’ have time to think properly I  know absolutely nothing. 

That’s right, for example. 

Hypothesis one:

I hit my head when I fell down yesterday, and unfortunately, I died. This place is either heaven or hell.

 ……I’m not sure which world of heaven here is, but it’s said that something that dubious was practiced in hell. 

Hypothesis two:

I hit my head when I fell down, then I fainted. And currently, I’m dreaming.

Hmmm, this is quite a strong dream if I couldn’t wake up from it even though I’ve just woke up from my sleep.  

Hypothesis three:

While I fainted after I fell down, someone kidnapped me and brought me here. 

For what? My house was properly locked in the first place, and it would be strange that my family wasn’t in an uproar when it happened since I live with my parents. 

Hypothesis four:

 Maybe this is……。

「I tripped into a different world, maybe?」

I have a good reason to think so. 

Firstly, in Japan, the structure of this room can only be seen in the art museum and in the western-style house that people go on their field trip. 

The bed is probably king-sized, and the furniture looks somewhat like a work of art. 

In modern-day Japan, a western-style house is considered as an art gallery, the Museum, or otherwise, some old renowned folks’ mansion. 

Is there anyone in Japan living in a western-style house? Maybe there is, but at least for me, I don’t know anyone who lives in one, and there’s no western-style house nowadays. 

Secondly, the guy from yesterday didn’t appear to be Japanese. 

I didn’t really know the color of his skin, there’s a chance that he dyed his hair, and he may be wearing colored contact lenses for his eyes. 

And then, lastly……I kind of wish it is so since it’d be interesting. 

Well, now that I think about it, I don’t know if there’s anyone who can give me some answers. 

Here is most likely the guy’s room, and if I wait, he should be coming back sooner or later. 

And then, I’ll explain to him that I’ve unknowingly found myself in this room. After that, I’ll have him tell me about this place. 

 ……Will he tell me, though? 

It might be prejudice, but handsome men usually have this image of someone who is difficult to communicate with. 

It feels like they’re living in a different dimension than the ordinary people.

All of the handsome men I’ve known in high school and university are all like that. 

Hopefully, that guy doesn’t belong to that kind. 

Now then, I should be able to move now. 

But my legs, hips, and my unmentionable place still feel uncomfortable, though.  

Other than a sense of discomfort, my body is creaking, maybe from muscular pain. 

But, it shouldn’t be to the point where I can’t move. 

「I’m going to borrow this for a bit」

I rip off the sheets from the bed while saying that to no one in particular, then wrapped it around my body. 

It can’t be helped since I can’t find the bath towel that I wore yesterday.

But the towel has my favorite character pattern, Mu-san, the frowning rabbit, though. 

 If possible, I hope to be able to find it.

Then once I spoke, I realized, my voice has become slightly hoarse.

Of course, with how loud I’ve been screaming……。

I explore the large room after I get out of bed. 

There’s a writing desk just near the bed, and on top of the desk is neat and tidy. 

I take one of the books to test my theory and try to open it. 

It has characters that I’ve never seen before. Yet, I can naturally understand the meaning. 

 ……Yeah, isn’t this the definite proof that I tripped into a different world? 

Moreover, it seems like I’m attached to an automatic translation function. How convenient.

It helped me to understand yesterday’s man’s words; But, rather than a moving subtitle, it was more like a dub because his speech sounded like Japanese to me.   

The next time I see him, I’m going to look at the movement of his lips. It’s likely that he doesn’t speak Japanese. 

I put away the book, and this time, I’m going to sneak a look outside of the not-so-big window. 

Err, I can see nothing but green. Trees, trees, trees. Am I inside a forest?

Just when I think so, I see people over there.

But it appears like they do nothing but stand. Maybe they are those people we call guards or something.

I’m at a distance, so I’ll probably be okay, but I’m going to evacuate from the window before they notice me. 

Next are the two doors. First of all, they look sturdy. 

To avoid bumping into people outside, I put my ears on the door and try to listen to the noise outside. 

Yeah, it’s alright, there are no sounds. 

When I open up the door, I see a table and a sofa. It looks like a room to entertain guests. 

I see, so the bedroom and the reception room are separated.

If this is a hotel, then this is a suite? That man is living a good life. 

I make sure that there are no sounds of movement from outside before trying to open the other door.

Ah, it’s a bathroom! And……!


Umm, the truth is, I have no choice but to take a bath right now.  

My body is sticky with sweat and other unmentionable things.

The bath……can I borrow it? I’m going to borrow it, okay? It’s fine, isn’t it?

It’s a good thing that no one is here to answer me, so I happily decided to take a bath. 

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